Great Expectations

January has arrived with all the introspection and resolutions that come with this time of year.  It is a time when one can examine the past as well as the present, proceeding to determine what is right, what is wrong, what needs to change and what can remain the same.  Most people resolve to quit smoking, lose weight or start regular exercise.   The set expectations are often unrealistic and this is why so many people cannot carry through with resolutions.   Go beyond setting the goal and devise a strategy.   Dr. Phil has some great advice for setting the course toward goal achievement with his 10 Life Laws.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a vision for America.  January is the time to celebrate his birthday and his life.  He was an inspiring historical figure who not only set a goal, but worked hard to achieve it.  His message has not lost it’s relevance for today or for the future.  Schools, businesses, churches and individuals will remember his work and take time to serve their fellow man in honor of his memory.

Speaking of setting goals and devising strategies, January is one of the most anticipated months of the year for America’s favorite sport.  The Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks seem to have it locked up in their respective divisions thus far.  Watch on with eagerness as they both enjoy home field advantage during the play offs.  Continue to watch this year’s NFL contenders in anticipation of Super Bowl XL which will take place on February 5, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan. Much felt condolences for the Dungy family in light of their recent loss.

As with every New Year, technical, business, fitness and health predictions abound.  Among them, a new cancer vaccine, the new buzz word, “diabesity”, in-home fitness training, personal trainers for kids, Google’s new partnership with Time-Warner, and a decrease for the inflation rate. 

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