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Highgate Security and Locksmith
560 Barry St
Bronx, NY 10474 US

About Highgate Security and Locksmith

We provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services to individual customers, commercial offices, real estate managements & developers companies, retail stores & nation-wide retail chains, banks, NY City & NY State institutes. We offer attractive rates and benefits to our corporate clients. Highgate Security & Locksmith will provide You with the security and serenity everyone deserves. Ask us for free on-site estimate and consulting!

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Our 24 hour emergency locksmith services include: lockout emergency services, safes of all kinds, fire proof doors (metal, wood, Glass, Iron), storefronts repair, iron work, window gates, mail boxes, door rodent-proof. We also work with advanced security systems: intercoms, access control, security camera, burglary alarm, nanny-cameras.

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Highgate Security and Locksmith Reviews
  • Richard Evans
    Richard Evans

    I can't say enough good things about my experience with Highgate security & locksmith. I had to change all of the locks on my home with very little notice due to a renter vacating unexpectedly, and the locksmith came through in a pinch. He had all of my locks re-keyed and ready to go within 4 hours of my phone call requesting service. The pricing was great, the efficiency unparalleled and the peace of mind I now have is priceless. I can' imagine ever using another locksmith company!

  • Oliver Mathis
    Oliver Mathis

    Recently I moved into a new place and needed to find a locksmith who could rekey all the locks in a timely and efficient manner without breaking the bank, Highgate security & locksmith hit a grand slam in all areas, as not only was the customer service A+ from start to finish, but the job was done in a very professional and efficient manner by the technician, who took the time to walk me through the process and at no extra charge, he even corrected the orientation of a lock that had been incorrectly installed by the previous owners. First class service from start to finish. The work was done professionally at a great value and the locks work like a charm. Welcome to the 5 star club Highgate security & locksmith!

  • Mark Dawson
    Mark Dawson

    These are the go-to guys in the area for locks and keys. They duplicated every key I've brought them so far, including the gas cap lock key for my truck. They also cut the dealer-supplied blanks for my Ducati (which not every shop will do, since they're chip keys and expensive if a mistake is made). Fast and friendly service, reasonable prices, good work, plenty of parking.

  • Alan Collins
    Alan Collins

    I have used these guys twice. The first time they came out and made a key for a lock that I had lost. The second time they looked at a problem I was having with a lock, jiggled it a few times, and made it work, and didn't charge for the call, since the locksmith of highgate security & locksmith was on his way home anyway. I must say - quality service and craftsmanship.

  • Paul Parker
    Paul Parker

    I stupidly locked myself out if my apartment Sunday evening, and their technician was there in 20 minutes to help me. He was friendly, honest, and quick. His prices are better than any others in the area, and I can understand why the reviews are so positive for Highgate security & locksmith. I would absolutely recommend him for any lock work.

  • Mary Watson
    Mary Watson

    Once upon a time I stepped out of my front door to get the Sunday newspaper. All of a sudden a strong wind blew and slammed my front door shut. Unbeknownst to me I thought nothing of it until I tried to get it. The automatic lock was set from inside and I was locked out in my pajamas with no cell phone or keys and no other person home but me. Luckily, I spotted a neighbor, called my husband and he called Highgate security & locksmith. About 30 minutes later, they arrived and they worked on my door for about 15-20 minutes and I was able to get in. The service cost me about $70.

  • Milton S.
    Milton S.

    They quoted me exactly what they charged for a Sunday night apartment lockout. AND when my neighbor realized she didn't have her keys, they offered to open her door for free (so we could split the price)!! Turns out she didn't need their services becaue her roommate was home, but the offer was incredible. They arrived 15 min from the time we called and the door was open in minutes. They were professional and friendly and quick and I HIGHLY recommend their services. Thank you!!

  • Simon Castillo
    Simon Castillo

    Lost my car keys for 3 days but highgate security & locksmith saved the day. Their price was so fair I saved a lot, my key was $495 by calling highgate security & locksmith, and I saved over $200. Customer service was great, and they explained and double checked all.

  • Amelia Ortiz
    Amelia Ortiz

    Needed additional pair of key, my husband made one in the lockmaster in our neighborhood, key was not working. I found these guys on this site. I was very glad with work done, very quickly and cheep. Would love to use this company if needed.

  • Roderick

    Only in NYC does a new tenant get asked to change out the keys ASAP so that 10+ agents can't get into your apartment. Good thing there was a highgate security & locksmith card stuck to the door entrance of my new building. I dialed the number, a voice on the phone asked me where I was located, and their technician magically appeared 10 minutes later to assess the situation. 30 minutes later, I was the proud owner of new top and bottom locks.

