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About The Helpful Psychic

The story of The Helpful Psychic began with a shared vision of creating a space where individuals could access authentic psychic readings and spiritual support. Our founders, each possessing a unique blend of spiritual talents, came together to establish a platform that goes beyond conventional wisdom, offering profound insights that can guide you through life's challenges and opportunities.

At The Helpful Psychic, we believe in the power of intuition, empathy, and connection. Our team consists of gifted psychics, mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, and energy healers, all dedicated to helping you gain clarity, discover your true path, and tap into your inner strength. With years of experience and a genuine passion for assisting others, we are here to offer a helping hand on your personal and spiritual journey.

Our mission is to provide you with a safe, supportive, and confidential environment where you can explore your questions and concerns.

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453 S Spring St Ste 400, Los Angeles, CA 90013
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Services The Helpful Psychic Offers

The Helpful Psychic offers a variety of clairvoyant services including live psychic readings via phone or online chat at $4.99 per minute. We also offer a 10 minutes for $10 new customer special. Our mission is to provide our customers with authentic readings that will help them connect with the spirit world for answers pertaining to their lives. We are not a psychic network – our belief is always to give real psychic readings as we understand how easy it is for people to become deceived by fake psychics who simply tell them bogus stories that they know aren’t true in order to take their money. Our team takes great pride in providing our clients with accurate readings that they can trust will be honest and reliable.

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Susan Braun
Review source: Google Susan Braun Friday, August 4th 2023
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a delightful, unique and insightful psychic experience with Jack Rourke.

He is a very eloquent, articulate and intelligent man with a fabulous way of conversing in regard to sharing his perceptions of different situations.

I was extremely confused and almost mentally crippled for many months with bewilderment and upset about a recent romance. I had tried and tried to make sense of things but never could.

Over and over I told my “story” to friends and colleagues, some of who are in the medical field. On hearing what transpired they were just as perplexed as I was. The conclusion of the events defied explanation.

Within an hour of talking to Jack, he had sorted out every detail for me and removed “the curtain” from the scene and the “mask” from the man that was the object of my adoration.

For the first time in 6 months I understood from Jack that I had been love bombed, devalued (because of my lack of availability) and then promptly discarded in a most callous manner. I learned that deceit was part of the game and I understood that the pain that I felt was through no fault of my own.

In reality my confusion actually did turn into sadness but there was “peace” in my heart because Jack had turned the lightbulb on in the darkness.

I will make it a point to continue to engage with Jack on a regular basis. I am sure with his extraordinary ESP among other things that he will be able to make other valuable contributions to my existence.
We are all so complex.

I have had different “readings” from other psychics from time to time and so now I consider myself a bit of a “psychic aficionado”:) With their admirable talents they were certainly impressive but they did not ever “meet my needs” in the way Jack did. His brilliance, enthusiasm and sincerity are palpable.

Like the song says he is “simply the best”. He should get 10 stars - not 5. Jack is the “wow” factor who deserves the golden buzzer”:)

Susan B
Stella Lightheart
Review source: Google Stella Lightheart Wednesday, July 19th 2023
Talking with Jack was a breath of fresh air - he is incredibly down-to-earth, kind, and matter-of-fact. I felt seen and supported. I'm truly grateful for the clarity that Jack was able to provide! Thank you so much!
Review source: Google S B Saturday, July 8th 2023
Accurate, to the point and insightful. Thank you Jack for your service, it is much appreciated.
Mary Forgiel
Review source: Google Mary Forgiel Wednesday, June 21st 2023
My reading with Jack was a few weeks ago now. It was one of the best experiences I have had in quite a while. Jack really helped give me perspective on things going on in my life right now, mostly professional as I am going through some big changes. The clarity with which he saw and explained things to me was amazing. It's too soon to tell if all that Jack told me will turn out, but somehow, I know it will. I will be booking another session soon. He is truly amazing!
Kristina Voronova
Review source: Google Kristina Voronova Wednesday, June 7th 2023
I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jack Rourke and I must say, my experience was truly remarkable. He was incredibly insightful and had a plethora of knowledge that helped me navigate my path with greater clarity and understanding.

What I appreciated most was his ability to provide me with helpful and encouraging guidance. He was able to shed light on areas of my life that had been causing me confusion and uncertainty, and provided me with reassurance that I was on the right track.

Throughout our conversation, he displayed a genuine interest in my well-being and truly seemed to care about helping me achieve my goals. His wisdom and intuition were truly remarkable, and I left our session feeling empowered and more confident in my abilities.

Overall, I would highly recommend this psychic to anyone looking for guidance and support on their journey. Jacks insights and encouragement has been so valuable to me and I am truly grateful for the experience. Thank you for everything!
Review source: Google MTorres Friday, May 19th 2023
Jack is definitely very detailed in assisting you understand everything thoroughly it has the feeling of remote viewing, from what I’ve heard. Be open minded and allow to be guided from your spiritually intelectual capabilities and it all makes sense! ENJOY as much as I did! Will be rescheduling an appointment down the line, thanks JR!
britta menges
Review source: Google britta menges Wednesday, March 15th 2023
I just have to say the accuracy is unmatched, I first had a session with jack 3 years ago and the help I received guided me in an important decision making process at that time in my life and just recently I consulted with him again. Its like talking to a friend with a vast amount of knowledge. You cant go wrong with his readings and guidance.
Sue G.
Review source: Google Sue G. Thursday, January 26th 2023
Jack is a spiritual guide who helped me focus on specific areas of transformation. He is kind, attentive to your needs, knowledgeable beyond words, insightful, and has a great sense of humor. I am very grateful to have connected with Jack and will continue to leverage his services as the need arises.
Mtn Me
Review source: Google Mtn Me Wednesday, December 28th 2022
I wish I had known about this man years ago! Don't know how he does what he does, I just know thathis insight has helped me move from a place of feeling like I need to understand it all, to a place of wanting to simply embrace and experience it all. Thank you from the bottom of my soul.
Michael Stevins
Review source: Google Michael Stevins Friday, December 16th 2022
WE LOVE JACK & LIZ!!!!! Through the decades, your life path can sometimes cross with beautiful wonderful people who truly make the world a better place with their kindness, talent, love, intelligence and guidance, and that is exactly how our family deeply feels about Jack & Liz. My husband John and I can't say enough about how much we respect, honor and adore Jack Rourke, and the beautiful coaching and guidance he has given our family over the years. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Jack, for being such a beautiful light in this wonderful world, decade after decade.
Love & Light,
The Dinan-Stevins Family
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More About The Helpful Psychic

The Helpful Psychic is an online platform that provides authentic psychic readings by Psychic Angelic – an experienced clairvoyant who has dedicated his life to exploring and understanding the profound nature of the spirit world. Psychic Angelic has given over 100,000 readings since he began his spiritual journey and has developed an immense connection with the celestial entities. His approach is rooted in unconditional love, compassion, and integrity and he strives to create a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore and grow spiritually. Through our sessions, Angelic helps clients cultivate trust in their own life path journey and guide them in the areas of: love, money, career, spirituality and much more. The Helpful Psychic is committed to empowering individuals to awaken their spiritual potential and embrace the loving guidance of psychic angelic beings.

The Helpful Psychic Frequently Asked Questions

The Helpful Psychic offers clairvoyant services including live psychic readings via phone or online chat at $4.99 per minute as well as a 10 minutes for $10 new customer special.
You can ask questions about love, money, career, spirituality and much more!
Yes! Thousands of customers from around the world call him for his insightful visions which often pick up on specific details such as names, dates and times!

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10 Minutes For $10.00 Psychic Reading