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Idea Buyer LLC
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About Idea Buyer LLC

The largest marketplace of patents for sale. Buy patents, sell patents, and license patents. Over 1,000 patents for sale. Over 3,000 patent buyers and investors.

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Buy patents, sell patents, and license patents

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Idea Buyer LLC Reviews
  • lane eyman
    lane eyman

    I used the Idea Buyer service and now have four companies interested in working with me and my invention

  • tc correia
    tc correia

    Take the time to create your listing properly and the good results will follow; Idea Buyer has helped me to get some ideas of mine to start making money for me. I never had a bad experience with them and i would highly recommend them!

  • tony trost
    tony trost

    Service is great! Idea Buyer LLC representatives have always been helpful and friendly.

  • addison gee
    addison gee

    We couldn't recommend the website enough and we will be using it again in the future; We have received more leads from the site and four of the stores have placed purchase orders for our products.

  • fabian roca
    fabian roca

    So far I am very pleased with the attention and help I've received from Idea Buyer. Very professional and helpful.

  • reese otero
    reese otero

    The results are incredible; The Idea Buyer team has helped us grow our business from a small product line... We meet many investors that were eager to jump on our product. My wife and I love Idea Buyer and we really appreciated the chance they gave us.

  • ryan hassler
    ryan hassler

    The Idea Buyer team has been informative, insightful, trustworthy and helpful in my pursuit of creating value for my unique idea.

  • jese stiger
    jese stiger

    We've always had a pleasant experience and I'm glad to say we made an excellent deal thanks to Idea Buyer. The service is great; Thank you

  • wesley fleck
    wesley fleck

    Idea Buyer is very professional and very helpful in whatever projects we work on and whatever they bring to us. We've never had an issue with them.

  • Alex

    So far, it's been going pretty good, and I hope that somebody picks up on it. I'm very happy and satisfied with the management.

  • montana hook
    montana hook

    Idea Buyer is good company to work with - technically and ethically. We have a good trust level with them and we're very happy.

  • dylan brannon
    dylan brannon

    Yes I would recommend to a friend; they have been helping me with all my questions and very appreciated.

  • tyne billups
    tyne billups

    They've been most helpful in helping me to gain what I needed with my invention. The way that they've outlined everything for me has been wonderful.

  • kendal quirion
    kendal quirion

    I am excited about my idea and am looking forward to working with your company. Thank you!

  • jadden creason
    jadden creason

    I had many ideas that were potentially profitable, but I had no clue how to monetize them and getting some income from them; I needed someone to help me with the business side and Idea Buyer proved to be the best partner i could have.

  • kendal chea
    kendal chea

    My conversation with Idea Buyer representative has been extremely informative in explaining everything to me on how the company works. I am putting all of my trust into this company.

  • bg ange
    bg ange

    I never expected that Idea Buyer would open so many doors for me... Thank you!!!

  • a. hambrick
    a. hambrick

    My experience with them so far has been pretty good. I have no complaints right now. They were helpful in the contract area and for launching the invention

  • cary capetillo
    cary capetillo

    I was feeling overwhelmed, but am so glad I ended up using Idea Buyer to get my idea out there!

  • jude h.
    jude h.

    Idea Buyer helped me get my invention in front of real companies I would have never been able to access on my own. Really helped me through the whole process.

  • wallace baze
    wallace baze

    Idea Buyer helped me get my first purchase order and have helped me grow to over $400,000 in sales over the past 2 years.

  • silver swift
    silver swift

    I had a really good invention idea but didn't have a clue where to get started. Idea Buyer LLC made it easy to find companies that would help with my idea and patents. I would never have made it this far without this service.

  • reagan jett
    reagan jett

    Idea Buyer team is very professional. Thorough and pleasant to work with.

  • lucian diego
    lucian diego

    Very happy to post a positive review for Idea Buyer; I first was introduced to the company by one of my coworkers; It took just 8 days from registering on the site to get my first lead. Really impressed with teh service!!!

  • Liam C.
    Liam C.

    Thank you for the opportunity to sell my idea. Hoping we can get this off and running. I believe it can help a lot of people.

