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About Rossen Law Firm

The Rossen Law Firm is a criminal defense firm located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. A criminal charge can threaten your livelihood and leave your dreams and hopes in limbo. The Rossen Law Firm protects the rights and freedoms of clients, allowing them to keep living the life they love with the people they care about. A customized legal strategy can be crafted for your case to fight for the best possible outcome, regardless of your charges, including DUIs, drug offenses, gun crimes, and even federal charges. Neither your freedom, future, nor livelihood should be threatened by a single event. Call us to seek the justice you deserve.

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6400 N Andrews Ave #510, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
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Services Rossen Law Firm Offers

Personal injury attorney

  • Personal Injury Attorney
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Andrew Waits
Review source: Google Andrew Waits Tuesday, April 18th 2023
I talked to Manny about a case. He took the time to talk to me after hours and listen to what I thought I needed. After that we discussed everything about it. His knowledge about the subject made me confident he knew what he was talking about and that this was the right path. I’d highly recommend him if you a case in his area.
Duane Smith
Review source: Google Duane Smith Monday, March 20th 2023
Thanks to Scott from the Rossen Law Firm . I got my case dismissed. They were extremely polite, knowledgeable and communicated well. There was never a time my questions and concerns weren’t answered. Truly the gold standard of their profession.
mohammad shaar
Review source: Google mohammad shaar Friday, March 17th 2023
So much respect for them they was there for us all the time
I highly recommend this office they do there best with best price
Thx a lot guys
Ricardo Toro
Review source: Google Ricardo Toro Thursday, February 2nd 2023
I’m incredibly thankful for this team, specially Meri, she is amazing. The whole process I was really nervous, anxious, and they always kept in touch. They always tried to calm me down and let me know that they were going to fight until the end, in order to give me the best outcome.

They are the best. No matter how difficult the case are, they will fight for you, they will find a way.

When I was looking for lawyers to take care of my case, I saw their slogan “when bad things happen to good people” I knew they had to be my lawyers and it was the best decision.

Thank you so much!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????
Noah Shahaf
Review source: Google Noah Shahaf Wednesday, January 25th 2023
You WON the lottery if Rossen Law represents you. This is the BEST OF THE BEST. I had a very unfortunate and unfair situation happen to me that could have negatively impacted my future. Thanks to the team, they navigated it miraculously, with having the case dropped!! They are a team of magicians when it comes to criminal defense. On top of that, everyone I had any communication with was very honest and true, and always responsive. I am so grateful for Rossen Law. I have never even met the team face-to-face! What does that say? They are STELLAR and just that INCREDIBLE. Do things smart and hire this team to represent you and fight for you!
Review source: Google __Tatiayna Wednesday, January 18th 2023
__Tatiayna opted not to leave a text review of Rossen Law Firm
Paul Stennett
Review source: Google Paul Stennett Thursday, January 5th 2023
I was charged with a felony in 2019, hired a lawyer that turned out to... shall we say... "underperform". But anyway I never knew much about the law but I knew I wasn't getting the results I should have been getting, so I hired Rossen. They are incredible. Attorney Meritxell Ros got the felony dismissed, misdemeanor will be expunged/sealed in a lil bit. I simply couldn't ask for more.

Meritxell Ross and Adam Rossen... Y'all quite literally saved my life. I would still probably be living in an extended stay hotel or even outside had I not made the decision to hire you guys. I can actually live now, which I haven't been able to do since 2019, at least not how I like to live.

Thanks again and again.
osmara dubon
Review source: Google osmara dubon Thursday, December 15th 2022
By far the best experience with using Rossen Law Firm for my fiancés case! Susan went above and beyond for him and the 45 cases he was dealing with! Best Christmas present we could ever get thanks to Susan at Rossen Law Firm was him being able to get everything resolved! Will pick them again if needed !
Britton Wendel
Review source: Google Britton Wendel Thursday, December 8th 2022
After I was arrested for DUI, and spent what seemed like an eternal night in prison, it felt like the world was collapsing around me. I had never in my life felt that level of crushing anxiety, and the fear of the unknown future ahead of me was overwhelming. The best decision I made was calling Rossen Law to represent me, I immediately felt at ease with their calm professionalism, I could tell that my case was nothing new to them. They helped me through the initial phase of reinstating my license, and taking the courses and treatment that was required. I was hoping that they would be able to convince the prosecution to allow me to plea to a reckless driving in which I could clear my record after 6 months of successful probation. I never expected that after a year and a half of gritty, relentless law-fare by my attorney Meritxell, that she would pin the prosecution into DROPPING ALL CHARGES. No one is going to fight harder for you than Rossen Law. I cannot thank Matty enough for being in my corner, and I will not hesitate to call Rossen Law again if I ever need anything.
Santiago Cordero
Review source: Google Santiago Cordero Wednesday, December 7th 2022
Can't speak on this firm or these other attorneys but i can vouch for Meritxell Ros. She will go to bat for you! She handled a trial for me years ago. She was completely ready & won in trial. When you want to go to trial you want to feel confident. To feel confident you want to know that (a) your lawyer genuinely cares, & (b) that your lawyer has done her ground work in preparation for the trial. She was definitely well prepared & i know that she was going to do her best to defend me. Thank you for fighting for me!
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More About Rossen Law Firm

Rossen Law Firm is a South Florida law firm providing criminal defense and DUI defense services for Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and all of South Florida. Our team of award-winning attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience in criminal defense, federal crimes, white-collar crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence cases, and more. We provide free strategy sessions so clients can tell us their story and we can explain their rights and options. Our team works hard to get the best possible outcome in each case and guarantee to turn over every stone possible. We understand that criminal charges can threaten livelihoods and make all future plans uncertain. Our goal is to restore peace to our clients’ lives by protecting their rights and creating a customized strategy for their case.

Rossen Law Firm Frequently Asked Questions

No – we offer free strategy sessions so you can tell us your full story & we can tell you how we'll defend you & your future so you have peace of mind knowing we do everything legally possible to protect you & your future from criminal consequence.