Fun in the Sun

School is out and summer has officially begun in the Northern hemisphere.  Kids are planning a summer of sleeping-in and fun activities.  Of course, most kids enjoy swimming more than any other activity during the summer.  But, it is also a good time to go camping, start a collection, play with friends, read booksget crafty, or take day trips and extended vacations with family.

Kids have an opportunity to honor their dads on Father's Day, which takes place on June 17th this year.  The 3rd Sunday in June has been an official holiday in the United States since Lyndon B. Johnson issued a presidential proclamation in 1966.  However, Calvin Coolidge supported the idea as early as 1924.  This is a time to honor dads and other men who have served as positive male role models in one's life.  Loved ones purchase gifts and cards for their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, stepdads and more. Most fathers opt for a relaxing day in front of the tube or for a cookout in the backyard.

June 14th, 1885 was the 108th anniversary of the adoption of 'The Stars and Stripes". A Wisconsin school teacher named BJ Cigrand celebrated with his classroom and then went on to give presentations and write articles advocating for Flag Birthday or Flag Day for several years. The states of Pennsylvania and New York were among the first to adopt official resolutions.  A proclamation from President Woodrow Wilson officially established this holiday in 1916.  Cities and organizations hold patriotic celebrations on Flag Day and all public buildings are required to display the flag.  Many individuals also display flags in front of their homes.

World Environment Day is commemorated annually on June 5th.  The 2007 slogan is "Melting Ice - A Hot Topic?"  In celebration of the International Polar Year, this year's theme focuses on polar ecosystems and how they are being affected by climate change.  Many scientists agree that more people must act proactively for survival of the planet.  Speaking of survival, June 3rd is National Cancer Survivor's Day.  This symbolic event draws attention to survivor issues and the fact that there is life after cancer.

On the entertainment front, Jordin Sparks was part of a record setting event as the youngest person to win American Idol on May 23rd.  June ushers in several other reality TV favorites. Among them, "America's Got Talent", an NBC show which can be viewed on June 5th and "Hell's Kitchen", which premieres June 4th on Fox. 

June is a month that offers much opportunity for enjoyable activity in the sunny outdoors or inside, under the AC, watching some compelling summer sporting events or favorite television programs.

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