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At Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, we have spent nearly three decades representing the rights of the injured and the wronged in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico.

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1801 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104
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At Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, we provide experienced legal representation for those who have been wrongfully injured or harmed by the negligent or wrongful conduct of another. We specialize in a variety of personal injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death claims, civil rights violations, injuries to children, legal malpractice claims, and motor vehicle/trucking accidents. We provide our clients with compassionate and personalized representation and approach each case with the care and dedication it deserves. We also offer free consultations and do not collect any legal fees unless we recover compensation for you.

  • Personal Injury Attorney
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Reyes Gonzales
Review source: Google Reyes Gonzales Friday, April 28th 2023
Julio and David treated me well during a difficult time, which is thankfully over. Overall, if I could describe my experience here in one word it would be “comfortable.” You have to have trust in a law firm, and I certainly did here. Thank you, I would recommend to someone in my similar situation.
Jacob Burrell
Review source: Google Jacob Burrell Sunday, March 5th 2023
Jacob Burrell opted not to leave a text review of Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero
Review source: Google S R Wednesday, February 15th 2023
There is just no way I would have made it through 2022 without Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero/Oso Law Firm - this is simply an INCREDIBLE group of lawyers. I was in a traumatic car accident while visiting a friend in Albuquerque, and experienced challenges with being able to walk, alongside trauma symptoms that continued for months afterward. The issues involved in the case were quite complicated and would have been impossible to navigate on my own, as I had to return to another state, where I live. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been referred to this firm by a family friend who lives locally. Not only was my legal team relentless and thorough in terms of how they dealt with my case, but they were able to provide me with emotional support and space to heal while I was going through PTSD after the accident (I also have other forms of trauma that were triggered as well). I didn't have to worry about a single detail of this case, and I completely trusted them to look at every aspect of the legal issues, in order to pursue the most effective action. Dealing with all of the parties in this case was not easy, but they didn't allow me to feel any of the pressure they might have been experiencing, and at the same time, they consulted with me every step of the way - the process felt so collaborative. Larissa Lozano in particular is simply a phenomenal human being - she is the kind of lawyer who is in the field because she believes in helping people through their toughest times. Through almost 10 months of working on this case, she was incredibly warm, compassionate, and understanding - and I still haven't met her or anyone on the team face-to-face, which is incredible to me! There were things she did to help me that were practically MacGuyver-esque and simply above and beyond what any lawyer would be expected do - and that my own loved ones probably wouldn't have done. I learned through the course of working with Larissa that she is especially committed to working with those who have experienced sexual assault, which made me cherish her even more. As a social worker myself, I see that Larissa not only has legal expertise, but is also trauma-informed in how she works with her clients. I felt so safe and comfortable talking with her (it took a couple months to stop crying every time we talked), and especially for those who have experienced personal injuries that are far more traumatic than what I went through, she has a deep sensitivity to the needs of clients who are surviving difficult times. Larissa is a gem! She is also an incredibly detail-oriented, ethical and rigorous lawyer. The legal documents she and the team produced were remarkable, brilliantly written and showed a detailed understanding of case law, along with thorough research and framing of issues. She was also amazing at negotiating with insurance companies. Larissa was willing to take on my case, and it was the greatest blessing I had after the accident. I am forever grateful to her. I also had the chance to work with Julio Romero, who advised on the case, and Deney Perkins, who provided support with all of the legal documents - they were both fantastic! The communication between everyone on the team was seamless and easy, and they were always accessible for any questions I had (which were many, and I imagine, often granular and probably annoying :-) ). I was very lucky to be able to work with Larissa, Julio and Deney, and I simply can't repay Oso Law Firm for everything they did for me. I would recommend them to ANYONE who has suffered from a personal injury and needs someone on their side.
Victor Baca
Review source: Google Victor Baca Wednesday, January 4th 2023
Victor Baca opted not to leave a text review of Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero
Mary Chavez
Review source: Google Mary Chavez Tuesday, August 23rd 2022
While dealing with a very stressful slip and fall injury at a large corporation, I found the Oso Law Firm. I have never been treated with such respect and compassion by a law firm as I was with this law firm. Mr. Romero is not only intellectual and knowledgeable, he's the most compassionate and caring human being I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I will always be grateful to God for allowing me to have the pleasure of meeting such wonderful people as Mr. Romero...if you need a good Attorney, this will be the place to go. You'll be treated with the utmost respect and honesty that you can ever ask for...

