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A safer home starts with smarter security. We are constantly innovating our products and processes to provide peace of mind for every homeowner and meet the needs of your unique home. We find purpose in proactively protecting your home and keeping you con

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Secure, Automate & Control Your Home with a Vivint Smart Home Security & Alarm System - Call 855.832.1550 for More Information about our Award Winning Home Security, Alarm Monitoring & Smart Home Services.

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  • Home Security
  • Security Cameras
  • Smart Home Automation

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Provides home security systems, burglar alarm monitoring, alarm installations and smart home products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vivint

  • What should I look for in a home security system?

    You should look for a home security system that offers advanced smart home security products, eliminates DIY stress with professional installation, and includes 24/7 monitoring and support.

  • How do I install home security cameras?

    Many of today's IP-based home security cameras can be installed, placed, and configured by homeowners without the need to hire a contractor. With Vivint home security cameras, the convenience of professional installation by Smart Home Pros is part of your smart home purchase.

  • Do doorbell cameras need WiFi?

    Typically, yes. Most doorbell cameras are WiFi-enabled, which allows you to see the camera feed right from your phone as long as your doorbell is connected to your home’s WiFi network.

Vivint Reviews
  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    Wow, Stay away from these guys. I have been a loyal customer since 2007 just recently we received an email that our service was been shut off due to non payment which was surprising because we were on auto pay. Upon calling I found out that one of my neighbors had been paying our bill for 2 years. FYI they were one of our emergency contacts How this happened I was told they called in and added their card to our account. So I called our neighbor and of course they had no idea it was our account and had been trying to contact Vivint to look into their charges with no return response, Hence our email from Vivint to shut off our service. After spending more than 13 hours on separate phone calls, re-explaining to each customer rep what was happening even after asking for the individuals name and ID number to call back then be told they were not available on hold for more than an hour to be disconnected. I finally reach someone I thought could resolve my issue. Now I have received different emails explaining different options and the one they recommended was for me to pay my neighbor the money and be done with it. So I did I asked how this could even happen since my neighbor does not have our security info and they had no reasonable answer. So all I am asking for at this point is some some sort of refund for the countless hours I have spent on this to which I have no resolve. Oh and on another note I told them to close my account and they said they would need to bill me for the balance of the contract. Am I asking to much?

    Re: Wow, Stay away from these ...
    Vivint replied on Friday, December 17th 2021

    Michael, thank you for your feedback. Please give us a call at 1-800-216-5232. We want to make sure your issue is resolved.

    Review source: Google
  • Michael Horvath
    Michael Horvath

    Michael Horvath opted not to leave a text review of Vivint

    Review source: Google
  • Timothy Estes
    Timothy Estes

    If I could give Vivint minus stars I definitely would, So here's the deal I had ordered equipment a month ago 2 outdoor cams, 1 indoor cam and a smart drive. I received the cams but not the smart drive, Today, we get a charge on a debit card for the amount of $366.25 I contacted customer service to address the charges I had explained to 4 different customer service agents that a month ago I was told that we were not going to be charged the installments until I receive all equipment and yet today get charged 366.25 which was not the installment amount agreed upon. was also told that apparently we were to make an upfront payment towards the equipment which was not conveyed to us immediately upon purchase of equipment, what gets me is why would this company promise a customer that i would only be charged the amount of 55.00 that of course did not happen, Vivint refused to refund the 366.25 and tried to offer 2 free months of monitoring service which is only a 40.00 value. After 1 hour and 30 minutes there was not resolve to this matter, So, I would not recommend this company to anyone all reps I spoke to were from a international call center. This company provides false information to there customers and also are rude. Never again will I ever go with this company I recommend you all go else where.

    Re: If I could give Vivint mi ...
    Vivint replied on Monday, December 13th 2021

    That doesn't sound good, Timothy! We're so sorry that you haven't had a good experience with your system yet. Please give us a call at 1-800-216-5232. We want to make sure your issue is resolved. Thank you for your feedback!

