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Focusing on maritime and admiralty personal injury claims against cruise lines and other boat owners, our maritime lawyers represent passengers and crew injured on ships worldwide. Representation may be available for passengers and crew injured in accidents, assaults, or by reason of illnesses on cruise ships, tankers, motorboats, personal water craft or many other type of vessels.

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9560 SW 107th Ave Suite 207, Miami, FL 33176
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Services Lipcon, Margulies, & Winkleman, P.A. Offers

Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer
Maritime Lawyer
Cruise Ship Rape Lawyers
Boating Accident Lawyers
Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer
Jones Act Lawyer
Maritime Lawyers
Maritime Attorney
Cruise Ship Sexual Assault Lawyer
Maritime Law Firm
Cruise Accident Law Firm
Cruise Ship Law

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Annette Hake
Review source: Google Annette Hake Thursday, October 26th 2023
I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my lawsuit. Alex Perez was very easy to work with and responsive to any form of contact. I highly recommend him.
Anna Sakharova
Review source: Google Anna Sakharova Wednesday, October 25th 2023
I had a great experience with the law offices of Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. They are true professionals an experienced cruise ship lawyers who understand the nuance of the maritime law. Mr. Mark Weiner listened carefully to the details of my situation, provided guidance and benchmarks, set my expectations and then he over-delivered. I also had a very pleasant experience dealing with Mr. Winkelman and Ms. Paz who facilitated the entire process of my case. Not even once I had a problem getting in touch with Mr. Mark Weiner or anyone of his staff who assisted me with whatever questions I had.
I am very thankful for the top-notch service this firm provided me, and would not hesitate to use them again.
Concerned Citizen
Review source: Google Concerned Citizen Tuesday, October 24th 2023
Put my case to them, they promised to get back to me within the week, they did not. I had to chase them for weeks. Obviously I knew the outcome by them but I did find rather sloppy and unprofessional that they would not give me an answer, specially after they make me spend quite a lot of time documenting everything. Finally, after three more messages and overall a month delay, I got a curt response saying that had no interest in representing me. Shocking.
Bonny Coney
Review source: Google Bonny Coney Tuesday, October 10th 2023
My attorney Eliana Aklepi was so awesome and patient. She communicated and kept me updated about my case the whole time. I never felt the need to call, because she communicated with me very well and kept me in the known as much as possible. She’s so humble and sweet. Thanks again Eliana Aklepi??
Rosalind Canham
Review source: Google Rosalind Canham Wednesday, October 4th 2023
I am so thankful to have found this law office. They set my expectations from the beginning and then far exceeded that amount upon settling my case. Couldn't be happier with the results.
Sweet Peach
Review source: Google Sweet Peach Wednesday, September 27th 2023
Of course I cannot talk specifics but when you get injured at sea it's scary and you don't really know what to do or who to turn to and unfortunately you feel no one cares. In my case, when I got back home unfortunately I took a turn for the worse so when I was well enough I decided to contact someone for advise. Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman took my case and took care of me and my attorney Olivia Thompson who was put in charge of my case took great care of me as well. She could not have been more attentive, caring and helpful. It's a lengthy process and it can get frustrating and you can get angry at times but if you are hurt at sea and you feel it was not your fault due neglect then call Lipcon. They are knowledgeable of maritime injuries. I'm glad that they settled my case for me and if you need good maritime attorneys I recommend them.
Marguerite K
Review source: Google Marguerite K Wednesday, September 20th 2023
I was injured on a cruise ship. To claim a loss I had to have a lawyer with licensing in maritime law. Stephane Black of Lipcon, Marguiles & WINKLEMAN, PA
Miami FL was the perfect match. She knew the law, was very forthright in what she wanted for me as her client and did what she said she would do. She was very respectful of my needs and her demeanor of professionalism was excellent Her legal assistant , Monica Marquez, was always available for questions I needed answered and with such kind heart that she was similar to a therapist who knew law. Thanks Ms Black, Monica and everyone for assisting me through this rough journey in this chapter of my life.
Genger BENSON Perez
Review source: Google Genger BENSON Perez Wednesday, September 20th 2023
When you sustain an injury on the ocean, things can really turn ugly pretty quick. And even though I am not one who ever wanted to sue anyone, in this case I needed to stand up for myself. It took me quite a few calls to different firms before I found a firm willing to support me when I most needed it. But luckily I found my 'cruise ship lawyers' who came to my aid. Mr. Winkleman, Ms. Paz and Mr. Weiner were compassionate, patient and communicated honestly with me through the whole process. They really came through for me and I felt heard and understood. From the moment Mr. Weiner said "this is what we do" till the moment we had our closing statement, they had me covered all the way! Thank you Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. (and Mr. Wiener and Ms. Paz)... I am forever grateful!
Likkle Youth
Review source: Google Likkle Youth Thursday, September 14th 2023
I've found mr. Winkleman's services online. At the beginning of the case he and his staff reassured me that I will be taken care of. I am really satisfied with how the case was handled. Almost all the work was handled by him and his staff and whenever I had a question or update on the case it was always answered in an hour. Very satisfied with the communication and the outcome for my case. Couldn't recommend enough.
Edwin Berrios
Review source: Google Edwin Berrios Friday, August 25th 2023
Once I contacted the firm of Lipcon, Margulies and Winkleman, I was assigned attorney Marc Weiner to handle my case. From the first conference, Mr. Weiner's interest in our case seemed genuine. The case was a difficult one to handle, as the company being sued was located in a foreign country and initially refused to settle . Instead they said we could sue them, but only at that foreign country, which would have made it almost impossible.

Mr. Weiner persevered and was finally able to obtain what I consider a fair settlement. Our thanks to all the staff at the firm, including but not limited to Mr. Weiner, Mr. Winkleman and Ms. Paz in the way they handled my case.

If I ever needed a law firm specializing in cruise ship litigation I would certain use them. Thanks to this firm of cruise ship lawyers.
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Representing Passengers & Crew Injured on Ships since 1971.
* Named as One of America's Best Lawyers
* AV Rated
* SuperLawyers
* Over 80 years combined cruise ship law experience

Currently Representing Cruise Ship Injury and Accident Victims in Maritime Claims Against:
* Carnival Cruise Ships
* Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships
* Celebrity Cruise Ships
* Norwegian Cruise Ships
* Princess Cruise Ships
* Costa Cruise Ships
* Holland America Ships