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I’m Syga Thomas. I am an American Real Estate Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and YouTuber. As a real estate expert, I am a frequent contributor to media outlets and was quoted in The Washington Post, Washington Business Journal, Urban Turf, Washingtonian, and other prominent publications. I love teaching people real estate investment and guiding them to multiply their money. I’m even more passionate about giving back to communities! I’m excited to join your journey into property investment and help you deliver results that exceed your expectations.

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1644 N Capitol St NW Ste 100,, Washington, DC 20001
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Veronica Revel
Veronica Revel Saturday, May 28th 2022
My Favorite Money Making Consultant I am so grateful to Syga for assisting me in getting my finances in order. I've avoided managing my finances like the plague my entire life. I'm finally at ease with my money (and my future) because I know Syga has my back. He's an expert in everything from debt repayment to investing to retirement planning. His financial expertise has paved a path for me to follow, and he is also coaching me in financial accountability, so I am able to stay on that path. Syga Thomas is my personal trainer, but instead of assisting me in meeting my fitness goals, he is always there to guide me toward my financial goals.
Connie Roberts
Connie Roberts Wednesday, May 11th 2022
My Money Making Coach I've had a great time talking with Syga. Our conversation did not begin with hourly pricing; rather, we discussed my situation and the areas in which I needed planning. It was a fairly lengthy discussion. He was very open and freely shared his wealth of knowledge on financial planning during this conversation. He made it very easy for me to discuss all of my concerns. Syga Thomas is warm and genuine. I would contact him again without hesitation.
Anica Whitfield
Anica Whitfield Sunday, May 1st 2022
Best Financial Coach Syga's Coaching style is open and direct, allowing him to effortlessly create a positive, trusting bond with his clients. Syga challenged me to develop a long-term daily practice that would help me achieve my goal of greater connection and community. He is the coach for the Happy Leader! Aside from being an intriguing concept and niche, I am looking forward to working with him to discover how I can improve my leadership style by incorporating a Happiness slant!
Cheryl Semington
Cheryl Semington Wednesday, April 27th 2022
Best Financial Planner in Washington I try to ask as many people as I can if they have a financial planner so that I can tell them about Syga. He is trustworthy and considerate in my opinion. Syga makes money from the increases in my portfolio, so it is in his best interest to make money for me, which he does. Syga has helped my portfolio grow by 20% in the last year. I would strongly recommend working with him and would encourage anyone to investigate his services.
James Miller
James Miller Sunday, April 17th 2022
Best Financial Coach I enjoy collaborating with Syga Thomas and his team. His years of experience are invaluable when it comes to understanding market ebbs and flows, as well as long-term financial planning. My wife and I appreciate the personalized attention to detail.
David Stuarts
David Stuarts Friday, April 15th 2022
My Family Financial Advisor Syga has spent more time with my wife and me developing our strategy than the previous three financial advisors we've worked with. He is very responsive and carefully listens to what we want before making any recommendations. He is devoted to his clients.
Alex Daitol
Alex Daitol Wednesday, April 13th 2022
Financial Influencer Syga Thomas is a warm, practical, honest, and realistic person. He has assisted us in gaining control of our finances as well as many aspects of our future, and he is patient when things need to be explained again. He and his company have been tremendously helpful.
Martin Louise
Martin Louise Saturday, April 9th 2022
Best Financial Influencer I'm grateful to Syga because I've been able to pay off so much debt in less than a year as I prepare to retire. His advice is extremely useful, and he will promptly respond to any questions I may have. I was looking for a financial advisor but was concerned about the cost. He is not at all expensive!
Alfinie Bullock
Alfinie Bullock Thursday, April 7th 2022
Thomas Syga Personal finance influencer Rather than encouraging you to buy trendy sunglasses or obscure fitness products, financial influencers share tips, tricks, and advice to help you meet your goal of saving money. Thank you, Syga, for sharing your YouTube tips.
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