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Water damage restoration. Water removal. 24//7 emergencies. Locally owned. Free same-day inspection. Call us today.

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2905 Westinghouse Blvd. #800, Charlotte, NC 28273
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  • Water Damage Restoration Service
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Kelly Carpenter
Review source: Google Kelly Carpenter Wednesday, December 15th 2021
United water restoration has been SO wonderful to work with. They were quick, helpful , knowledgeable and very responsive. The process was very difficult due to our insurance company being unresponsive and not helping us - so Karen Grape stepped up big time and spent countless hours emailing , calling , and helping us get our claim payed out. She was so kind and kept me in the loop with all of her communication and was the SOLE reason our claim was paid out. She was such a life saver in this process. I could not reccomend them more!
Re: United water restoration ... United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte replied on Wednesday, December 15th 2021

A key part of our process is Karen Grape and the awesome work she does to help homeowners get their claims fully covered by their insurance companies. This is a key part of the process for United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte, and Karen is a key employee. We perform high quality work for water removal and mold remediation, with detailed and accurate invoices so usually this process is smooth, but not always. Great that both you, our customer, and Karen, worked together to get your claim fully reimbursed.

Timothy Saddow
Review source: Google Timothy Saddow Wednesday, December 15th 2021
I had william come out to my houses. He was very professional and eager to tackle the problem I had. I was scared that I was going to have a big mold project in my craw space. He taught me about how mold forms and cleaned it right away. He also took the time to show me the chemicals he used wouldn't harm my self or my pets. I will definitely use United water restoration again!
Re: I had william come out to ... United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte replied on Wednesday, December 15th 2021

Thank you! We do have issues with the Charlotte area moisture and crawl spaces creating microbial growth including mold issues. William does a great job with communication and remediation. Thank you for your review of United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte!

Max B
Review source: Google Max B Thursday, December 2nd 2021
I called UWRG Charlotte after my house got flooded. They arrived within a couple of hours, had me sign a work authorization agreement and set up two dehumidifiers to dry out the flooded area and told me cleanup should be covered by my insurance. The next day I had another contractor give an assessment and decided to switch to them, mostly because I thought the UWRG technician had said that they could handle the removal of contaminated floors/walls but not the rebuild (which their manager later said was incorrect). After I told UWRG I was switching, I got a call back from a manager who aggressively demanded to know why I was switching and exactly which technician had said what to me that made me switch, and angrily said that since I was switching I would have to pay them immediately out of pocket instead of letting my insurance reimburse them. A couple days later they sent an invoice which said payment was due in 15 days, so I assumed I had 15 days to pay. My insurance told me not to worry and that they would take care of it. 13 days later, UWRG sent a follow-up email saying that payment was overdue and they were going to start adding interest if I did not pay immediately. I did not point out that it had only been 13 days. At this point I noticed that the agreement I had signed said I had 30 days to pay and I asked about this discrepancy. They responded that they that was incorrect because they had no control over the system which generated that agreement (???) and that they expected immediate payment for any work if they did not do the complete restoration. I went ahead and paid them just to avoid dealing with them any further. I really do not understand why they could not have waited a few more days for my insurance to pay them, which would have been a lot less hassle. To me it felt like they were trying to punish me for switching. I should also note that the invoice I paid charged me for two hours of labor for visits to check on and remove their equipment even though those visits each lasted less than ten minutes (they said this was their standard billing practice).

Although they were mostly cordial, their manager's reaction when I told them I was going to use a different contractor, their insistence that I pay them sooner than the 30 days listed on our agreement to avoid interest charges and their argument that they did not have to give me the payment terms we agreed to because they had no control over the system they used to generate their own agreement all struck me as very unprofessional.
Re: I called UWRG Charlotte a ... United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte replied on Friday, December 3rd 2021

