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About Lincare - Corporate Headquarters

We remain committed to you and your patients during uncertain times. Let us offer our expert customer service and robust clinical staff to ensure you have the support and assistance you need during these times. Managing a chronic illness can be difficult, but Lincare specializes in offering you the services and products you need including 24/7 support and in-home instruction and set-up. From the latest technology in respiratory and oxygen care to our full line of durable medical equipment, our goal is to keep you safe at home and out of the hospital.

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19387 US Highway 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33764
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Services Lincare - Corporate Headquarters Offers

Medical Equipment Supplier

  • Home Health Care
  • Medical Equipment Supplier
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Donna Lester
Donna Lester Wednesday, February 28th 2024
I don't recommend anyone use Lincare Lincare is a very poorly ran and managed business. Lincare does not update their billing records, Lincare has taken unauthorized payments from my bank account. Lincare makes it IMPOSSIBLE to contact them and Lincare has the poorest receptionists I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to. I do not recommend Lincare to anyone
William Lamb
William Lamb Tuesday, February 20th 2024
Charged my credit card even insurance denied payment Lincare is guilty of insurance fraud! Over charged my credit card $16.60. Took 10 months to get a refund of $7.70. Still owed $8.90. Complained to PA Attorney General for action. Should be a negative 10 stars.
Mark Knotts
Mark Knotts Wednesday, January 24th 2024
Discontinued mask So apparently my mask was discontinued in 2016. Today's date is 1/24/2024. The hardwear of mask and head strap have been broken for over a year. I have been fighting sleep because of this issue! Instead of them sending an equivalent to the mask frame I already have they just decided not to send me anything. But yet I receive the soft gel nose piece that attaches to the supposed discontinued frame?! And gobs of hoses, tanks and filters! Now instead of sending me a replacement immediately ( I am NOT sleeping well because of said broken mask!) I have to jump through the hoops of getting a prescription for something they failed to replace! All while sending and billing my insurance for the garbage I didn't need so much of! This company is all about profit and will NOT contact you when something changes. Not to mention they will discontinue a part in order to generate a new order so they can in turn bill your insurance for a money grab! If the nose piece is still available why isn't a mas
John H
John H Friday, December 29th 2023
Terrible Accounting I received an invoice from Lincare in Oct. 2023 showing billing for 2022. Checked my EOB and they just filed with my insurance company. Check my accounting to see if I had been billed before and paid, which I hadn’t. So I owe them that. I had notified them that I had stopped using my CPAP medicine after 15 years at the first of January 2023. Within two weeks of receiving the 2022 invoice I received a new invoice with spotty billing’s for 2023. Within days after I received the invoice I get a call who said he was a collector demanding payment saying this is way past due. I told him that it’s not past due it a current invoice and what is past due was their billing of my insurance company. Told him I would send the money for 2022 that they are showing but I’m not paying for 2023 for I notified them that I was no longer using the CPAP and no one requested a return of the equipment. Have been trying to get them to tell me why I am continuing to get billed for something I no longer use.
Robert a Kelleher
Robert a Kelleher Wednesday, November 22nd 2023
poor or no customer service To whom it may concern:
would like to lodge a complaint about the horrible service i have received from your company..
i needed to attend my son's wedding, ordered a poc for the travel and hotel. then when i called a week be for the wedding they said the had no order. so i called again to increase my tank order in hopes of making it. However the shorted me on the delivery. when i called to try and correct this , I was told they were out of tanks and told they would put me on this list to correct the shortage of tanks which they have not . This has been poor or no customer service .
now with that said I will most likely not make to the wedding. thanks to no service.

Robert A Kelleher
Shirley McClaine
Shirley McClaine Wednesday, October 25th 2023
THEY HAVE COME UP WITH A BILL FOR $66.49 FOR Jan THROUGH June.. their system cannot separate bills so for the gaseous instead of 17.88 copay they billed me for approx 4.25 each month altho info let them know 17.88 was the co-pay. Let them know I am not responsible for their system. that is Lincare's problem. they still say it is mine because I owe that. I received a letter in June saying I owed 6.38. . never mentioned 66.49 utill last Sat received the letter.
Earl Tilley
Earl Tilley Thursday, September 7th 2023
perscribed a cpap by my phiysian I failed to get my machine on the delivery truck last week as promised by Paul store manager after having to wait a week prior and then again another week to get my unit. I could have died as sleep apnea can cause death. To remedy this the manager(Paul) said I had to wait until today the following Thursday for it to be delivered. I personally do not find this as being professional or a valid excuse for not making the extra trip.
Juan Valdez
Juan Valdez Monday, June 26th 2023
Impossible Cannot get a 24/7 delivery company to deliver at 10pm with advanced notice.
Pamela Floyd
Pamela Floyd Monday, June 12th 2023
Negligence, life endangerment They knowingly leave oxygen concentrators that do not function properly, overheat, no alarm, etc. If you call they don't have a replacement. Call corporate and complain, no call back. Awful, awful company. Should have option of negative stars.
Jennifer Tuesday, May 30th 2023
Terrible The office was dark and the floor broken in spots. The rep demonstrated the machine but did not have me work it. The kit was incomplete when I got home. 5 phone calls to the emergency number and no resolution. Have spent a total of 30 minutes on hold with three different offices and never spoke to a human being. This is supposed to be a medical service company. What is going on????
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