  • coddy barham
    coddy barham

    A real pleasure to work with Idea Buyer; I recommend Idea Buyer to others wishing to explore invention ideas!

  • zane cammack
    zane cammack

    Excited to see what my future holds. Thanks to Idea Buyer, I'll soon be ready to get my idea to market.

  • devon cutting
    devon cutting

    Thank you for what you are doing for me. The epxerience has been life changing already.

  • cecil klingler
    cecil klingler

    Thank you for what you are doing for me. The epxerience has been life changing already.

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.

    I have been searching for a company to license my first invention for months until i have found The Idea Buyer. Now I'm on the forth and I am impressed how quickly it all progressed.

  • montana agnew
    montana agnew

    They're knowledgeable and know what they're doing. I'm very pleased with them

  • Amber C.
    Amber C.

    So far the Idea Buyer experience has been a very rewarding experience.

  • wynne landa
    wynne landa

    I got a patent and now, I'm waiting for somebody to buy it from me so I can make the money.

  • erin taing
    erin taing

    I think I have made the right decision to choose Idea Buyer to work on behalf the very considerate and understanding...

  • Myra C
    Myra C

    A few months ago Idea Buyer helped me negotiate a contract for a $300,000 upfront deposit and a guaranteed payout of $50,000 per year in royalties. I cannot tell you how happy I was; and i really need to say Thank You Idea Buyer for being my winning lottery ticket!

  • Cheated Customer
    Cheated Customer

    There is a class action lawsuit filed against Idea Buyer and all its employees for violations of Federal Law. This suit was started to help all cheated customers we can. For more info contact Gary Vick at Connick Law,LLC at 216-750-8666 or the main firm at 216-364-0512. There is help available and several cheated already signed and on board.

  • michael deskins
    michael deskins

    I got a patent and now, I'm waiting for somebody to buy it from me so I can make the money.

  • michelle winegar
    michelle winegar

    I'm very satisfied and will recommend Idea Buyer all the time.

  • casandra bently
    casandra bently

    I like what I'm seeing with my experience with Idea Buyer.I just submitted my draft and we're going to see where it's going to go from there.

  • madelyn jarosz
    madelyn jarosz

    This is a learning process for me, but the overall service has been exceptional.

  • cindy chartier
    cindy chartier

    Everyone at Idea Buyer has been very helpful, kind, and professional. I've had an excellent experience from them.

  • jessie mcmillion
    jessie mcmillion

    Idea Buyer is a very good organization. They're very professional at what they do. I call their reps up every so often and they tell me what's going on.

  • nannie cron
    nannie cron

    Very knowledgeable, helpful and have given me the cost upon the cents.

  • wilhelmina brick
    wilhelmina brick

    I'm still in the waiting process right now on it. But everybody's been real courteous and helpful for me.

  • zoraida benoit
    zoraida benoit

    So far, Idea Buyer has been doing a great job. Everything has been done in a timely fashion, and they've been following the program that they set out for me.

  • ramon arrowood
    ramon arrowood

    The service from Idea Buyer has been great and I've no complaints at all.

  • phuong lent
    phuong lent

    The Idea Buyer representative was knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. It's very easy to get in touch with them. If I ever have any questions, I always give them a call and they're very detailed.

  • malissa ozment
    malissa ozment

    Idea Buyer did a good job drawing up the picture for my patent. They send me my letters and keep me informed.

  • kandice waggoner
    kandice waggoner

    I had an idea of something and everybody was telling me to patent and market it but I had no clue how to do that. The Idea Buyer really saved me.

  • catina flatt
    catina flatt

    The Idea Buyer reps helped me understand how they will be able to work with me and help me through for my idea and invention. The service is wonderful.

  • kenneth hereford
    kenneth hereford

    They are very professional at what they do. I call their reps up every so often and they inform me on the progress. The service from Idea Buyer has been great and I've no complaints at all.

  • henrietta bourdon
    henrietta bourdon

    After speaking with Idea Buyer representative, I am really pleased with the plan and solutions. I therefore rate this company as a 5 star and i would highly recommend.

  • frederick garvin
    frederick garvin

    The Idea Buyer has been trying to get my product out there and all of them have been great and very helpful. they really helped me through the whole process.

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