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Welcome to Mark Schusterman, MD, FACS, your trusted destination for body lift plastic surgery in Houston. As a highly experienced double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Schusterman offers a range of procedures, including tummy tucks, breast augmentation and revision, mommy makeovers, and more. With over 20 years of experience and a commitment to providing personalized care, Dr. Schusterman aims to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and enhance your confidence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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3355 W Alabama St Suite 450, Houston, TX 77098
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Services Mark Schusterman, MD, FACS Offers

We offer a wide range of plastic surgery procedures and services to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Our services include body lift plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks and mommy makeovers, breast augmentation and revision surgeries for enhancing breast size and shape, as well as facial rejuvenation procedures like facelifts and brow lifts. We also provide non-surgical treatments like Botox, Juvederm, and laser skin resurfacing for those seeking non-invasive options. Our team is dedicated to delivering natural-looking results and providing personalized care to each patient. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.

  • Body Lift Plastic Surgery (Tummy Tuck
  • Breast Augmentation & Revision
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)
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LEAnn Rawls
Review source: Google LEAnn Rawls Thursday, November 9th 2023
I've hesitated to leave this review, but feel it may help someone else. I was recommended to Dr. Schusterman's predecessor but he was no longer practicing. I went in for a consultation for a mommy makeover (breast reduction and tummy tuck). I had other consultations but none could do both procedures at the same time due to my large breast. I chose Dr. Schusterman because he assured me he could do them in the same procedure. I only wanted to go under the knife once if possible. During my consultation he was very positive, engaging, and concerned. I also wanted to be closer to home rather than traveling long distances even though the local procedure was 3 times the price. Surgery day he entered the room to mark me for surgery and did not say 3 words to me. He was very cold and distant. After my procedure my husband informed me the doctor called him to let him know there was complications. Of course he didn't know how to relay the message. I learned later due to the extended time of my procedure my nipple was loss due to lack of blood flow. Mind you I remained positive and optimistic the whole time praying things would work out. I followed ALL the rules given to have a successful surgery. My mother who is a nurse attended my follow up appointment and was not happy with his lack of communication. He had horrible beside manners! He was no longer the positive person I met in the consultation. It was confirmed during a post op appt when he was again distant and disengaged. He left my room and went next door for a consultation and I could hear him very enthusiatic with the potential client. In addition to my loss nipple I had 2 very large open wounds that were not explained. I still kept a positive attitude hoping it would resolve itself as he suggested. On my 3rd post op visit I had to inquire about the fajas that I had paid for upfront. Up until then I was still only using the hospital wrap. It just seemed no one knew what was going on. After several appts the nipple was not recovering, he suggested tattooing. That was a failure that I had to cover financially. He provided no guidance or reassurance that things would be okay. I purchased the scar treatment from his office. I did everything they told me to do so that I could have the best outcome. Here I am 2 years later with horrible scars, one nipple, and a very low self esteem. I understand the risks of surgery but who losses an entire nipple? No empathy for my situation or even a simple excuse for what could have went wrong. I honestly think he took on the case for the revenue and did not consider my satisfaction. He or his office did not give me any suggestions on what could have made it right. The tattoo artist and massage therapist he referred me to were both shocked at his work and lack of empathy for the life long damage he had caused. When I sent an email to him and his office staff I felt retaliated against. I was obviously treated differently during my visits. It is disheartening every time I look at my body. To know I saved up to have this procedure and not be satisfied is devastating ! I received a botched procedure. I want others to know my story so they are better prepared when making this major life changing decision.
Maryellen Walsh
Review source: Google Maryellen Walsh Thursday, October 26th 2023
Dr. Schusterman is amazing. He's kind, thoughtful and is an amazing listener. His RN Shelby is also extremely personable and I trust her and her guidance!! The entire office is friendly and welcomes you with open arms every time you walk through the doors. 10/10!!!!
JoAnn Blackwell
Review source: Google JoAnn Blackwell Saturday, July 1st 2023
I just completed a breast augmentation and upper arm brachioplasty. My results and recovery have been amazing. I was concerned about the breasts being too large. My career and lifestyle revolve around tennis and being very active. Dr. Schusterman really listened and was able to make them look amazing and very natural. He also made my sagging underarms look thin and tight. The scaring is very minimal and well worth the money. The entire look has changed my total upper body appearance. The whole process from a wonderful staff and surgical center to the recovery and finally the scar treatments has made the value of plastic surgery unmeasurable and well worth the short time needed to change your life.
Linda Dodson
Review source: Google Linda Dodson Tuesday, June 13th 2023
Linda Dodson opted not to leave a text review of Mark Schusterman, MD, FACS
Tammy Whalen
Review source: Google Tammy Whalen Saturday, June 3rd 2023
