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Kristian Bertel is a photographer who currently has his residence in Denmark and he has traveled in India to photograph. Many of his photographs have a focus on the life conditions and the scenes of people in India are often pictured in humanitarian portraits.

India is colorful, exotic and above all, different and unlike any other country you have ever visited. As a photographer Kristian Bertel was amazed at what this destination has to offer, where he explored colorful markets and endless deserts, vibrant cities and people photography in his many portraits. On his route though Rajasthan he got to know a country where traffic is regularly stopped by leisurely sacred cows and there is always a breeze of cardamom, cloves and curry in the air.

In the photographs by the photographer one can travel to the far-flung corners of India in his slideshows at his website.

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Vijeta Pandey
Vijeta Pandey Saturday, September 9th 2023
Capturing the soul of India through humanitarian portraits I stumbled upon Kristian Bertel's website while searching for captivating photography, and I must say, his work is nothing short of remarkable. His ability to capture the essence of life in India is truly awe-inspiring. As a photographer based in Denmark, his lens provides a unique perspective on the vibrant and diverse culture of India.

What truly stands out in Bertel's portfolio are his humanitarian portraits. Through his lens, he manages to convey the raw emotions, life conditions, and resilience of the people he photographs. Each image tells a powerful story, making you pause and reflect on the human experience in India.

Bertel's photography is not just a visual treat but a deep dive into the heart and soul of a nation. It's evident that he has a profound respect for the people he photographs and a keen eye for the intricate details that make India so enchanting. I highly recommend exploring his website to embark on a visual journey through India.
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More About Kristian Bertel | Photography

Pictures and essays from India by Kristian Bertel. Series of pictures primarily taken in the provinces Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.