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About SurroAdvisor

SurroAdvisor provides clear and practical information for women considering becoming a surrogate for a family who can't have children by themselves, with guides to surrogacy law, compensation for surrogates, and the history of gestational surrogacy.

Services SurroAdvisor Offers

At SurroAdvisor, we provide a wide range of services and products designed to empower potential surrogates with the information they need to make informed decisions. Our services include:
• Comprehensive guide to becoming a surrogate
• In-depth advice on navigating the legal and medical aspects of surrogacy
• Comprehensive state-by-state guides for surrogacy laws
• Information about finding the right match with intended parents
• Support throughout the entire process
• Resources for post-surrogacy care

  • Surrogacy advisory services
  • Women's Health
4.3 Out of 5.0

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Caleb Ro
Review source: Google Caleb Ro Friday, December 16th 2022
Caleb Ro opted not to leave a text review of SurroAdvisor
Cristina Domogma
Review source: Google Cristina Domogma Tuesday, February 16th 2021
Minority-owned businesses, please BE AWARE!

If you're a minority-owned business, this is not the place for you. "We work" lives up to their name when it comes to "selective policy enforcing" (i.e. discrimination and harassment). When I reported issues with security officer who was leaving my clients out of in the freezing cold temperatures of Minneapolis and making verbal threats, instead of backing up the interest of my business and my clients, management started harassing me by ordering to terminate my binding contract immediately without any warning or explanation of any violations (or perceived violations) that me, my clients, or my business may have incurred in. Furthermore, after arranging a move out day that allowed me to fulfill my work-related commitments until the end of the month, I received a harassing call from the Midwest manager falsely accusing me of hosting an unauthorized gathering and not having people properly registered, which was not the case. They deactivated my card and I had to cease services to my clients that day. I was not able to move out in the formerly agreed time, and grabbed whatever I could so I can get out of the building before the situation got more dramatic. I lost over 20K in revenue due to the harassment and discrimination experienced by the WeWork staff. If you want to have peace of mind and save attorney's fees and a headache, please STAY AWAY from this office network because their corporate discrimination is real.
Bryan Deane Bertsch
Review source: Google Bryan Deane Bertsch Sunday, December 27th 2020
Bryan Deane Bertsch opted not to leave a text review of SurroAdvisor
Schyler Abuhl
Review source: Google Schyler Abuhl Sunday, October 11th 2020
Schyler Abuhl opted not to leave a text review of SurroAdvisor
Christopher Gerber
Review source: Google Christopher Gerber Tuesday, January 14th 2020
Christopher Gerber opted not to leave a text review of SurroAdvisor
Michael Rolf-Wenzell
Review source: Google Michael Rolf-Wenzell Sunday, December 29th 2019
Nice views and friendly staff.
Ryan Satt
Review source: Google Ryan Satt Saturday, August 10th 2019
Ryan Satt opted not to leave a text review of SurroAdvisor
MJ Kinney
Review source: Google MJ Kinney Wednesday, July 3rd 2019
So glad a North Loop location exists! This is a pedestrian and park-friendly zone that is a friendly distance from the Greenway. WeWork of course delivered on a clean, beautifully-decorated space. The people are wonderful. Selfishly enjoying the quiet so I can max out my time spent in the sound-proof booths (perfect for calls). Kombucha and cold brew on tap. ???? Outdoor patio and rooftop. All the ??????????‘s!
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More About SurroAdvisor

SurroAdvisor is an online platform that provides comprehensive information and resources for potential surrogates. Our team of experienced professionals have years of experience in the field and can provide guidance on every aspect of surrogacy, from exploring motivations behind surrogacy to understanding the legal and medical aspects. We provide in-depth advice and resources to help women make informed decisions and have a positive surrogacy experience. Our goal is to ensure that every woman considering surrogacy is equipped with the knowledge they need to make their journey as smooth and successful as possible.