Very professional Doctor and staff. I had a breast implant replacement for a fuller size and shape. Dr Schusterman gave me exactly what I asked for and very satisfied with the results. I had zero pain due to being a replacement and I was so happy I chose him and his staff!
Diva Couture Fashions, Inc
Review source: Google Diva Couture Fashions, Inc Wednesday, April 26th 2023
It too me a while to write this review, Dr Schusterman seems to be nice but I do not think he listens to your request very well and will say one thing and forgets on your next visit. It could be me but I do not think this is the place for black girls; I found this doctor on google after deciding to cancel my surgery in Miami and stay in Houston, I had a 360 lipo and a breast augmentation done, I initially paid around 14 plus to 18 thousand dollars for both (way more than I would in Miami); after my surgery i was very unhappy with my lipo, I legit looked the same, he said give it time, I did all my lymphatic massages and started as early as day 3, compressed compressed compressed, started working out when I could and even changed my diet; i was depressed that I paid money to look the same and as if that wasn't bad that I knew it within myself someone made fun of it that I had botched surgery (My belly looked like I had 2 stomachs). I complained about it enough until he agreed to lipo the areas I had a problem with because he agreed some areas on my stomach was not touched, also one of breast did not drop although I did the massages as instructed (here we thought I had capsular contracture which is common after a breast augmentation). The decision was made to lipo the areas of the abdomen that needed to be (because really my waist looked uneven and it still does) the lipo being at no cost since it was not my fault but still had to pay like 1800 dollars for the "office supplies" and an additional 500 for my implant to be moved since it was gonna be in the office while I am awake under only local anesthesia. I didn't think I should pay anything after paying 16000 dollars already and being unhappy with results which was not my fault. All in all my surgery cost me around 18000 in the end. When he moved the implant it turns out that i did not have capsular contracture but my implant capsule pocket needed to be lower (not my body's fault now, this was the MD's fault) but I still had to pay even though it was not my body's fault, it would've been if it was what they initially thought it was. During the 2nd lipo in the office I was awake and that was very quick it was an area on my abdomen that I didn't feel him touch and although I asked him he didn't and he just walked right on out after he touched where he wanted to and not the all the area I had a problem with. I looked the same, still depressed, still going for lymphatic massages, still wearing my compression garments and Abd board. The only time I would look halfway decent up until this day over a year later from original and 6 months after revisit lipo; so I am still unhappy with my result and i am still wearing Abd board and compression because that is the only time my belly and waist look like anything and that last for about an hour. My belly literally looks the same as before I did a lipo. I just went on vacation with one of my longtime friends and she was like girl your belly looks just the same size as when we went to Puerto Rico back in Feb. 2020, that made me even more depressed. I still have no confidence in wear certain clothes because i still cannot over 18000 dollars later. That vaser lipo was also suppose to help tighten my abdomen but it did not, also the RN Shelby was not very nice to me, she seemed nicer to the other patients of different demographics so I do not not know if it was me or my race. I am very unhappy and depressed that my belly looks the same. Not the place for black girls, there i got this off my chest.
Review source: Google Selena Thursday, February 23rd 2023
Dr. Schusterman does amazing work! His team made sure I felt very comfortable going into my surgery and throughout the after care. I truly love the results of my procedure. I finally feel like myself again.
Julie Sanchez
Review source: Google Julie Sanchez Wednesday, February 22nd 2023
Dr Schusterman was extremely professional and kind as well as his entire staff. The surgery facility was also amazing and easy to get in and out of. The follow up appointments were also a breeze!
Cammy Lee
Review source: Google Cammy Lee Thursday, December 29th 2022
My mommy makeover has been life changing and WOW WOW WOW the work Dr. Schusterman did is so natural and beautiful. I love my results and he is such a kind, patient and professional surgeon...he took incredible care of me before, during and after the surgery. I also received vaginally rejuvenation treatments from Shelby for incontinence issues after having 5 kids, and not only has the treatment helped SO much but Shelby made me feel so comfortable and she was so professional and easy to talk to during the three procedures. The staff in general is top top notch over there. I appreciate all they do!!
Ericka Martinez-Hatch
Review source: Google Ericka Martinez-Hatch Wednesday, October 26th 2022
I couldn’t be any happier with my results. Dr. Schusterman and his staff were wonderful!
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More About Mark Schusterman, MD, FACS

Specializing in body lift plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation and revision, mommy makeovers, and more. Led by Dr. Mark Schusterman, a highly experienced double board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care and delivering natural-looking results. We understand that each patient is unique and we tailor our treatments to meet their specific needs and goals. From the moment you step into our Houston office, you can expect personalized attention and a warm, welcoming environment. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients. Whether you're looking to restore your pre-pregnancy figure or enhance your overall body shape, we have the expertise and skills to help you achieve your desired results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schusterman.

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