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LEA Plastic Surgery - Goretti Ho Taghva MD, FACS

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About LEA Plastic Surgery - Goretti Ho Taghva MD, FACS

Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva is a board-certified, Ivy League-educated plastic and reconstructive surgeon known for helping patients achieve naturally beautiful results. With expertise in facial, eyelid, body, non-surgical aesthetic techniques, Asian cosmetic surgery, and a “less is more” philosophy, Dr. Ho Taghva can help you look and feel your very best with Newport Beach cosmetic surgery.

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20360 SW Birch St Ste180, Newport Beach, CA 92660
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Services LEA Plastic Surgery - Goretti Ho Taghva MD, FACS Offers

LEA Plastic Surgery offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to achieve beautiful results by bringing out each patient's natural beauty. Our surgical procedures include upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) & ptosis repair; facial rejuvenation (facelifts & midface lifts); neck lifts; body contouring (tummy tucks & liposuction); breast augmentation/reduction; rhinoplasty; labiaplasty; Thermiva®; fat grafting; and vaginal filler injections. Our non-surgical procedures include Botox®, Restylane®, Juvaderm®, Perlane® & Radiesse® injections. We accept cryptocurrency payments!

  • Rhinoplasty
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R. Kim
Review source: Google R. Kim Saturday, March 4th 2023
Worst experience ever. Went in for a botox and was encouraged to get temple fillers that will give me a more youthful appearance. Looked disgustingly lumpy, bumpy and blotched up...and was told it
would get better. Almost 2 months have passed and it still looks all lumpy gross and they tell me it looks “so good” and the lumps don’t bother most people because they are happy with the volume. Are you kidding me? How is this ok?

**** I'm laughing at your reply below because you know exactly who I am and that I expressed my worries and concern from day 1 of the injections. I have followed up and gone back at least FOUR TIMES post treatment and each time, I was told that it will get better and to come back in 2 weeks. After 2 months and no improvement, I had ENOUGH!! And you guys tell me that it "looks so good!". Look at the picture. What about it looks good??? I asked for the filler dissolver which your nurse reluctantly gave me and then told me to come back in ANOTHER 2 WEEKS!! Are you kidding me? Do you know how much time and effort I have wasted??? Not to mention, I wasted $3500 on this filler treatment that has left me looking worse than before and when I asked for refund, was told "no". The dissolver hardly worked which makes me question the type of filler you used in the first place but at this point, I refuse to go back into your office to get another run around and no results. Absolute worst experience and treatment in all senses.
Review source: Google JulieAnn Saturday, February 25th 2023
I had a deep plane facelift + temporal brow lift + lower blepharoplasty performed by the exquisitely beautiful & talented Dr. Taghva and I am beyond impressed with her work.
The staff is SO nice & professional, I always knew I was in good hands.
During my consultation Dr. Taghva was clear she does not do facelifts that create unnatural, wind tunnel-looking results which is EXTREMELY important when entrusting your face with somebody.
Dr. Taghva is also very kind & I really couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Valerie Lopez
Review source: Google Valerie Lopez Friday, February 17th 2023
Love it here! We’ve always had a great experience. My mom had a rhinoplasty done here and loved how patient and detail oriented Dr. Thaghva was. The results were beautiful and the whole office made sure every step of the way was easy and comfortable!
Oscar A.
Review source: Google Oscar A. Tuesday, February 7th 2023
I had my double eyelid surgery along with ptosis repair and medial canthoplasty with Dr. Taghva on July of 2021.

I am now about 1 year and half post op and wanted to share my full experience. As you can see by my photos, the results truly speak for themselves. I trusted Dr. Taghva with her expertise and knowledge to deliver a result that would be best suited for me facial features , and it is something she truly excels at. Dr. Taghva along with all of her staff including Donna were incredibly warm and welcoming to me every step of the way. Believe me, they will take amazing care of prior and after your surgery. I felt supported every step of the way which is crucial when deciding to go through with surgery.

