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About The Dog Wizard Louisville

The Dog Wizard in Louisville, KY is a professional dog training business that specializes in puppies, basic obedience, aggression, reactivity, separation anxiety, leash pulling, jumping and more.
Our balanced training method for success has produced amazing results for hundreds of dogs. Together, we will teach you and your dog things you had no idea he or she was capable of. The bond you will build during the process is priceless.

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1860 Mellwood Avenue #270, Louisville, KY 40206
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Panty Raiders
Review source: Google Panty Raiders Saturday, September 25th 2021
Panty Raiders opted not to leave a text review of The Dog Wizard Louisville
Samuel Carson
Review source: Google Samuel Carson Monday, September 20th 2021
I'm glad that I decided on the Louisville Dog Wizard for helping me train my dog. Their training gave us the life I had always imagined when getting a dog. From being able to go on off leash hikes and walks to basic commands in the house and outside to loose leash walking. You should absolutely reach out to them if you're looking to improve your quality of life with your furry family member.
Kayla Rains
Review source: Google Kayla Rains Monday, August 30th 2021
Renee is the best! She made my sweet girl Luna the best version of herself! I was nervous to let her go for 2 weeks and was afraid she wouldn't be the same but let me tell you, Luna is her same self, just will now listen and obey my commands!!! It's a miracle! I would've never been able to do this on my own and I can't tell you guys enough how Renee is worth every dime. She not only trained Luna but feels like she's a part of our family now!! If you are hesitating, just do it! You won't regret it!
Holly McNally
Review source: Google Holly McNally Saturday, July 10th 2021
Could not have had a better experience with Louisville Dog Wizard! The initial investment was scary, but my husband and I agree that it was 100% worth it. We had a smart, sweet dog before, but Renee and her team really worked to solidify the skills she already had, and helped developed our girl where she was lacking and we lacked the knowledge to teach. I feel like we enjoy our time with our dog so much more now, and she's much more reliable. We love that we can come to LDW at any time for the rest of Nami's life for help and continued training if/when we need it. It's very apparent that Renee genuinely loves and cares for our dog (almost ;) ) as much as we do, and that is such a comfort to us! If we get another dog some day, we'll be sending them to the wizard, too, no hesitation!
Sally Breann
Review source: Google Sally Breann Tuesday, June 29th 2021
This review is especially for others with reactive dogs! We elected the jumpstart program with our very reactive pup, Honey. Honey came home after her time away knowing everything she needed to know to have a good happy life and we were amazed at not only the discipline she came back with but how much she loves training. Renee is who we've worked with the most but have worked with others too and they are all true advocates for our dog and are the best teachers: Confident and loving and know how to teach us humans and dogs simultaneously. Our life has changed with Renee helping us so much with Honey's reactivity. We never thought we could walk around a park or enjoy ice cream on the patio around other dogs or people before this program. I elected in my review this is a good value because if you can manage the cost of the jumpstart program you are bringing in a lifelong advocate and teacher for your dog because they will be there with follow up trainings and support classes for the remainder of your dogs life. It's not just the two weeks away, and that's it. Honey is getting the support she needs to continue working on her reactivity weeks after coming home and we couldn't be happier with our decision to put her through the program.
Douglas Jarett
Review source: Google Douglas Jarett Wednesday, March 17th 2021
Knowledgeable and helpful.
tyler martin
Review source: Google tyler martin Saturday, February 13th 2021
tyler martin opted not to leave a text review of The Dog Wizard Louisville
Sasha Ferguson
Review source: Google Sasha Ferguson Thursday, February 4th 2021
Renee and the Louisville Dog Wizard team are the best of the best, I could not recommend them more. I adopted my pup, Bear, in 2018; he was 2, he had been abandoned and left to die on a farm, and then found and turned into the Humane Society. When I adopted Bear he was quiet, sweet as could be, but I had no clue what the first two years of his life was like. While I adore Bear and he is the PERFECT at home doggo, Bear was awful to walk with a leash, peeing on every single thing we would pass, pulling me towards anything he was curious about, barking at people/ animals we would pass and eventually became dog aggressive, lunging at dogs he was once friendly with.
When I reached out to Renee I expressed wanting to be able to do more with Bear, walk him, take him around friends and their dogs and be able to bring him to my family farm to run around. Renee was so kind, knowledgeable and reassured me we would be able to work with Bear to get to a place of trust and understanding with one another.

I just completed the Private Freedom Program and let me tell you, BEAR IS DOING AMAZING. We can now walk together without me getting pulled. We can pass people/dogs calmly while on walks and out in local stores. We can be around other dogs and not panic. But what's most amazing is I can officially have Bear be off leash at my family farm without worrying that he will run into a horse field and get hurt. Renee is SO kind, patient and trustworthy. She cares so much and Bear LOVES working with her. This program, anything with this team, is worth every penny. While the programs are not cheap, you get what you pay for, quality and quantity of time. This program and support is for life, not just a set amount of classes.

I am so thankful for this team. If anyone wants to ask questions, check out Bear's Instagram, I will gladly tell you more about my experience! @mr.bearthepibble
Zack Estes
Review source: Google Zack Estes Tuesday, March 31st 2020
We took our year and a half old aussiedoodle to Patrick for the 8 week one on one course. What we were able to accomplish in those 8 weeks is still mind blowing to me. You meet once a week for an hour. In between meetings you have homework and text Patrick progress videos. He will tell you what you are doing right and what you still need to improve on. During our training sessions he was able to break training down and give us the reasons for doing things. It was nice always knowing the rational behind everything. By the end of training she learned all of the obedience commands (sit, down, stay, place, heel) as well as being completely off leash trained. When we go for walks in the neighborhood I just have her e-collar and that's it. She stays right by my side. It makes taking her on walks such a pleasure now. It's been several months since completing training and she has still retained all of what Patrick has taught her. If you are looking for a trainer look no further. You won't be disappointed.
Kenneth Rader
Review source: Google Kenneth Rader Saturday, December 21st 2019
The Louisville Dog Wizard is an amazing trainer. We couldn't go outside without my dog becoming anxious or defensive. After completing the freedom program, we are able to interact with other people and dogs positively. The Louisville Dog Wizard has changed our lives!
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