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About Toradex Inc

Toradex is a leading supplier of embedded computer solutions and provides premium support services to help its customers rapidly bring their products to market. Our extensive portfolio of ARM based computer modules deliver high performance at low power consumption and have been specifically designed for demanding applications in the industrial market.

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719 2nd Ave Suite 850, Seattle, WA 98104
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Services Toradex Inc Offers

Computer on Modules
System on Modules
Apalis iMX8 QuadMax Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IT
Apalis iMX8 QuadMax IT
Apalis iMX8 QuadPlus Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Apalis iMX8 QuadPlus
Apalis iMX8 QuadXPlus Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IT
Apalis iMX8 QuadXPlus ECC IT
Apalis iMX8 DualXPlus
Apalis TK1
Apalis T30
Apalis T30 IT
Apalis iMX6 Quad IT
Apalis iMX6 Quad
Apalis iMX6 Dual IT
Apalis iMX6 Dual
Colibri iMX8 QuadXPlus Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IT
Colibri iMX8 QuadXPlus IT
Colibri iMX8 DualX Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Colibri iMX8 DualX
Colibri T30
Colibri T30 IT
Colibri T20
Colibri T20 IT
Colibri iMX6 DualLite
Colibri iMX6 DualLite IT
Colibri iMX6 Solo
Colibri iMX6 Solo IT
Colibri iMX6ULL Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IT
Colibri iMX6ULL Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Colibri iMX6ULL IT
Colibri iMX6ULL
Colibri iMX7 Dual
Colibri iMX7 Solo
Colibri VF61 IT
Colibri VF50
Colibri VF50 IT
Verdin iMX8M Mini Quad Wi-Fi / Bluetooth IT
Verdin iMX8M Mini Quad IT
Verdin iMX8M Mini DualLite WB IT
Verdin iMX8M Mini DualLite
Freescale Vybrid
Freescale i.MX 6
Freescale i.MX 7
Marvell PXA
Computer Modules
Single Board Computer
Customized Single Board Computer
Embedded Single Board Computer
ARM Base Boards
ARM Boards
ARM Development Boards
ARM Evaluation Boards
Bluetooth Development Board
Ethernet Development Board
Colibri Evaluation Board
Apalis Evaluation Board
Ixora Carrier Board
Iris Carrier Board
Viola Plus Carrier Board
Aster Carrier Board
Verdin Development Board
Dahlia Carrier Board
Base Boards
Carrier Boards
Carrier Circuit Board
Development Boards
Embedded ARM Board
Embedded Development Kit

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