  • Oscar Torres
    Oscar Torres

    Perfect! Went from the bummer of having a broken door knob & lock on a Saturday morning to getting everything perfectly fixed by the afternoon. The technician from highgate security & locksmith was on time and even texted to tell me he was in traffic. It was all as smooth as silk! I would highly recommend to anyone!

  • Thomas Mcbride
    Thomas Mcbride

    It never fails; I locked myself out of my apartment building and immediately googled from my phone and called highgate security & locksmith! I am sure glad I did. They were fast and efficient! The technician came to unlock the doors for me and he was very friendly. I didn't have to wait long at all! Since then we used his services at a local restaurant I work at as well! Keep up the great work!

  • Cathy Grant
    Cathy Grant

    The locking mechanism to internal door to the garage had jammed shut. They were super fast at responding by phone. Gave advice over the phone to my husband on how to open the door before he got here so I was able to get to my car. He came when he said he was going to be here. He was fast at fixing/replacing the door mechanism and gave a slight discount as my husband was able to start the process of dismantling the mechanism.

  • Adam Dunn
    Adam Dunn

    The tech was very courteous and professional. The repairs he made were quick and he offered suggestions for me to maintain my locks in the future. The only issue was when he called to say he was coming I did not answer the phone right away since I didn't know who it was. Always leave a message.

  • Marvin Rhodes
    Marvin Rhodes

    We called and scheduled service from highgate security & locksmith based on other reviews. Super prompt, efficient and friendly. The technician re-keyed our existing lock and gave us a good deal on the lock that he had to replace because it was totally stripped. He was really nice about showing us all the inner workings of the lock and demonstrating why it hadn't worked for years. I feel safe!

  • Donnie F.
    Donnie F.

    The owners who manage this place are courteous, professional and very efficient. This is the best locksmith I have encountered. I had gone in there to get duplicate keys made. They also provided a complimentary gift and helped me setup my lockbox which I also bought from them.

  • Carlos Bailey
    Carlos Bailey

    I found Highgate security & locksmith via Google based on the reviews, but I chose them because of their professionalism on the phone. He was fast, friendly and efficient, had all the tools and hardware needed, and changed three different locks for me. I would recommend this company to anyone!

  • Lucas Schneider
    Lucas Schneider

    Pretty awesome experience getting a new mailbox rekeyed. Called highgate security & locksmith on Monday morning. Got a call back within 5 minutes and set a time to meet after work around 9 PM. He (the locksmith) was super easy to communicate with via text up until our final meeting time around 9:10 PM. Quick and smooth transaction. He's upfront with his prices and I'd definitely recommend him for your locksmith needs, especially if you want something done ASAP at a reasonable price.

  • Andre Huff
    Andre Huff

    After a hectic day moving out and a long day at work, highgate security & locksmith saves the day by arriving earlier than expected and quickly letting me into my apartment. Very professional with a great personality. A locksmith that you can trust.

  • Ryan Diaz
    Ryan Diaz

    I work in a restaurant and called highgate security & locksmith for what I thought was an emergency one Friday late-night. The man who answered talked me through the problem and we were able to solve it over the phone. In a city of scammers it was so wonderful to meet someone who was honest and nice. So pleasant to speak with. 5 stars for highgate security & locksmith!

  • Aaron Perez
    Aaron Perez

    Excellent work. Their technician came out right away. These folks are the ones to choose for all your locksmith needs. I had to have two very old double deadbolts replaced. They were very professional and worked quickly to install the locks without any hassles. Call highgate security & locksmith!! I did and I'm glad!

  • George Murphy
    George Murphy

    I replaced some windows on the ground floor and when I called highgate security & locksmith to reinstall the window contacts they were able to come out the next morning, minimizing our downtime. The visit was pricier (but not beyond my reach) than I expected but the service was quick and hassle-free.

  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard

    Lost both of our mailbox keys and was referred to Highgate security & locksmith. I cannot say enough about the efficiency and flexibility about the service provided. The guy who came to my house is definitely a master of his craft as he was able to very quickly remove and replace the lock on our mailbox. Great service and expertise, I would highly recommend Highgate security & locksmith.

  • David

    Amazing customer service. Had to get a new pair of keys for my truck after having lost my original, the guy from highgate security & locksmith was resourceful in finding a way to make a copy of the key and was knowledgeable in alternative solutions. He knew of any side effects which were to occur of the solutions he provided and he was able to work out a reasonable price as well. Hope I will not need a locksmith in the future, but if I need, I will call highgate security & locksmith for sure.