Dear Max, Thank you for your feedback. I am the owner and I am concerned that you have had a negative experience with my Company. This is the first valid negative review from a customer in 3 years. We pride ourselves in extraordinary customer service and obviously we have disappointed you. When faced with adversity, improvement opportunities, I encourage all of us, including myself, to embrace the opportunity to improve and to get even better. That is our goal with you feedback on this review. Our technician you dealt with either misspoke or communicated poorly. It is not clear which error occurred. The Tech's believe what they may have said is that they (personally) do not do rebuild. Bottom line, they should have referred you to one of our Operations Managers. The second error occurred when we were contacted to stop work on the job. Instead of the Manager addressing you calmly and in an even toned manner, he became agitated. I have spoken to him about this and he agrees he should have been more professional. As this is a first experience with this type of situation, I can understand his frustration, however, there is never cause to be unprofessional in any way to a customer. Our take-aways: 1. Improvement: Communications improvements for both our Techs and a Manager 2. Improvement: Coaching the Manager on his behavior 3. Monitoring time: Our Technicians time includes travel time with a company vehicle. The 2 hour is a standard accepted by insurance companies. We follow this standard as do most other Companies. ; 4. Payment Terms - all of our invoicing documentation states that payment is expected within 15 days. The electronically generated work authorization is managed by a THIRD PARTY software provider. Despite our efforts to have that documentation changed, we have been told by them it is not possible. Our apologies. The email documentation to you did say, "If for some reason you cannot pay us now, please let us know and we can discuss." Our goal is to work with customers and be flexible and we would have been happy to extend the payment terms if they provided a hardship. 5. Improvement Insurance: When you asked us to leave the job, you became a "self pay" situation. We are no longer authorized to work with your insurance company since we are not on the job. As we were not allowed to complete the job, we can not speak to the work or invoicing for the entire job. That role becomes the responsibility of whoever you hired to complete the job. You are responsible to pay us and ask for reimbursement for that portion from you insurance company. This should have been explained better when you switched companies. Thank you again Max for your feedback We welcome the opportunity for improvement.

RuthAnne Mitchell
Review source: Google RuthAnne Mitchell Wednesday, December 1st 2021
United water responded promptly to our house after we called. Joel was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. William communicated his arrival time daily was punctual, informative and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend this company!
Re: United water responded pr ... United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte replied on Thursday, December 2nd 2021

Thank you!! we pride ourselves in addressing your water emergency promptly and professionally with expert knowledge. Thank you for recommending us for water damage restoration, we appreciate it!

Vina Le
Review source: Google Vina Le Monday, November 22nd 2021
My house got an accidental flood, so I was dreading having to deal with restoration companies. However, I have only high remarks for the UWR Team! Their customer service is A+ by being so helpful and responsive. Joel and William were my main contacts throughout my entire water mitigation and demolition process. They are punctual, professional, and overall just honest people who will even help spend the time educating you the steps they plan on doing. These guys really gave me peace of mind. I would 100% recommend this company to others who are looking to get anything water-restoration related projects complete with high quality.
Re: My house got an accidenta ... United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte replied on Tuesday, November 23rd 2021

Vina, We appreciate your kind review! You mentioned that we are just honest people, and honestly is one of our core values. We strive for perfection, the highest quality dry out and water damage mitigation to save your home and protect your home. We believe in honesty and transparency, hard work, and a "Hardy" approach to the job. We strive for peace of mine during water emergencies and when unwanted water is in the home. Thank You for your business.

barbara warner
Review source: Google barbara warner Monday, October 4th 2021
Re: 31st ... United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte replied on Tuesday, October 5th 2021

Thank you

LuLu Louise Oliver
Review source: Google LuLu Louise Oliver Saturday, October 2nd 2021
LuLu Louise Oliver opted not to leave a text review of United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte
Kristen Williams
Review source: Google Kristen Williams Wednesday, September 29th 2021
After an unfortunate HVAC leak in our attic, I noticed mold growing on one of our vents and immediately freaked because...mold! United Water Restoration was so responsive which is exactly what I needed in a situation like this. Joel was professional yet friendly and conducted a mold inspection for us. Thankfully it was an unrelated issue which we were able to quickly resolve. The peace of mind was soooooo worth the call. And next time (as homeowners, we know there's always a next always waiting around the corner :) I know who to call. Would definitely recommend their service to others.
Re: After an unfortunate HVAC ... United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte replied on Thursday, September 30th 2021

The possibility of the M word is certainly a reason to freak! We are an honest company who will tell our customers if they don't need us. If customers can resolve a possible water damage or possible microbial growth situation effectively themselves, we let them know. That's the difference with United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte. We truly care about customers . Thank you Kristen!

Regina Foster
Review source: Google Regina Foster Thursday, September 16th 2021
UWRG arrived at my home within 30 minutes. My initial shock of seeing water over my entire down stairs home, which was in excellent condition, was overwhelming at best. Joel's (representative who arrived at the house first) demeanor was calm and words provided the initial comfort I needed that all would be okay.
Re: UWRG arrived at my home w ... United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte replied on Saturday, September 18th 2021

It is shocking when you see water and flooding in your house! We strive to put the calm into crisis when a water loss occurs. We strive to be prompt, professional, and deliver high quality work. Thank you for allowing us to serve you in your time of need.

Creative Me
Review source: Google Creative Me Wednesday, September 8th 2021
Joel was awesome! He arrived early. He checked my house and was very professional. He also gave me tips along the way. 5 star experience! Highly recommended and will use again!
Re: Joel was awesome! He arri ... United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte replied on Wednesday, September 8th 2021

We do strive to be punctual and professional. We do offer free assessments, and recommendations. Thank you for your business.

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