I must add to this review, I cannot say enough about this law firm, and MR. many attorneys will take time out of their one day off to spend with their client to explain in great depth what is happening with their case? MR. ROMERO, did, he took the time to meet at a local park to get our elderly family member out of the facility he is stuck in due to his accident, to just enjoy some sunshine. As well as have a bbq. He explained to the entire family, the ends and outs of our case and just showed the most compassion I've ever experienced from an attorney. Not only knowledgeable but compassionate, OSO LAW FIRM gives a new meaning to law...
Just like like their name, they remind me of a momma bear protecting her young....
I would and have recommended this firm to friends and family because I know they will be treated with the upmost professionalism in the industry out there...keep up the great work Mr. Romero your doing a remarkable job!
Like I said before a New meaning to law!!!
Compassion is number one here!!!
Vanessa Romero
Review source: Google Vanessa Romero Friday, July 29th 2022
David Martinez has helped my family so much. He is very humble and honest, down to earth, compassionate man.
Review source: Google CHRISTOPHER CANDELARIA Monday, March 7th 2022
I can't seem to say enough about the people at this law firm. I was treated with the greatest experience ever. My case wasn't a very large case, but, non the less I was treated with the upmost respect and treatment of a huge case. Julio is someone who will go above and beyond to get you the most out of your case that he can obtain. Not only generous, respectful but, honest. If you need an attorney who is honest, heartfelt, respectful Mr. Romero is your man.
Evelin Mesta
Review source: Google Evelin Mesta Wednesday, February 2nd 2022
Best lawfirm ever. They helped me when no one else would and they are truly there to help you. Everyone looks out for you and they really do have your best interest at heart. So glad I was able to meet everyone there.
Teresa Grannemann
Review source: Google Teresa Grannemann Wednesday, January 19th 2022
Julio Romero was recommended to me by another attorney who was unable to represent me due to a conflict of interest. Julio was extremely professional and nice, as were the staff I met. When the other parties could not hear me on zoom during the deposition, he even had me sit at his office desk for the duration of the deposition. I was very happy with Julio's legal services and would highly recommend him.
karen brown
Review source: Google karen brown Sunday, May 23rd 2021
If you have been in an accident that was not your fault, do not hesitate; call an attorney immediately. I waited because I've never been litigious and thought I could handle dealing with the insurance on my own. Wrong! After much misery dealing with the insurance agent, a friend who had been in an accident set me straight and said go home now and call an attorney. I did, asking the advise of my estate attorney who sent me to Martinez, Hart, Thompson & Sanchez.
It was sanity saving advice after the insurance co. had sent me from agent to agent, didn't listen, and I never knew what they were covering re medical expenses, even interfering with my medicare payments. Exhausting.
Once I signed up with this fine firm, I never had to deal with such ridiculous manipulation. They created a medical account which paid my medical expenses and dealt with everything regarding the insurance agents freeing me from a great deal of anxiety.
It was a long process before any final settlement but well worth the wait.
Many firms advertise on TV (names I won't mention) though I urge you to seek a reliable firm who is warm and sympathetic, knows how the insurance companies think and work and how the judge views these cases in the mediation process. Sounds daunting though it is not which is why you need excellent respectable legal counsel.
I am not an agent of this firm, though I would send my best friend--hey, even my mother. Thats how much I trust them.
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More About Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero

Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero is an Albuquerque-based law firm that has served the people of New Mexico for nearly 30 years. Our experienced attorneys are passionate about helping those who have been harmed by the negligent or wrongful conduct of another and are dedicated to restoring our clients’ sense of well-being through high quality legal services. We handle all types of personal injury cases, including those involving serious motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries, and criminal acts. Our bilingual staff can assist you in English or Spanish, and we do not collect any legal fees unless we recover compensation for you. We also specialize in civil rights violations, wrongful death cases, injuries to children, legal malpractice claims, and motor vehicle/trucking accidents.

Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero Frequently Asked Questions

At Martinez Hart Sanchez & Romero we handle all types of personal injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death claims civil rights violations, injuries to children legal malpractice claims and motor vehicle/trucking accidents.
Martinez Hart Sanchez & Romero has been serving the people of New Mexico for nearly 30 years.
What sets us apart from other firms is our commitment to providing experienced legal representation to those who have been wrongfully injured or harmed by the negligent or wrongful conduct of another as well as our dedication to restoring our clients’ sense of well-being through high quality legal services. We also offer free consultations and do not collect any legal fees unless we recover compensation for you.