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson

    Highgate security & locksmith took care of a new deadbolt and adjusted the fit-to-frame of a door – their technician was punctual, gave an upfront estimate, explained convincingly the replacement lock was more expensive but necessary, did his work quickly, and his charges were reasonable. He's also well aware of his reviews and takes his reputation very seriously. Couldn't ask for better.

  • Julian Greer
    Julian Greer

    I've been using highgate security & locksmith for years now, I've probably had several hundred keys made there and every single key has always worked. That's a pretty impressive track record. Before when I was using a home-improvement chain store to get my keys made, half the time the new keys did not work. So, highgate security & locksmith deserves kudos and recognition for their fine work. And their customer service is great, too. A very knowledgeable, friendly, attentive and professional staff. You guys make my life easier and my home and business much safer. Thank you!

  • Stewart Gibson
    Stewart Gibson

    I hired highgate security & locksmith to install a keypad lock on my home. He listened to my explanation of what I was looking for and made a proposal for a solution. This was around 2pm. We agreed to do business, and I was able to get an appointment at 5pm. He was done and off to his next customer by 6pm. Excellent customer service. Very competent, and the technician is very friendly and personable.

  • Tomas Blair
    Tomas Blair

    This is my second experience with Highgate Security & Locksmith. I was fortunate enough to have the same professional that originally came the first time. The phone rang almost the second after hitting the enter key, and the technician was here within 20 minutes. There was nothing wrong the work that was done. It was perfect the first time. The issue had to do with something we did and Henry fixed it in 30 seconds. I would completely recommend Highgate Security & Locksmith for their expertise, responsiveness, professionalism and commitment.

  • Albert Fuller
    Albert Fuller

    Highgate security & locksmith offered the lowest bid to rekey 4 doors (6 cylinders), on our recently purchased home. The technician was punctual, arriving on time, personable and pleasant to talk with, and the work was done perfectly. Our new home feels more secure now. I recommend highgate security & locksmith without reservation.

  • Antonio Floyd
    Antonio Floyd

    This locksmith will definitely be my next call when I need their services. They are available any time of day or night which was perfect for my situation. They were very prompt after the phone call and I found the locksmith to be extremely professional both in appearance and demeanor. Their prices were also very reasonable.

  • Kevin Spencer
    Kevin Spencer

    I still can’t understand how this thing happened to me, but when I entered the restaurant the other day I had my car keys with me and when I exited the place the keys were gone. The owner of the restaurant was as kind as to call highgate security & locksmith and that was basically the first time I needed an emergency car lockout service. I was impressed by their quick arrival and the speed on their work. I still don’t know what happened to my lost car keys, but I know I found a great automotive locksmith company.

  • Daniel

    I've had service with Highgate security & locksmith for over a year now, and the experience has been exemplary. The few false alarms were met with an almost instant phone call from the monitoring station. When there was a technical issue related to a defective part, Highgate security & locksmith dispatched a technician and the part was replaced…. ON THE SAME DAY, within 2 hours. Highly recommended!

  • Alfredo

    Yesterday I could have been in serious trouble. My 3 year old son locked himself inside the washroom. After trying for 10-15 minutes to one the door I gave up. Luckily my wife called highgate security & locksmith while I was trying to open the door. Their technician arrived quickly and opened the door and replaced the lock. I thank this company for the super-fast response and also for the very reasonable price.

  • Neil Mcgee
    Neil Mcgee

    I was taking out the trash last night at my store and the door closed behind me locking me out. Luckily I had my phone and found highgate security & locksmith and called. They sent the locksmith immediately to let me back into my store. Great service with a smile!

  • Monty Lucas
    Monty Lucas

    I just loved the responsiveness of this company. They sent the technician within just 20 minutes after I requested for a locksmith. The guy came to my apartment and unlocked the locked and got my 3 year old kid out of the room. It took just 2-3 minutes to get the job done and also made another key for me. I must admit that the price was surprisingly cheap. This is a great company. Use them, you won’t regret.

  • Kim Mann
    Kim Mann

    I wanted a special key for my new and very expensive car. I heard about these transponder keys that locksmiths make. So, I called this locksmith up, the technician knew everything about keys and cars. He told me to stop by his shop with my car. He made me a transponder key on the spot. The price was very good too. I thought this was going to be a big deal getting a transponder key but it wasn't at all. Thanks for everything.

  • Dale Stein
    Dale Stein

    I run a leasing agency so I have to deal with locksmiths on a weekly basis especially in April since May is our big move-in month. Most locksmiths I only hire once because of the poor job they do or how unreliable they are. I think though I have finally found a reliable one though. The techs were on time to all of our appointments, were pleasant to work with and in the end, I was given an honest rate.

