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About Portland Piano Lessons

Portland Piano Lessons is a new name for a business that's been operating in Portland since 2010: Sarah Collins Music. Sarah went straight from teaching preschool at Childswork Learning Center to private piano lessons and brings her expertise in music, child development and performing to every student, every week.

With a focus on personalized instruction and a passion for music, Sarah has taught hundreds of Portland kids and adults how to play the music they love on piano. The pandemic has brought changes to private lessons and Sarah now teaches both Portlanders and folks from all over the country online with the same gentle care, humor and focused attention that she's brought to lessons since 2010.

Services Portland Piano Lessons Offers

One on one piano lessons with tailored curriculum to help students learn the music they know and love! Great for building a strong music foundation. Combination piano and voice lessons teach piano skills, age-appropriate vocal technique and the skills needed to learn to combine the two (to play and sing)! Combination piano and composition lessons teach piano skills and composition basics (writing your own music)! iPad and/or laptop required for these lessons.

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Dave Sanderling
Review source: Google Dave Sanderling Sunday, December 10th 2023
Sarah was our kid's piano teacher from the little years to the high school years. Not only was she a musical inspiration, she also became an invaluable role model and friend to our child. We couldn't recommend Sarah enough!
Tally Armbruster
Review source: Google Tally Armbruster Thursday, November 2nd 2023
Sarah was my daughter’s piano teacher starting in Kindergarten up to the week before she left for College. She has been an amazingly positive influence in her life, helping to foster a love of music and encourage the confidence to perform and explore.

Sarah has the ability to engage with kids and teens with authenticity and humor. When we switched to online classes she brought just as much energy and inspiration to each lesson as in-person lessons.

I am so thankful for all that Sarah has done for our family. She’s the best!
Andrew Nicolai
Review source: Google Andrew Nicolai Tuesday, September 26th 2023
Sarah Collins is THE BEST music teacher ever!!! I've taken weekly piano lessons with Sarah for 2 years, and now both of my kids see her for piano lessons as well. Sarah is an amazing teacher and such an enjoyable person to learn from. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to learn piano.
Mary McVein
Review source: Google Mary McVein Thursday, September 14th 2023
Sarah is exceptional. Her teaching methods are innovative, weaving together each lesson with patience, love, kindness, and joyful laughter. With a remarkable ability to tune in to her students, she guides them on their musical journey, tailoring her approach to their unique interests and needs.

Our child recently "graduated" from piano lessons, a journey that began at the age of 9 and continued until they were nearly 17. It was a bittersweet decision to say goodbye to Sarah, yet it feels like she became a part of our family. She served as a valuable adult role model in our child's life, instilling not just a passion for music but also equipping them with the skills necessary for a lifelong musical adventure. For us, Sarah's impact extends beyond the realm of music education, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.
Timmy Dunegan
Review source: Google Timmy Dunegan Friday, August 18th 2023
Sarah is a truly amazing teacher. My 6 year old has attended both her in person piano lessons and her online piano lessons. Somehow, Sarah is able to teach her online lessons just as expertly as her in person lessons. My daughter has absolutely loved all of her lessons. Sarah is such a natural teacher of children. It has been so impressive to see my child respond and learn to all of Sarah's wonderful teaching.
Review source: Google Alice Friday, November 18th 2022
Sarah welcomed my 5 and 6yos into her studio despite their young age, and my kids immediately took to her style of teaching. She kept the lesson light and fun. Can’t wait until our next lesson!
Jen Becker
Review source: Google Jen Becker Friday, June 4th 2021
Sarah has been teaching my son piano for several years now and I have nothing but good things to say about her. She engages with her students on a very real and accessible level and respects them for who they are and where they are. Often the music my son learns is student lead and based on his interest in a certain piece of music (or movie or video game). The fun pieces are in addition to a great curriculum of theory, composition, scales, and more. This keeps him engaged and motivated. Sarah's communication with both my son and my family is fantastic. I highly recommend Sarah!
Julia Jordan
Review source: Google Julia Jordan Wednesday, June 2nd 2021
My two children have been taking piano lessons with Sarah for many years. Sarah is an amazing teacher and really cares about her students and gets to know them as people. She has so many tricks up her sleeve to keep kids engaged and interested in learning. We are so glad we were able to pivot to online lessons during COVID and are still going strong.
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More About Portland Piano Lessons

My teaching philosophy is rooted in my extensive experience in both early childhood education and musical performance. I value skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. I believe in the importance of honoring and developing a player's individual music and style preferences as well as exposing them to music from all over the world. The overall intent of my teaching is to guide students toward music as a means of expression and to teach students fundamental learning strategies. I find that when we keep things fun and expressive and equip people with effective strategies, students have the momentum and skills to learn everything they want to know.

Portland Piano Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

I've been teaching music for 20 years as of 2024. It started with one voice student in Austin, TX in 2004 and has included voice lessons, piano lessons, composition lessons, guitar lessons, music theory lessons, songwriting lessons and a full preschool classroom for a few years!
I teach online. I had planned to return to in person lessons but the online format has ended up being more effective. My students - even the 4-5 year olds - are learning almost twice as much material per lesson these days and retention tends to be exponentially better.
I encourage my students to practice for repetitions rather than for time. In other words: play each of your assignments three times during each practice session rather than comitting to playing for 15 minutes. You can also divide your practice time up and do it throughout the day!