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About Stepanyan Surgical Arts Center

We offer surgical and non-surgical face, breast, and body services to residents in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Studio City, and the Greater Los Angeles region.

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1500 E Chevy Chase Dr # 430, Glendale, CA 91206
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Services Stepanyan Surgical Arts Center Offers

Our services include Brow Lifts, Facelifts, Neck Lifts, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, and Rhinoplasty. Additionally, we offer other facial rejuvenation treatments such as Revision Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery), Facial Implants, Lip Augmentation, and Non-surgical options like Botox Cosmetic and Dermal Fillers. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care and achieving exceptional results. Trust Stepanyan Surgical Arts Center for all your aesthetic needs.

  • Brow Lift
  • Facelift
  • Neck Lift
  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
4.3 Out of 5.0

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Audrey Oh
Review source: Google Audrey Oh Monday, April 17th 2023
Dr. Stepanyan did my double jaw surgery 10 years ago and I am now having to undo and fix what he as a medical doctor did not correctly diagnose or treat. I had to find out from other oral surgeons the joint condition I have. He also used a screw so large it went directly through my mandible, which I found out years later through CTs. The radiologist said that screw explains the nerve damage I got after the surgery. His explanation of the nerve damage right after surgery was that it was just one of the many potential risks and that I would never be fully satisfied.

When trying to then retrieve my medical records years later, his office evaded me for 3 months saying they were locked away in some "special storage unit" and he kept being on "vacation when I called". They were so nice on the phone and said they would follow up- I called three times and sent an email. Zero follow up. My new surgeon said that's absurd and my medical records should be with the hospital. They are liars here.

My new surgeon, who is specialized in oral surgery and TMJ joint disorders, is always shocked when looking at Dr. Stepanyans work when he reviews my scans... especially when he saw that screw. Luckily I'm in much better hands now, but wow the night and day difference of a doctor who cares and one who doesn't is so apparent. Stepanyan is the latter.

Also there was ZERO follow up through the years after I had this major surgery as a teen. Great patient care. My new surgeon was also shocked by this. He said he does jaw surgery follow ups every 2.5 years for the rest of the patients life.

He should not be trusted with big surgeries- Botox and filler sure. But as someone who has now gone through hardware removal and nerve loss as a direct result from his terrible decisions as a surgeon, stay far far away from this place.

Sure, surgeons make mistakes (screws that are too big and go directly through the jaw bone, nerve loss for the rest of your life), which you agree to as a risk of surgery. But wow was I shocked how evasive his office has been. What are you hiding?

There are plenty of better places in LA to go for the same services he offers. I would not trust this doctor or his office.

Talya Gregorian
Review source: Google Talya Gregorian Saturday, January 28th 2023
Dr. Stepanyan and all the staff at the office are seriously the best! Dr. Stepanyan was the first doctor i had a consultation with and after only meeting him once I knew he was the one to pick. He was very kind and explained in detail, he took his time listening to what i wanted and what the outcome and results i expected. I can tell you this doctor delivered exactly the outcome I expected and sent me home with the most beautiful results. I receive compliments from friends and family wherever i go and have never felt more confident. Dr. Stepanyan has gifted hands and delivers an amazing art work.
Kristina Ghazaryan
Review source: Google Kristina Ghazaryan Friday, December 16th 2022
Most amazing doctor. I had a feeling to choose him and stick with him; he has a fantastic kind soul same with his team. They treated me like I was their own daughter. This was my first ever surgery, and when I say the team did not once allow me to have a panic attack, I MEAN IT. Not once did it fly through my head that I was about to get surgery; they distracted me so much to the point I forgot.
Dr. Martin Stepanyan and his team are the best. They care so much about you. I have had the best conversation with all of them that, at this point, they are like family. I have never walked out of the surgical place mad or upset; they always brought me tears of joy. My biggest insecurity (my nose) was changed, and I am happy about my side profile and breathing. I used to have constant headaches due to my nose and how it was broken, and Dr. Stepanyan fixed this issue for me; I breathe normally now and do not struggle at all. And as days go by, I love my nose so much.
I showed him exactly what I wanted and when I woke up, the girls showed me my nose, and I was in love. Dr. Stepanyan truly listens to you and everything you have to say. He is the only doctor I had a consultation with, and I stuck with him because they gave me amazing vibes. If you have second thoughts, I promise to GO; you will not regret it.
I remember the exact day I called and got a consultation, and I was jumping around happy because this meant the world to me. I had the best conversation with the person who answered the phone and told me about her nose job experience with him, and I got to see her results, and I was deeply in love. Dr. Stepanyan has magical hands, and conversations with him are the best.
I will be 1-year post op March 17th, and I can not wait to revisit my girls because the time we spend with them is the most memorable. I can not thank the team enough because if it were not for them, I would not have felt this satisfied joy in my soul. I hope to revisit any upcoming surgery with Dr. Stepanyan because he knows what he is doing. And when I tell you guys I left the first day after my cast off; I loved how my nose looked, even swollen; it looked beautiful, and I had minimal bruising; I did not bruise at all. The team cares so much about you; they will walk you up until you are fully healed with a happy smile. Thank you guys so much!
Nicole Maytal
Review source: Google Nicole Maytal Thursday, December 15th 2022
Best decision I have ever made in my life was having Dr. Stepanyan be the surgeon for my rhinoplasty. I am SO happy with the outcome. I always get the best compliments on my nose. he is a true artist and professional. if your debating between him and someone else definitely go with Dr. Stepanyan, you will have no regrets! He knows what he's doing!
Review source: Google CHRISTINEH ANTINIAN Friday, December 9th 2022
Dr. Stepanyan and his amazing staff members made my surgery and recovery process so smooth. I was immediately welcomed with such warmth and care. Upon having a consultation with him, he assured me that he’d do whatever it took to help me achieve the look I wanted for myself. If there was something I didn’t particularly like or wanted to correct, he was more than happy to accommodate in order to make me as content with the results as possible. I’ve struggled my whole life with my nose being my biggest insecurity. Dr. Stepanyan’s perfectionism and ability to match your original facial features with the intended outcome of surgery is what really sold me. I wanted it to look as natural as possible and he really delivered. He matched my new nose with my facial features and facial structure. Because of his work, my nose is no longer an insecurity of mine. On the contrary, I’m the most confident I’ve ever been. I strongly recommend Stepanyan Surgical Arts Center to anyone who wants to feel like the doctor is on their side.
Mark P
Review source: Google Mark P Friday, September 3rd 2021
STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! Our experience with Martin was nothing short of a nightmare. What was suppose to be a simple operation turned into 7! He kept on making mistake after mistake, and things are still not correct! He convinced my wife that she needed cheek implants which we were hesitant about because we didn’t want them to be too big. He said of course they will not be big, they will barely be noticeable, trust me. We trusted him and he put THE LARGEST size available in her. Not to mention he didn’t even do it correctly! It had to be redone twice! We gave him the benefit of the doubt and he said it will look small when it healed. It didn’t. My poor wife then had to go through another operation to have them taken out.

Now lets talk about the nose that he messed up too. My wife now has a huge scar running down the center of her nose that he caused. We now need to go to another Doctor to fix all the mistakes he made which will cost another $12k to fix. He didn’t cauterize the incision in her nose correctly which resulted in non stop bleeding after the surgery. After many failed attempts to stop the bleeding we had to perform an emergency surgery which was the scariest day of our lives.
We were nothing but patient and understanding with him and now he wont even return our phone calls. STAY AWAY
Alisa Mona
Review source: Google Alisa Mona Saturday, June 12th 2021
Alisa Mona opted not to leave a text review of Stepanyan Surgical Arts Center
Armine Karapetyan
Review source: Google Armine Karapetyan Wednesday, May 12th 2021
In every person's life there is a desire to be healthy and beautiful. For a long time I hesitated to look for a good and decent professional in my field, talked to many doctors, but Dr. Martin Stepanyan showed his professionalism from the first meeting. It's important to trust your doctor. I had a renoplasty of the nose, there were injuries to the septum, the tip of the nose confused me a lot, but now I am satisfied and happy. I can't help but mention the rest of the staff, who were always very attentive and caring when visiting the Stepanyan surgical arts center. Thanks to my doctor, he is a wizard. May God grant such doctors more.Thank you soo much! :)))))
Hamest Avagyan
Review source: Google Hamest Avagyan Wednesday, March 17th 2021
Hamest Avagyan opted not to leave a text review of Stepanyan Surgical Arts Center
Rebecca C
Review source: Google Rebecca C Thursday, October 1st 2020
Extremely unprofessional. Had a consultation, made me wait for an hour without staff saying a single word to me.
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More About Stepanyan Surgical Arts Center

Stepanyan Surgical Arts Center is a leading plastic surgery center in Glendale, CA. We are committed to delivering top-notch surgical and non-surgical procedures that enhance your natural beauty. Under the guidance of Martin Stepanyan, DMD, MD, FACS, our experienced team offers a wide range of services including Brow Lifts, Facelifts, Neck Lifts, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, and Rhinoplasty. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures the highest level of safety and comfort for our patients. Whether you're seeking facial rejuvenation or corrective procedures, we provide personalized treatments tailored to your unique needs. Trust Stepanyan Surgical Arts Center for exceptional results and a renewed sense of confidence.

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