Activities Abound

February is a month full of fun and historical significance.  On the fun side, there are celebrations for Valentine’s Day and Super Bowl festivities.  Enjoyable craft ideas are plentiful and romantic interludes flourish.  For 2006, the Winter Olympics will provide plenty of competitive entertainment.

Historically, February is the month to celebrate President’s Day.   Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 and George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.  Since their birthdays fall within ten days of each other, they are remembered together on February 20th this year.

With the passing of Ronald Reagan on June 5, 2004, one can also honor his birthday which occurred on February 6, 1911.  Ronald Reagan will always be remembered primarily for one line “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

On February 5, Super Bowl XL will be held at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.  The Seattle Seahawks, in their first ever Super Bowl appearance are currently 15-3 and are set to battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers who are currently 14-5.  Both teams steam-rolled the competition in the playoffs to make it to the big game.

Winter Olympic Games XX will take place in Torino, Italy from February 10 through February 26, 2006.  In the United States, NBC is promising 416 hours of programming for this international competition.  Tune in for snowboarding, skiing, ice skating and sledding among other events.

The origins of Valentine’s Day seem to be shrouded in mystery.  Many interesting legends have been circulated since there are actually three Saints by this name in the history of the Catholic Church.  Some say one of these Saints performed secret marriages for soldiers and their brides when the soldiers were under an order forbidding them from marriage during that time.  Some say another Saint Valentine had a secret lover to which he sent greetings from prison.  One thing is for certain, it is a day set aside for showing love to those we care about and that is always a good thing.  Adults enjoy going to nice restaurants and concentrating on their significant other while children enjoy exchanging cards with friends and classmates.

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