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About Valley Management Group

Valley Management Group has been providing trustworthy and affordable property management services in San Jose and throughout Santa Clara County for over 35 years. Each member of our team is fully committed to promoting complete satisfaction on both sides of the property management business. For property owners and tenants alike, we pledge to provide personal attention, friendly service, and professional results.

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1625 The Alameda Suite 707, San Jose, CA 95126
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Services Valley Management Group Offers

Services we provide include:

Tenant screenings/selection
Rental property advertising
Showing rental property to prospective tenants
Collection of rent and distributions
Repairs and maintenance through reliable suppliers or contractors
24-hour maintenance service
Analysis and inspection of property
Suggestions on making your property more marketable/attractive
Preparation of leases
Rent increases
Adherence to local, state and federal regulations

In addition to detailed services on the property, we provide thorough and efficient documentation, monthly financial reports, and property maintenance records. We also provide annual statements and documentation to facilitate yearly tax preparation.

3.2 Out of 5.0

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Kyle Ross
Review source: Google Kyle Ross Sunday, August 29th 2021
Kyle Ross opted not to leave a text review of Valley Management Group
Katherine Haworth
Review source: Google Katherine Haworth Saturday, August 7th 2021
I co-rented a 4-br San Jose property through Valley for several years, until the property owner decided to sell the house.
The management company was responsive when we needed repairs, gave us plenty of heads-up when they needed us to move out, and wonder of wonders was quite reasonable about normal wear-and-tear on the house and gave us our full deposit back (we *did* hire a professional cleaner). No fussing or arguing over tiny scuffs trying to nickel-and-dime like other landlords I've known, just a reasonable review of the state of the home. Would recommend.
Karthikeyan Mylswamy
Review source: Google Karthikeyan Mylswamy Thursday, February 25th 2021
Karthikeyan Mylswamy opted not to leave a text review of Valley Management Group
John Smith
Review source: Google John Smith Monday, November 2nd 2020
Be careful before you deal with this company. The manager Lloyd is very rude and disrespectful and also insulted me. He also took a large amount of money from my deposit even though I left the apartment in a very good and clean condition. This company doesn't deserve any star.
Re: Be careful before you dea ... Valley Management Group replied on Saturday, November 14th 2020

Your name is not listed as being one of our former tenants so we don't know if this is a valid review. That said, we follow a process that includes doing a thorough move in walk through with each tenant, and we explain that upon move out if it is not on the move in walk through sheet that they are responsible for any damage upon move out. We also take pictures of the rental and encourage the tenants to take pictures as well. After reviewing the condition of the rental, the walk through sheet, and the before and after photos, we then determine how much of the deposit to refund to the tenant. If you don't agree with the amount of the deposit refunded you can contact us to further discuss.

YELI Mrojas
Review source: Google YELI Mrojas Saturday, August 8th 2020
YELI Mrojas opted not to leave a text review of Valley Management Group
James Serassio
Review source: Google James Serassio Friday, December 20th 2019
Valley Management Group is a great company to work with. My family has been using their property management services for three generations now and we haven't had any problems. Their staff is very accommodating, they even keep weekend hours which is very handy since I keep a pretty busy schedule. I own a rental property that they manage for me. Lloyd is responsive and he keeps weekends open in case I or other clients need assistance. Christina in the finance department does a wonderful job. She is responsive and quick to transfer funds or take payments. They are accommodating in other ways too. They are always there to make sure that a vendor is on-site for repairs or work on the home. I can't say enough about how great they are and how much I value their services. If you are looking for a San Jose property management company then, by all means, contact Valley Management Group, you won't be disappointed!
A Bee
Review source: Google A Bee Tuesday, April 30th 2019
A Bee opted not to leave a text review of Valley Management Group
Christopher Baldwin
Review source: Google Christopher Baldwin Thursday, January 10th 2019
While the renting experience was adequate, once the lease was completed the owner's emotional outbursts over questions regarding copies of invoices and additional information regarding the security deposit was deeply concerning.
A Soprano
Review source: Google A Soprano Friday, October 5th 2018
A Soprano opted not to leave a text review of Valley Management Group
Ben Morris
Review source: Google Ben Morris Saturday, August 25th 2018
We rented a house through VMG. They had us sign a pretty generic lease, but the owners apparently wanted to store stuff in our garage and access the backyard whenever they want - they showed us they had emailed VMG about it, but it wasn't in the lease or ever mentioned to us before we signed. We're not OK with people showing up whenever, and especially not OK having things sprung on us after we move in. Lloyd called to harass us about his mistake - he just kept repeating "show me the law where it says they can't do that" (we did.) The owners aren't happy with them and neither are we.

We're landlords ourselves, and if our management company treated us or our tenants like this, we'd fire them immediately.

Should also mention: when we moved in the yard was full of weeds, it wasn't clean on the inside, and the water wasn't running at first, then came out yellow because of buildup in the pipes. The disposal and dishwasher didn't work. The upstairs sinks didn't work. There was a moth infestation. The back sprinklers didn't work. There were wasp nests around the outside of the garage. The garden hose had corroded and wouldn't come off the spigot, and had bacteria inside making the water coming out smell like sewage. The owners might share some responsibility for these, but clearly no one was keeping the place up while it was vacant.

Edit: nice response VMG! There's no "storage unit" here, it's literally the garage, which is part of the house. And regardless of what the Apartment Owners Association tells you, this isn't an apartment, we're renting the yard too and have exclusive use. You're advising the owners to breach the lease. Seriously folks, avoid VMG.
Re: We rented a house through ... Valley Management Group replied on Friday, August 24th 2018

We apologize for not clarifying that the owner may want to access the backyard and storage unit on the property. While we follow the laws when it comes to notifying and obtaining permission from tenants prior to accessing their actual dwelling space, in this case the owner wanted to access the backyard and storage unit on the property where a house resides. According to the Apartments Owners Association there is no law stating that the owner can't go into the back yard (in this case to pick fruit from a tree), and use the storage unit which has no access to the house. In order to resolve this issue we asked the owner to always make a courtesy call to you (the tenant) to confirm they can come over to pick the fruit tree in their backyard and/or access the storage unit. At VMG we do everything we can to create a friendly, professional relationship with tenants and owners in these kinds of situations.

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More About Valley Management Group

Valley Management Group is a full service property management company in San Jose and has been managing residential properties in San Jose and throughout Santa Clara County for over 35 years. We manage all types of rentals from single family homes to condos and apartment buildings. We make the process of property management as simple and cost-effective as possible.