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About Untouchable Towing

Untouchable Towing is an emergency towing company based in Connecticut that provides 24/7 towing services. Some key points about Untouchable Towing:
They have a team of experienced and professional operators who are well-versed in handling various emergency towing situations for a wide range of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, tractors, semi trucks, rv.
Untouchable Towing utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and towing vehicles that are regularly maintained to ensure reliable and secure emergency towing.

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170 N Main St, Middletown, CT 06457
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Services Untouchable Towing Offers

Towing Service Open 24 Hours
Heavy Duty Towing
Medium Duty Towing
Light Duty Towing
Lowboy Transport
Rotator Wrecker Recovery

  • 24 Hour Towing
  • 24/7 Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Towing
  • Wrecker Service
3.0 Out of 5.0

Reviews For Untouchable Towing

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R Clark
Review source: Google R Clark Tuesday, April 9th 2024
So unprofessional. We had a rough time working with this company. Please beware. Oh and btw If you leave your true review, he may use your personal information to contact you early in the morning & aggressively threaten you since he’s upset about the public knowing the way his business is ran. Yikes!!
Sanaa Leach
Review source: Google Sanaa Leach Tuesday, April 9th 2024
DO NOT GET SERVICE DONE AT THIS PLACE!!! My car was totaled in an accident and unfortunately it was towed to Untouchable Towing. The owner was very rude to me the couple times I had to call him about my car. Thank god my car was totaled and did not need any service done by them, because the sooner I didn’t have to deal with him the better. A few days later, all of the paperwork is done, I no longer own my car and none of my belongings are in there; the owner calls me 7 am on a Tuesday morning, out of my sleep, confronting me in a very hostile manner about a bad review under my name, saying “You like to leave bad reviews on google,” and “None of it is true I am going to sue you for defamation of character!!!”… Clearly I left no review and had no clue what he was talking about. He then blocked my number so I couldn’t even call him back to stick up for myself, a 22 year old girl might I add… So here is my review for the owner, YOU ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND NOW I HOPE MANY PEOPLE SEE THIS REVIEW.
Jessah Doctor
Review source: Google Jessah Doctor Tuesday, April 9th 2024
This company is terrible first off the man the man him self is terribly rude he was disrespectful to my gf off the jump for no reason told her the wrong time to come sign the paper that insurance can inspect the car then got upset when she came at that time. Then had the nerve to call her days later out of here sleep saying he was gonna “sue her”. This place and this owner is a JOKE save your time and money from this place…. Sue that
lovely L
Review source: Google lovely L Tuesday, April 9th 2024
Very unprofessional!!!! They are not open 24 hours like stated on Google. They prolong the process when it is time to pick up your vehicle so they can make more money. They never answered when my insurance company called to arrange to pick up. They yelled and hung up the phone on me when I reached out. The car was there for a week later than it needed to be there because of the owner's unprofessionalism and greed. Very shady!
Danibal Logistics
Review source: Google Danibal Logistics Friday, March 8th 2024
The owner Charles really takes care of you from making sure you are not stuck and out of luck. He truly cares for us owner/operator's believe me when I tell you that. I had a situation where I was stuck in the mud and he couldn't make it out to me and neither could his drivers since I was on a time frame to make my delivery appointment. So he went out his way and recommended me to someone he knows and I was able to make my delivery thanks to him. And even after the fact he called me to make sure I was ok and mind you this was at 4am. Outstanding Individual I will recommend his service to anyone.
Thomas Leonessa
Review source: Google Thomas Leonessa Sunday, March 3rd 2024
It's been a complete nightmare. My father-in-law's truck overturned, and those vultures swooped in, claiming they had work to do that wasn't even necessary. My in-laws didn't hire them; it was the police who brought them in. When we went to ask for the invoice, they flat out refused. They won't give him an itemized invoice until after I pay the bill. Can you believe it? They even unloaded the cargo without being instructed to, and the truck ended up with its roof ripped off. And now they have the audacity to demand $25,000 for it all? They're nothing but greedy scammers, and the guy in charge is unbelievably rude. We've been asking the invoice, even brought the police into it, but they won't budge. We're heading to court tomorrow. It's ridiculous how they operate, insisting on payment before showing what was actually done. As other reviews said the same, it looks like this is something that they like to do, they feel “untouchable”. They won't even let us see the cargo until we pay up. It's absurd! We're urging anyone who's been through this to reach out to Telemundo 47. My father-in-law just needs that invoice to review the work properly, but they won't provide it. How can they refuse to give an invoice for a bill? It makes no sense. We're determined to get to the bottom of this. We're not going to let them get away with charging $25,000 for something that should've cost a fraction of that. Also they won't return the cargo to him until he pays this absurd bill. Presently, they're hitting him with daily storage charges for both the truck and the cargo, each billed separately! What's worse, the invoice increases with each passing day until payment is made. However, they're unable to settle the bill due to their absurd policy of withholding the invoice until payment is received. It's clear they're deliberately prolonging the process for their own benefit.
Nelia Cabral
Review source: Google Nelia Cabral Saturday, February 17th 2024
Nelia Cabral opted not to leave a text review of Untouchable Towing
Ale Melbich
Review source: Google Ale Melbich Monday, February 5th 2024
Honesty doesn't exist in this towing company. People avoid untouchable and nelcon towing. They like to charge more than what its supposed to cost and they are super rude. Bad service, horrible management.
Alexis Jimenez
Review source: Google Alexis Jimenez Monday, February 5th 2024
Disrespectful thieves. This guys are too greedy. They will not tow you car to a place of your preference. They tow it to their lot and they will not allow customers to get their car back after a few days just to get paid for storage. Owner is very rude. I would give 0 stars
SAS Logistics
Review source: Google SAS Logistics Saturday, January 27th 2024
This is ripoff place..they try to charge in front because they are sending unexpirrienced technician..he came he charge me 600$ he didn’t finish his job and left..terrible person that old owner with nasty voice.. carriers avoid it this is ripoff place
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Untouchable Towing provides 24 Hour Towing service in Connecticut with heavy towing to light duty towing, semi towing, tractor trailer towing, wrecker recovery we do it all...

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