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About Yomly

Yomly is a leading provider of cloud-based HR software and payroll management solutions in Dubai, UAE. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features to efficiently manage HR processes, shift scheduling, recruitment, performance management, payroll, and more. We empower organisations to streamline their HR operations and gain visibility into their most valuable assets—their employees. With Yomly, businesses can centralise employee benefits, create a strong employee community, and undergo successful digital HR transformations. Discover the power of Yomly's feature-rich platform designed for enterprise organisations.

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50th Floor, Business Central Towers PO Box 214909, Dubai Media City, Dubai 00000 AE
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Services Yomly Offers

Yomly provides a range of products and services to streamline HR and payroll processes. Our platform includes features such as HR core management, shift scheduling, ATS/recruitment tools, performance management, reporting and data dashboards. We also offer comprehensive payroll management solutions including expense claim management. Yomly enables businesses to manage all employee benefits in one place and supports successful digital HR transformations. With our global HR and payroll platform, companies can optimize engagement, increase productivity, and elevate their people operations.

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Issac Baby
Review source: Google Issac Baby Tuesday, May 7th 2024
Issac Baby opted not to leave a text review of Yomly
Maksim Golub
Review source: Google Maksim Golub Saturday, October 14th 2023
Maksim Golub opted not to leave a text review of Yomly
Mohsin Ali
Review source: Google Mohsin Ali Thursday, September 14th 2023
Lots on errors. Wasted my lots of time. Could be improved with well tested software. I even tried multiple browser, couldn't add reimbursement request.
Saeed Abdul Rahim
Review source: Google Saeed Abdul Rahim Thursday, September 14th 2023
Saeed Abdul Rahim opted not to leave a text review of Yomly
Shruti Anantwar
Review source: Google Shruti Anantwar Tuesday, August 15th 2023
Shruti Anantwar opted not to leave a text review of Yomly
Juned Siddiqui
Review source: Google Juned Siddiqui Saturday, July 8th 2023
Juned Siddiqui opted not to leave a text review of Yomly
Rafik Adel
Review source: Google Rafik Adel Wednesday, June 21st 2023
Rafik Adel opted not to leave a text review of Yomly
aslam khan
Review source: Google aslam khan Wednesday, May 17th 2023
I only use this app and software once a year to apply for my annual leave, but even then it doesn't work. Please don't make jokes in the name of software.
Review source: Google BIJAY LAXMI KUMARI PAN Tuesday, January 24th 2023
awais ahmed
Review source: Google awais ahmed Tuesday, January 17th 2023
Very awesome work place
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More About Yomly

Yomly is a global cloud-based HR and payroll platform, designed to meet the needs of enterprise organizations. Our highly configurable software solution enables businesses to boost engagement, power productivity, and support their people. From core HR functions to payroll management, applicant tracking, and custom workflows, Yomly offers a feature-rich web-based solution that saves time and increases data accuracy. With our intuitive platform, companies can make better decisions with comprehensive people data, improve the employee experience through user-friendly software, enhance team efficiency by eliminating administrative tasks, and access HR and payroll functionalities right at their fingertips. Join over 200 clients who trust Yomly to drive productivity and fuel growth.

Yomly Frequently Asked Questions

Yomly offers a comprehensive suite of HR software and payroll management solutions, including HR core management, shift scheduling, ATS/recruitment tools, performance management, and more.
Yes, Yomly's platform enables businesses to run payroll efficiently and accurately across any country or region worldwide.
Yomly's user-friendly HR software helps transform the employee experience, making it more streamlined and efficient. Employees can easily request leave and submit expenses with just a few clicks.