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Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer - Bronx

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About Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer - Bronx

Bronx divorce attorney Juan Luciano has years of experience helping couples minimize unnecessary conflict in their divorce process. As a top-rated divorce lawyer, he strives to make his client feel that their rights are being protected and they are not getting a fair deal out of their divorce. Call us today at (718) 519-8336 to learn more about New York's divorce process and how attorney Juan Luciano can help.

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187 E 163rd St, Bronx, NY 10451
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Services Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer - Bronx Offers

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Reviews For Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer - Bronx

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Etta Fox
Review source: Google Etta Fox Thursday, September 22nd 2022
Juan is the kindest, most insightful and professional family law attorney I have ever spoken to. I received an initial consultation in NYC from him and he equipped me with heaps of knowledge about my specific situation. I now know exactly what the next steps need to be for me and my family. Thank you Juan - you're truly a life saver!
Jean Baker
Review source: Google Jean Baker Thursday, September 22nd 2022
Juan has provided exemplary service over the course of my divorce, providing excellent legal counsel and fighting for my rights as a father. I highly recommend him as an attorney, to any fathers who find themselves in a divorce battle. Definitely the best in Manhattan!
Sugeiri Avila
Review source: Google Sugeiri Avila Saturday, September 10th 2022
Sugeiri Avila opted not to leave a text review of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer - Bronx
Sue Ramirez
Review source: Google Sue Ramirez Friday, September 9th 2022
Juan and his team provided prompt, top quality service and representation for my divorce. There was nothing they could have improved on. He's compassionate and gave me so much support. Definitely recommended if you're looking for a divorce lawyer in Manhattan.
Regina Gilbert
Review source: Google Regina Gilbert Wednesday, August 24th 2022
The BEST in NYC! Super helpful, thorough and professional. Divorce and Family law expert.
Eric Harris
Review source: Google Eric Harris Saturday, March 19th 2022
Juan Luciano is very professional and down-to-earth and he can answer all your questions! A great divorce lawyer!
Jill Henderson
Review source: Google Jill Henderson Thursday, January 13th 2022
Juan Luciano really made me feel cared for. He is also very responsive and kind. I asked a lot of questions during the process and he always answered them all earnestly. I highly recommend Juan if you’re going through a divorce in Manhattan and would like to have a lawyer who is supportive and professional. He really knows what he’s doing and he can help you understand your options and rights in a divorce process. Five stars for Juan!
Dana Willis
Review source: Google Dana Willis Wednesday, January 12th 2022
Simply the best divorce lawyer in New York City. My spouse and I were in the middle of an onerous divorce, with them having hired a very confrontational attorney.  Mr. Luciano really helped lower the temperature, maintain cool heads and helped us both walk away having preserved both our finances and our sense of decency.  Honestly, if you need to get a divorce in the city and you are looking for someone familiar with high net worth divorce situations, look no further than Juan Luciano.
Betsy Gibson
Review source: Google Betsy Gibson Tuesday, January 11th 2022
Last year I was in the middle of a tough divorce process. Mr. Juan Luciano is conveniently located in Midtown, Manhattan, he was kind and professional in helping me settle things with my ex-wife. He made the process less stressful and negotiated skillfully. He made me feel heard and cared for, and he helped us settle amicably. I really appreciate the help he’s given me and my children.
Mory Traore
Review source: Google Mory Traore Monday, August 31st 2020
Juan Luciano is one of the best Divorce lawyer I ever came in contact with. I have a case now dragging for over 6 years so I felt with multiple lawyers . But with him I feel like a friend or family member trying to help me. He takes your case to his heart. He will be blunt and honest when he knows you re wrong on an issue. I definitely recommend him to anyone.
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More About Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer - Bronx

Just like marriage sets the course for your emotional and financial future, so does divorce. But unlike marriage, you are going into a divorce with a different mindset and have different needs, both for yourself and your children. In this new landscape, consulting with a reputable Bronx divorce lawyer can set the stage for a better outcome once your divorce is finalized.
During my 15 years in practice, I have taken the time to carefully listen to and understand my clients' needs and guide them through the emotionally difficult aspects of divorce, child support, spousal support and child custody to an outcome that will serve them into the future. When you are considering divorce and need an experienced Bronx divorce attorney, contact the Bronx NY law office of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer for an initial consultation.