Her office and the surgical center are some of the cleanest facilities you will ever see, not to mention impeccably decorated. I will let the results speak for themselves and if you are considering Dr. Taghva, believe me when I tell you that you will be in the best hands. She truly changed my life and I am in love with the results of my double eyelid surgery every single day.
No Name
Review source: Google No Name Monday, February 6th 2023
I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Taghva! I have worked in this industry for many years. A few years ago, a procedure was performed on me that left my eyes with no fat, excessive scar tissue, etc. My eyes had always been my favorite feature. I had consultations with MANY Occuloplastics in both Beverly Hills and OC to figure out how to correct them. I had different suggestions from every surgeon that I saw. I waited 3 1/2 years to have the surgery to correct the issues, and I could not have chosen a more detail-oriented, attentive, and skilled surgeon. Dr. Taghva, in my opinion, is one of the VERY BEST eyelid surgeons in practice. For the first time in several years, I look in the mirror and feel more like my old self! She’s excellent with fat grafting to the eyes too! It’s amazing to me that the eye that was damaged took 1.5cc’s to fill! I truly just cannot say how grateful I am to have found her! Her office staff and surgery center are amazing too!
Review source: Google ddr4h2000 Friday, January 27th 2023
I got double eyelid surgery earlier last year and it’s healed pretty nicely, and I feel like it’s taken a few years of stress and aging off my face ???? This was my first procedure so it was important to me that I felt safe and that had a similar vision for the end result. I did a lot of research, and frankly, when it comes down to it, every doctor has at least one or two negative reviews. I think it’s just the nature of the field… but in my own experience, I felt I could trust her, she’s very easy to work with, and is definitely very skilled and experienced, and seems to care about you as her patient. My advice for finding a plastic surgeon would be to look at their pictures to see if their aesthetic tastes match your own, and you also want someone who has done that procedure a lot, not just maybe a handful of times. Dr Taghva was the right choice for me because asian eyelids are her specialty, she has done probably hundreds of these by now, and is more experienced in this area than most others in the SoCal area. I also felt her work was consistently very natural looking, tasteful and elegant rather than some of the more exaggerated looks that had been trending for a while, which is what I preferred. Some people nowadays have eyes and noses that look very obviously worked on, almost doll-like, and I just did not want a doctor that would go for something like that. I’m of the mindset that good cosmetic work makes you look better without it looking like you had any work done. We did 2-3 consults, 2 via video and one in person. Dr Taghva patiently addressed all my concerns and because I was more concerned about where the crease would hit, she went over it with me many times, including once more during pre-op. She did a pre-draw and showed me what it would look like after the cut so there would be no surprises on the day of the surgery. I really appreciate that she was sensitive to my anxiety about how the final crease would look, and took more time to review the crease with me each time. Tbh i was also scared out of my mind because I’d never gone under the knife before and was terrified of the idea of being cut open, but she was very patient and compassionate with me before the surgery, so it calmed my nerves a little ???? Thanks, Dr Taghva!

The surgery went great, honestly I felt no pain at all, the drugs they gave me for it made me say a bunch of weird stuff LOL ???? I was very calm and relaxed and chatty. I honestly didn’t realize they were already operating on me when it began. I only felt pain on my way home and the numbing was starting to wear off. The aftercare instructions and the tylenol was sufficient in the pain. It really was just the first day that kind of hurt. Dr Taghva said there’s actually not a lot of nerves up there so it wouldn’t hurt as much as you’d think. As squeamish as I was, I only had to take tylenol for the first 1-2 days. It looked worse than it felt (normal bruising and swelling).

My eyes have now healed beyond the 6 months… I think I might be at 9 months, and they look great! One of my creases does sometimes go a little lower on certain days, but I am still pretty happy with it. She was willing to join the fork and is generous with revisions, but advised it wasn’t worth it since my eyes healed so well with no scarring. Plus my after looks so good! Prior to the procedure, I feel like I’d aged at such a fast rate in the eyes as an ambitious, working woman in the last 5 years and felt like I looked very tired, disinterested, dull, angry ???? … the monolids used to be pretty when I was younger, but my eyes just got more dull as I aged into my early 30s. So since I had some free time between jobs, I took advantage of it for the healing time. I’m very happy with the results and the whole experience went very smoothly ???? the eyes fits my face very well, and enhance my own features. I’ve already recommended her to a few people, and would definitely be open to considering her for future procedures!
Anna Linares
Review source: Google Anna Linares Wednesday, December 28th 2022
Dr. Taghva and her staff are amazing. Very professional, informative, helpful and friendly. I love my results from my surgery.
Kayla Uni
Review source: Google Kayla Uni Friday, December 2nd 2022
Do not go here. I previously wrote a negative review on here and they asked Google to remove it from the public's view. Please read all the negative reviews on yelp and real self. This doctor is incompetent and ruined many patient's lives, including mines where she completely messed up my eyes anatomies. Her skills includes giving patients uneven eyes but when we point it out to her, she can't see it or admit to her mistakes. Avoid this clinic.
David Ruckert
Review source: Google David Ruckert Wednesday, November 16th 2022
David Ruckert opted not to leave a text review of LEA Plastic Surgery - Goretti Ho Taghva MD, FACS
Review source: Google Tania Monday, August 29th 2022
I have been going to Dr. Taghva for many years & have nothing but great things to say about her & her staff. Everyone is very professional & attentive. My family also goes to her & they are always well taken cared of as well. I had a rhinoplasty done & I had a quick recovery thanks to Dr. Taghva, there were a few follow up appointments during the healing period to make sure I was healing properly. I am very happy with my results even years later, my nose looks natural & what I had imagined it to look like to fit my face perfectly.
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More About LEA Plastic Surgery - Goretti Ho Taghva MD, FACS

LEA Plastic Surgery is a full-service cosmetic surgery practice in Newport Beach under the direction of Dr. Goretti Ho Taghva. Dr. Ho Taghva is a board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon who holds memberships in the American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American College of Surgeons. She specializes in aesthetic enhancement with expertise in facial surgery (eyelids/face lift), body contouring (tummy tuck/liposuction) and non-surgical treatments (botox/fillers). Her practice also includes Thermiva®, labiaplasty, fat grafting and vaginal filler injections to help women look and feel their best. Patients receive compassionate care with the most advanced technologies in a private setting at the GALEA Center for Advanced Surgery. We accept cryptocurrency payments for our services!