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Pet-friendly Chicago apartments in the best locations along Chicago's lakefront. All commuter-friendly to Downtown with no security deposit required.

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806 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60657
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Jonathan Alvarez
Review source: Google Jonathan Alvarez Wednesday, November 29th 2023
We scheduled a meeting with an agent to check out an apartment and they did not show up. We tried following up via text and heard nothing. I would not recommend trying to schedule anything without expecting to be left out in the cold.
Review source: Google J P Sunday, October 29th 2023
I recently moved to 450 W Melrose in June and initially had a great experience. The unit is fully renovated with great views. Our leasing agent as well as Iovan & Marta have all been very nice and helpful with our move-in process.

That being said, after 5 months living here, I am already eager to get out of here. The bathroom ventilation system is built on a shared line as I can constantly smell cigarette smoke coming from my bathroom. This suggests some of the other tenants may be smoking inside of their apartments causing the smell to seep out of the ceiling vents within the bathrooms of neighboring tenants. This has become more common as the weather gets colder and people are getting lazier at stepping outside for a cigarette.

There are two elevators which are constantly malfunctioning or being closed for maintenance. The building is rather old and if you live on the top floor, the windows often leak during heavy rain. They did send in a contractor to come and scrape the wet drywall off but noone ever came back to fix the actual leak.

Overall this is honestly a good starter apartment for young college kids or those who are new to Chicago. The only great thing about this place is the location. East Lakeview is a very safe, clean, and vibrant area with plenty to do. However, unless you are desperate for a place to live, I suggest you look for a different apartment management company as PPM Management seems to be very hands-off and impersonal. Unless an issue breaches their lease agreement or you skip rent, they will completely ignore any concerns you have. Either because they are too busy or can't be bothered with what they consider small issues.
Alberto Fabian
Review source: Google Alberto Fabian Monday, October 9th 2023
Company has failed to address or even follow up on repeated calls and emails about faulty elevators in our high-rise building. Not even any communication when they are both broken. Would not recommend.
Review source: Google M R Saturday, October 7th 2023
M R opted not to leave a text review of Planned Property Management
Tiffany Love
Review source: Google Tiffany Love Wednesday, September 20th 2023
I call to ask about apartment rentals. What I was looking for , what was in my price range , not stating how much I have in income… the lady was so rude and basically hung up in my face… so unprofessional please do better cause from the looks of y’all ratings tells me all I needed to know .
Nana qwequ
Review source: Google Nana qwequ Monday, September 4th 2023
By far the most terrible experience I have had since I started renting. I was moving to Chicago so I went online to find an apartment. I knew little about Chicago then so on the top of my list was a quiet neighborhood and parking. Bob of PPM reached out to me. The process was pretty smooth. He was so helpful. I came over to check out the apartment at 537 W Melrose Street. When I visited they were laying the floors and I was told by move in date the property would have been updated. It had an old kitchen, an old bathroom etc

I moved into the most dirtiest apartment I have ever seen. The only update was the floor. Kitchen was still old with rat poop in cabinets that were falling apart. Oven looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for a year, Fridge was an eyesore, the bathroom was dirty, toilet seat was awfully old and dirty, windows hadn’t been touched either. Doors of every single locker in the apartment was falling apart. It was wild. I made a complaint to the office, Ioneta, she didn’t even seem to care, all she kept saying was that I could just overlook some of those issues. In the end they offered to give me a credit of i think $700.

But, the main reason I stayed was the property manager Val, he had assured me he was going to fix things for me and he really did his best. Some of the things he always said had to come from the office but he always let me know how terrible they were and removed from reality.

The first week of being there my couch got stolen. I couldn’t get it into the elevator so I left it in the lobby. When I complained they told me they couldn’t look at their cctv because it doesn’t store any data.

Because the unit hadn’t been updated in a long time I encountered problems pretty much every week and I will let Val and the office know. But, instead of trying to fix the issue they told Val I was troublesome. To which Val told them I wasn’t. I was paying almost $1,900 including parking but I couldn’t even complain.

My room was unthinkably cold all the time during winter, I complained but nothing changed. So when it got so cold this year I threatened to get extra portable heaters at their expense. Val came over and realized that one of my windows was short, so the only solution was either to seal it or change it. The next day Ben came around and claimed that the reason why my room was cold was because my curtains was almost covering the radiator smh. I said nothing. Then he let the maintenance guys come in. The first thing the maintenance guys said when they got into my room was “your room is so cold”. I said yeah. They went to check the windows and realized what Val had said, one of the windows was short. So no amount of heating could save me. They said the owner wouldn’t change it so the only solution was to seal it which they did. Funny. The maintenance guys were surprised I had an old kitchen for what I was paying.

Then there was an issue with parking, that was basic common sense but again, I had to someway somehow always go back and forth with them. Sometimes I felt I was engaging with kids to be frank.

Now, the pettiest thing they did was when I sent them an email that I wasn’t renewing my lease. I sent the email at 10am, around 3pm the same day they sent me an email saying they were not going to renew my lease and I couldn’t Transfer to any of their properties too. That was very petty and funny because aside the email I had already said in a survey I wasn’t going to renew my lease. As if that was not enough, they sent a mail in the post. So childish.

So I moved when my lease expired. I got a new place that was $500 cheaper but quieter, more spacious, updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, updated bathroom, authentic hardwood floors, lots of storage, lots of free parking and it was just 10mins away. I have been angry with myself that I lived there for two years wasting my hard earned money.

Anyway. If you are looking to rent, look elsewhere.
Michael Warmus
Review source: Google Michael Warmus Saturday, September 2nd 2023
I was looking for a place in Lincoln Park had limited time on the weekend to tour. With only expecting to see one apartment, Izabella went above and beyond and showed me multiple excellent places and made my decision so much easier. You may not ever meet a nicer human either. 100% recommend Izabella and Planned Property Management every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Thank you so much Izabella you made my day and you are truly amazing at what you do!


-Mike Warmus
Adenike Doja
Review source: Google Adenike Doja Wednesday, August 23rd 2023
The person I spoke to was impolite
Joyce anderson
Review source: Google Joyce anderson Friday, August 11th 2023
I would like to share that the property manager Dajana Kaleb at 100 W Chestnut Apartments is very kind, humble and very helpful, professional and always willing to listen and offer assistance. I been living at this property for 40 years and since Dajana has been here she has treated me with the upmost respect if you want to live in an environment where you are comfortable and treated fair well this is the place to be
Dan Shapland
Review source: Google Dan Shapland Wednesday, August 9th 2023
Building is in a great location, quiet but very close to a lot of restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and only a 10 minute train ride to downtown area. Building staff is very nice and very responsive to resident needs.
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Owners of apartment buildings with properties in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and Lakeview areas of Chicago.