Show some Appreciation!

Mother and baby elephantMay is a month full of recognizing special people, both family and those who play important roles in our every day lives.  Most popular is Mother’s Day, which takes place on May 14th this year. It is interesting to note how far a child will go to please their mother.  A recent news release from Germany described a woman who took her 90 year old mother’s body from a mortuary, buckled her in the back seat after covering her with clothing and then drove 280 miles before being caught by police after a tip-off from the mortuary.  She wanted to fulfill her mother’s desire for burial in her hometown, but was charged with a misdemeanor for transporting a dead body in a privately owned vehicle instead.

May 1st, which is Loyalty Day, was established via presidential proclamation from George W. Bush on April 30, 2003.  This day is set aside to reaffirm one’s allegiance to the Nation and its founding ideals.  It is also a time to show gratitude to members of the armed forces, who continue the fight for freedom and liberty as we know it.  Along the same lines, Military Spouses Day is May 12th, May 20th is Armed Forces Day, and May 31st is Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is an occasion to recognize not only those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, but a time to remember loved ones who have also passed away.

Other recognized roles and relationships for May include:
  • May 2-Brothers and Sisters Day
  • May 6-National Nurses’ Day
  • May 9-National Teacher’s Day
  • May 10-National Receptionist’s Day
  • May 10-School Nurses’ Day
  • May 13-Birth Mother’s Day
  • May 15-Police Officer’s Memorial Day
Among the most unique holidays in May, look forward to May 3rd, which is Lumpy Rug Day.  May 4th, which is National Candied Orange Peel Day, No Socks Day on May 8th and National Sea Monkey Day on May 16th.

Better Speech and Hearing Month takes place in May to raise public awareness about communication disorders.  This campaign teaches people how to recognize problems and when to seek medical attention for assistance in treating these issues.

Traditionally, vacation season begins in the United States on Memorial Day weekend.  With the rise in gas prices, it might be advisable to break out the BBQ, create a backyard paradise and enjoy festivities closer to home.   According to politicians, AAA and economic advisors, prices are expected to increase as the summer progresses.

Your monthly resources for May: