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Scootarama specialize in Scooter Rentals in Orlando, Florida for use in Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World.

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8810 Commodity Cir Ste. 9, Orlando, FL 32819
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Scooter Rental Orlando
Rent A Scooter In Orlando
Orlando Scooter Rental
ECV Rentals Orlando
Disney Scooter Rental
Scooter Rental Disney
Pride Revo. 2.0
Pride Go Go
Pride Maxima

3.7 Out of 5.0

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My Mentor
Review source: Google My Mentor Saturday, November 13th 2021
High quality scooter - seemed brand new. Excellent price and value! They deliver what they promise.
Just read the instructions on charging every night. I'll rent again!
Review source: Google EveryDayAsBuddyG Sunday, September 12th 2021
Put in an order on Sept 8. Says credit card is still processing. We are due to arrive on the 15th. I have called and no one picks up the phone just a machine. I have FB message and no response. How do i contact you all to make sure the Scooter rental is going to happen? Thanks.
Re: Put in an order on Sept 8 ... Scootarama replied on Sunday, September 12th 2021

The term "processing" is something Woocomerce uses when an order is placed. We use their software to place the order but to process your credit card information. Those two programs do not communicate to each other so what you see on the website is "processing". But what you receive inside of your email is a "Order Confirmation" with an order number.

Ami Bama
Review source: Google Ami Bama Thursday, July 22nd 2021
The absolute worst customer service ever!!! The guy that dropped the scooter off was nice enough but he did not explain the full details of the scooter and then the second day I try to use it for one of the universal parks the scooter dies because it did not charge the night before even though I plugged it up. "Fwi if you do not rent a scooter that partners with universal, they will not assist you when your scooter dies regardless of whether you are injured" I did not bring the charger with me to the park which is admittedly my mistake but I was under the impression that it charged. When I called the customer service number on the front of the scooter, twice no one answered, third time I got an answer from an incredibly rude man who was trying to insist that it was my fault that the scooter died even though I was not informed of how to properly charge it and literally said "well I guess you should have brought the charger with you then huh" when I informed him that I was stranded at the very back of universal studios with a broken foot and no way to get it back. I strongly advise that no one use this company!!! And if you are going to universal studios make sure that you rent a scooter from them or one of their affiliate companies otherwise you will be pushing your scooter if something goes wrong with absolutely no assistance from this company or universal.
Re: The absolute worst custom ... Scootarama replied on Thursday, July 22nd 2021

You rented a scooter for 3 days. The first day you had absolutely no problems because we brought the scooter to you fully charged. That night you plugged the charger into an outlet inside your hotel room that wasn't working so you thought it was charging but it really wasn't. You went to the parks the next day WITHOUT your charger and the battery died because it wasn't charged overnight. You couldn't charge the scooter in the parks because you left the charger inside your hotel room. We provided you with an excellent scooter with brand new batteries. We also refunded your money and this is how you show your appreciation.

Rhonette Smith
Review source: Google Rhonette Smith Sunday, June 20th 2021
Rhonette Smith opted not to leave a text review of Scootarama
Dan and Tammy Dziagwa
Review source: Google Dan and Tammy Dziagwa Friday, May 21st 2021
I'd easily give this place a five star review IF:. The original scooter we ordered didn't leave us stranded in Universal for 3 hours. We rented the scooter from Saturday to Friday. On Sunday about 2 hours into our park trip the key switch literally came out of the scooter. We called the original number, left a message and got no where. My husband called the number on our caller ID to the driver who delivered the scooter. The driver took care of us. He was a friendly man. After waiting in the park (and my husband having to meet the repair man at security) they came to me with a replacement. The replacement was an excellent scooter. Impressed with the battery life. On Friday my husband calls with a friendly disposition to ask for a refund of one day. He was yelled at immediately, and was told I ripped out the key switch and "they took care of us" by not charging us for parts. It came to us in the loose position ready to fall out. The man yelled at my husband and my husband continually and calmly reassured him he did not call for a fight. Just called to hopefully have scootarama make right on a bad day. Needless to say they did not and we will NOT be using them again on our trip in September or December. Extremely displeased with the customer service of the man answering the phone. The repair man was nice .
Re: I'd easily give this plac ... Scootarama replied on Wednesday, May 26th 2021

Dan of course you didn't give us five stars. All because we wouldn't allow you to extort us for a free rental. We do not care that you're a local guide blah blah blah. If you pay we will provide you a scooter if you do not pay we will not provide you a scooter even under the threat of a 1 star google review.

Breanna Bennett
Review source: Google Breanna Bennett Saturday, May 15th 2021
Breanna Bennett opted not to leave a text review of Scootarama
Louis Perry
Review source: Google Louis Perry Monday, February 15th 2021
The first scooter rental company we used brought us beat up scooters, we immediately returned them read reviews from Scootarama called and rented from them their scooters were in excellent condition.
Re: The first scooter rental ... Scootarama replied on Wednesday, March 24th 2021

Thanks Louis we thrive to provide excellent service and excellent equipment.

Harold Gomez
Review source: Google Harold Gomez Saturday, February 6th 2021
Thank you Scootarama your scooters were a lifesaver.
Re: Thank you Scootarama your ... Scootarama replied on Friday, February 12th 2021

No Harold, Thank You!!!

Abram Walsh
Review source: Google Abram Walsh Thursday, February 4th 2021
The best scooter rental company in Orlando hands down.
Re: The best scooter rental c ... Scootarama replied on Friday, February 12th 2021

Thank you for the kind words we're to be of service to you and your family.

Theron Fisher
Review source: Google Theron Fisher Friday, January 29th 2021
Top notch customer service Owen delivered my scooter to my Disney resort, he was waiting for me when I arrived.
Re: Top notch customer servic ... Scootarama replied on Friday, February 12th 2021

Theron, Owen is the best plus he never complained a day in his life. He loves the customers and he loves his job.

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More About Scootarama

Scootarama has served local theme parks since 2005. We provide electric mobility scooter rentals in Orlando known as ECV's to the handicapped and disabled to navigate Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures. Our scooters can accommodate guest ranging in weight from 100lbs to 500lbs. Reserve your Scootarama today!