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Our Dental Office specializes in General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic - Veneers, Whitening, Oral Cancer Screening, and Dental Implants. Our Dental Office serves Broomfield, Lafayette, Westminster, Arvada, Superior and surrounding areas.

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925 Main St Suite B, Broomfield, CO 80020
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General and Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Dental Implants, Oral Cancer Screening, Dentures, Dental Hygiene, Whitening, Veneers.

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barrywidefoot Wednesday, July 14th 2021
My Family trusts only McBride Family Dental for our pearly white teeth. My kids are unlike the other kids from school who are afraid to go to the dentist. They are eager to see their dentist every six months to have their teeth checked and cleaned. Dr. McBride makes sure that the children are comfortable whenever he sees them at his office. Thank you Dr. McBride for keeping our teeth clean and Healthy.
richard surfert
richard surfert Wednesday, July 14th 2021
Dr. McBride's careful and gentle hands has helped ease the pain I am suffering from my impacted wisdom tooth. Extracting this tooth requires surgery and I am glad I entrusted this operation to Dr. McBride's Family Dental Clinic. The staff there where wonderfull and assured me that everything would go smoothly and next thing I know the pain I am feeling from my wisdom tooth had gone away. Dr. Mcbride has done a terrific job for my teeth.
kurtantonino Wednesday, July 14th 2021
I have tried many teeth cleaning and whitening procedures for my teeth, but nothing comes close to the warm and cheerful staff of McBride's Family Dental Clinic. I feel like a king every time I come to their dental office and I am well served. Dr. McBride is very professional and attends to each patient personally and assures everything will be fine. The usual fears of going to the dentists are now gone becuase of their professional staff and good looking office.
adamvannoorde Wednesday, July 14th 2021
My teeth are sensitive certain foods and I also have been sensitive to different dentists until I found the good doctor McBride. He has helped my cope with my sensitive teeth and made me get back my confidence and a healthy smile. I recommend Dr. Mcribe to anyone who has teeth problems and concern. He has a wonderful clinic and a professional staff staff ready to assist anyone with their tooth problems.
silvasnalley Wednesday, July 14th 2021
I seeked the professional help of Dr. McBride to help me get a flawless smile. I regularly come to his dentist's office for cleanup, whitening and checkup. Having a beautiful smile boosts my overall morale and confidence. Nothing beats the caring and professional hands of this good dentist.
ramit sulivanni
ramit sulivanni Wednesday, July 14th 2021
Dr. McBride has showed me the way to a happier and more healthier smile. I have visited his dental clinic and I was greeted by his courteous staff. My teeth went under major renovation. It was cleaned, tooth fillings were done and braces were installed to make their allignment better, after 6 months of check ups the braces were removed and I can say that my teeth are sparkling white and is full of glowing radiance. My smile has brought me closer to social life and my confidence grew all thanks to McBride's Family Dental Clinic.
crizxusnavea Wednesday, July 14th 2021
My Family's Dental needs is catered by Dr. McBride's Family Dental Clinic. His careful hands are very good for our children for they do not fear the dentist as they used to. Our family teeth has never been so healthy as before. We often come here to get our teeth cleaned and checked and their staff are very courteous and are willing to tend to all of our family's needs. I recommend this family friendly clinic.
McBride Family Dental
McBride Family Dental Wednesday, July 14th 2021
Having a good clean teeth is not enough. You also need to have your teeth properly aligned, sparkling pearly whites and healthy gums. All of these are possible thru the help of a good dentist. And one good dentist I have found is Dr. McBride. His dental clinic has brought me a radiant smile that almost everyone I come in contact with notices. My healthy teeth and gums are possible thru the regular check ups and visits to the good doctor's clinic. McBride Family Dental Clinic has brouth my youthful smile back.
suzzirowley Wednesday, July 14th 2021
As time goes by and I see myself ;age my teeth lack the regular calcium needed to be strong and healthy. Good thing I found a dentist that I am comfortable with. McBride Family dental clinic provided with me the right nourishment and care that my teeth needs. I learned that it is never too late to visit the dentist and lucky for my teeth's deterioration slowed down. Dr.Mcrbide showed me the way to a happier and healthier smile.
adrianneparcellga Wednesday, July 14th 2021
Gone are the days that I see my dad wearing dentures and he always cleans them with his tootbrush by hand. I went to Dr. McBride to have my teeth examined and performed restorative dental surgery on my teeth. Now I can smile confidently because my missing teeth have been filled out with cosmetic ones and my confidence grew back. I love to see my self every morning smiling at the mirror knowing that McBride Family Dental Clinic has done a wonderful job.
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