    Review source: Google
  • Brian Melton
    Brian Melton

    Chose Vivint as they came out and reviewed the existing system left by previous home owner. As the previous equipment was all relatively new ('17-'19) was told they could integrate it. When a different technician came out (3.5 hours late) he said they could not integrate with most of the equipment. When I called their office, was told they would call back in a few minutes, which was over an hour ago. Hopefully I can get my deposit back.

    Re: Chose Vivint as they came ...
    Vivint replied on Tuesday, December 7th 2021

    Brian, thank you for your feedback. Please give us a call at 1-800-216-5232. We want to make sure your issue is resolved.

    Review source: Google
  • Paul Kennedy
    Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy opted not to leave a text review of Vivint

    Review source: Google
  • Dale Gibson
    Dale Gibson

    Vivint should be the poster child for horrible customer telephone service because they have off shored all of their "English" speaking CSR's. These people genuinely try to help us on the phone but they are not empowered to TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER. They cannot make ANY decisions without transferring to others. Each call to Vivint usually includes 3-5 transfers to get to someone that might be able to fix an account problem. RECOMMEND ONE DOES BUSINESS WITH SOME OTHER COMPANY, NOT VIVINT. Vivint went from being a local Utah company to some division of a back east company. They just don't care. Customers, to them, are basically "turn and burn" - they get a fee up front and disappear. They are of no help...ever.

    Re: Vivint should be the post ...
    Vivint replied on Sunday, October 31st 2021

    Thank you for your feedback. Please give us a call at 1-800-216-5232. We want to make sure your issue is resolved.

    Review source: Google
  • Dominic Laface
    Dominic Laface

    I felt inclined to post this review because i have inside experience of the tech industry and it's workings. My experience with the Vivint product and home monitoring service was next to flawless. It's really a great product and worth the cost of the service, for sure. The concern with Vivint is that my salesperson had no ethics and the customer support/service was very difficult to get ahold of after signing up.

    One example of the lack of ethics in sales is how the salesperson promised that Vivint would restore my home (rental) to its original condition and patch up any holes upon moving out of the unit. The service tech was rude to my girlfriend and refused to patch up the holes when removing the Vivint equipment. Claims resolution then said they could not do anything to assist with damages that were incurred upon move out. Now that will come out of our security deposit.

    Another concern is that we were promised the ability to cancel or even just pause the monitoring service during this transition. Again, Vivint customer support, when finally reached, said this is not possible.

    Folks, the responsibility is on me for not reading the fine print. That being said, we do, unfortunately, continue to have a situation in the tech industry where salespeople over promise to achieve their quotas, then leave a confused and frustrated customer with an understaffed and incompetent support team. Having been on the other side of this, I'd love to see Vivint and other tech companies in the valley take a step to right this relationship with the community.

    Re: I felt inclined to post t ...
    Vivint replied on Wednesday, October 20th 2021

    Dominic thank you for bringing this to our attention! Please give us a call at 1-800-216-5232. We want to make sure your issue is resolved.

    Review source: Google
  • Douglas McAllister
    Douglas McAllister

    Very thorough, courteous, helpful changeover specialist and process.

    Re: Very thorough, courteous, ...
    Vivint replied on Tuesday, October 5th 2021

    This is great feedback, Douglas! Please let us know if we can do anything to help you in the future. Thanks for choosing Vivint to protect your home and family! If you would like to refer a friend or family member, please give us a call at 1-800-216-5232. Or you can use our chat option at https://www.vivint.com/company/contact-us?email-chat=1

    Review source: Google
  • MW B
    MW B

    Vivint turns a blind eye to the employee lying or screwing the customer over just to get another customer in a contract. Vivint pays out millions every single year in lawsuits but they can afford to by continuing to lock in more customers even by unethical standards and practices. They fire employees when caught only to hire them back the next season. Oh and it's a lifetime contract seeing that the day you ever stop paying a monthly, all your equipment turns into a paperweight since it's all proprietary equipment.

    Re: Vivint turns a blind eye ...
    Vivint replied on Thursday, September 30th 2021

    MW, thank you for bringing this to our attention! Please give us a call at 1-800-216-5232. We want to make sure your issue is resolved.

    Review source: Google
  • Tach Contracting
    Tach Contracting

    Tach Contracting opted not to leave a text review of Vivint

    Review source: Google
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