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About Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique

Mirror Mirror is a one-of-a-kind Beauty Boutique, located in the heart of Houston. The unique, state-of-the-art facility offers a variety of noninvasive services for both women and men.

The sleek modern office is situated between Greenway Plaza and Highland Village. Inside, patients will find a wide selection of physician grade skin care products from Skin Medica, luxurious private rooms for injectables and treatments, and even a photo booth to record before and after images.

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4208 Richmond Ave Suite 100, Houston, TX 77027
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Services Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique Offers

Botox Cosmetic, Fraxel, CoolSculpting, Ulthera, Chemical Peels

3.0 Out of 5.0

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sheri R
Review source: Google sheri R Thursday, September 16th 2021
Terrible experience! I only give it a star because of the aesthetician was very nice, otherwise would not even deserve that. The staff downstairs were courteous and that's about it. The short assistant, Natalia was rude, unprofessional and scattered. I found it odd and tacky that she asked for payment prior to the procedure being done. When I just had another service done downstairs and was not asked to pay until after it was completed.
I was left in the room for a good hour, while she was yapping away without a care or curtesy to check on me even once or at least give me an update. Eventually I had to get up and peek out the door to see if they know I'm still waiting in the room.
Finally when the doctor came, it all was just a huge rush. I was not asked even once how I wanted the outcome to look. He did not seem interested at all to even ask what I wanted. Very impersonal, unpleasant and unwelcoming. Very disappointed with the result. Will not waste my time or money going back to this place again!
Sadie Hodges
Review source: Google Sadie Hodges Sunday, August 22nd 2021
I had such an amazing experience, such a lovely staff. Marty was my injector she is AMAZING!!! I Will definitely be back soon.
Paris Royale
Review source: Google Paris Royale Tuesday, July 27th 2021
This company is crazy expensive and charges fees incorrectly.
Jen Morales
Review source: Google Jen Morales Thursday, July 8th 2021
Very thorough. Sharon listened to my concerns and came up with a treatment plan. i am pleased with the results. Sharon is the best! Look forward to more treatments in the future to keep my face youthful.
Jennifer Velasquez
Review source: Google Jennifer Velasquez Wednesday, June 23rd 2021
My experience was great, the locations is very clean and has a modern touch to it. My injector was Marty she did a great job, with my fillers. She was great at explaining the process and making conversation with me and she made sure I was content with my results. Thank you Marty!
Raquel Morgan-Hobbs
Review source: Google Raquel Morgan-Hobbs Saturday, June 12th 2021
I had an awesome experience with Sarika! I went in for the Skinpen treatment at this location for the first time and I was very pleased with her service! She didn't rush through the session at all, she was very patient and took her time, which is what I was looking for. This is the reason why I'm definitely coming back to her. Also, I forgot the man's name at the front office, but he was very sweet. Thank you Mirror Mirror!
Mssm Mssm
Review source: Google Mssm Mssm Monday, May 31st 2021
Being new to the Houston area, I had been on the hunt for an injector for Botox (and eventually down the road, fillers). After searching and researching high and low, I ran across Mirror Mirror. Mirror Mirror seemed to have good reviews and especially for nurse injector Emily. I decided to give Mirror Mirror a try and scheduled an appointment with Emily... The front staff was friendly and I was greeted and taken back by Emily pretty quickly. Emily was super nice, she listened to my needs and offered some great input (which we went with). After we came to an agreement of where she was going to inject the Botox, she left the room and came back with a tray with syringes filled with (presumably Botox). This should have been a red flag. I have never been to a place for injections where the nurse injector didn't fill the syringes in front of me. The second was when she started injecting my face. It was so quick and rushed, but more importantly, careless. There was no care, time or effort put into the injection process. As soon as she injected on little spot she was roughly jabbing into another little spot where she had marked on my face with no pause... My face was left with little bruises at the injection site. Yes, I get that is normal, however, in the 10 years I've been getting Botox injections (and even filler injections) had I ever had so many little bruises on my face. Again, they were small, but overly excessive. After I drove back home and the Botox settled days later, the right corner of my eye would not shut completely, resulting in severe dry eye for the past almost 4 months. Instead of having a nice subtle brow lift, the top of my eyebrows were left feeling like someone or something was pressing down on them making them feel very heavy and frowny. My 11 expression lines were still very noticeable like they had hardly been addressed. The small injections at the top of my forehead never resulted in any lift or smoothing. Awful! Worst $500 plus I have ever spent. This was all almost 4 months ago and I recently received an email to go back in. Needless to say, I will not be going back in and I will not recommend Mirror Mirror to anyone I know. Also, they make you pay BEFORE you get injected. Excuse me? I have never experienced that in my 10 years of getting injected. Ever. It's in such poor taste for a business like this one to do that.
elizabeth ozaine
Review source: Google elizabeth ozaine Friday, May 28th 2021
The service is so bad now that Emily is gone. My appointment was at 10:20AM in which I arrived 10 minutes earlier. I waited while other clients came in and were treated. At 10:50AM I was not even told that the person was running late (although I saw her come and take other clients - which was probably my appointment). Very poor communication, lack of respect, and I wasted my time. May I add I have been coming here for years, but NEVER again.
Review source: Google Lea "Cupcake" Tayac Monday, May 10th 2021
Lea "Cupcake" Tayac opted not to leave a text review of Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique
Kiran K
Review source: Google Kiran K Thursday, April 29th 2021
Mirror Mirror provides chemical peels and microdermabrasion. I had a face that looked like a beehive attacked it and Sarika fixed it with alternating between these two every so often. Changed my skin and changed my life because I had a lot of confident issues due to it.

She also did a lot of my laser hair removal procedures (I got full body eventually along the way). I would highly recommend laser if you hate hair and can afford it- worth the wait and money. The aestheticians personalize the settings and adjust it according to your skin type. Just imagine having to spend less than a minute or two every few months in the shower shaving for the whole body. I had stubborn and course hair before and now I barely have anything and its so convenient! I kind of stopped shaving- I still have a few strands here and there but that doesn't really matter.

I would extremely highly recommend Sarika if you need skin care treatment. It takes time but worth the wait- skin treatments need to be delicate and done professionally especially dealing with chemicals, lasers, etc. She analyzes your skin and she just knows what she's doing,
you're in good hands you just need to be patient if you want good skin but that will also be safe. For reference, I am Indian (Asian) so I have a bit darker skin tone and my skin is the type that needs to be handled very carefully- as was. If you have skin issues like acne or scars, etc. just do it lol, doesn't matter what skin type you have, you won't regret it if done by someone who knows their stuff.

Also if she recommends any products, consider them. I used to be hesitant at first due to the price range but she would recommend stuff that would actually work and is good for your skin. For example- I avoided buying a sunscreen she recommended in the beginning because it was pricey and used other drug store sunscreens and disliked them but they were cheap- I eventually ended up trying the recommended sunscreen and then after a while it ended up becoming the thing that worked really good for my skin and I constantly buy it til date. My point is- she knows her stuff and your skin so I would at least highly consider it . Have been using her recommended products since. Skin care is expensive and it sucks but you just have to see if spending it is worth it for you because it is for me.

Update: added photos. 2 before 1 after. The other side of my "after" face is also just as great lol.
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More About Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique

As Houston's premier Beauty Boutique, Mirror Mirror understands that aesthetic treatments can do more than rejuvenate the skin; they have the ability to restore the spirit.

To accomplish this goal for every patient, Mirror Mirror is dedicated to offering the best of aesthetic services, treatments, and noninvasive procedures. We also provide an exclusive collection of the finest, physician-grade skin care products.