  • William Mallary
    William Mallary

    So we were on our way to my sister’s wedding and we stopped for gas and snacks. Got out of the car too quickly I guess and the door was locked behind me. Asked the gas station attendant which locksmith was best for that area and he suggested Highgate security & locksmith. And he was right on target. 10 minutes we were on our way. Very affordable I might add.

  • Joy Wheeler
    Joy Wheeler

    I have taken few wooden doors, one glass door, several window gates and a metal volt from highgate security & locksmith. They have also installed the products in my office residence. Being honest, I never thought that they would complete the installation so quickly and would supply the top quality products. Thanks a lot guys. You really did a great job.

  • Ricardo Powel
    Ricardo Powel

    My cousin got a new apartment and I told her the lock on the door doesn't look too secure. So we called a few places to get an idea, but she needed a new lock. We went with highgate security & locksmith. The locksmith came and put in a very nice, secure lock. We were all happy because we bill it to the owner.

  • Tadji Chattman
    Tadji Chattman

    I run a leasing agency. So I have to deal with locksmiths on a weekly basis especially in May since June is our big move-in month. Most locksmiths I only hire once because of the poor job they do or how unreliable they are. I think though I have finally found a reliable one though. The techs were on time to all of our appointments, were pleasant to work with and in the end, I was given an honest rate. So, I am recommending Highgate security & locksmith.

  • Anthony Liseno
    Anthony Liseno

    Really no words are enough to thank highgate security and locksmith for their super-fast service. I called them yesterday I locked myself accidentally inside my own home. Their technician arrived within 20 minutes and got me out of my own house. Thanks to him for the super quick response and for a very affordable price.

  • Justin Rudio
    Justin Rudio

    Just used highgate security & locksmith for the locksmith service. I called them because I broke the key inside the lock of the front door of my apartment. In other words, I was locked inside my own home. However, they quickly send an expert, who opened the lock and installed a new one in no time. Thanks for the super-fast and very efficient service and for the very moderate price.

  • Julia Nolan
    Julia Nolan

    I am using highgate security & locksmith for more than 10 years. Several times I have taken their locksmith services but recently I have taken a wooden door and several window gates. As expected they supplied the best quality products and charged a very moderate amount. I am impressed one more time. Thanks a ton highgate security & locksmith.

  • Gregory Harris
    Gregory Harris

    I have been living in NYC since 2005 and since then I am using highgate security & locksmith regularly. I have taken their several service and several products. By far I used their locksmith service many times and also taken wooden doors, window gates and locks and other products. They have always served me the best and supplied the top quality products and charged reasonable. So, after so many years of consistent service, finally I am writing this recommendation for highgate security & locksmith.

  • Mark Snodgrass
    Mark Snodgrass

    Usually service oriented companies unable to deliver 100% accurate service. Most of the companies charge a high price and the rest compromise with the quality of service. But this is an exception. When I used this company for the wooden doors for my apartment, they delivered the best quality products and charged a very moderate amount and installed the doors so quickly and perfectly. I have to admit that service, quality and price was they did more than enough to impress me.

  •  Craig Stevens
    Craig Stevens

    Needed a new ignition key for my 2004 Nissan. The rates over the phone that the dispatcher gave me were good, so I made an appointment and now have a new ignition key.

  • Jonathon Cockrell
    Jonathon Cockrell

    I heard a lot about highgate security & locksmith form my friend and also saw some very great reviews about them. So, I decided to go with them. I called them and asked for a glass door, several wooden doors and window gates and security locks for my newly opened office. They have offered me the best price and supplied the top quality products and completed the entire installation within a day! I was highly impressed. Now I know where to call.

  • Ray Vikio
    Ray Vikio

    I hardly used any security companies before using highgate security & locksmith. But from my little experience I am quite sure that this is one of the best companies around. Just about a week ago they were assigned by me to install intercom and electronic access control system in my office. They did enough to impress me. I am really impressed with their great service, quality products and very reasonable price. Great company; must use.

  • Ray Gawlak
    Ray Gawlak

    Just recommending highgate security & locksmith is not going to be enough after what they have done for me. Couple of weeks ago I assigned them to install CCTV security system in my office. They had to supply the hardware and install. I gave them very little time to get the job done and I had a very tight budget. But they still managed to accomplish the task within the allotted time and supplied the top quality products and never ever fumbled during the entire installation. They were simply awesome. I am impressed and I recommend them to everyone.

  • Omer Hatil
    Omer Hatil

    After taking their products and service I am damn sure that highgate security & locksmith is the best security company in NYC. I have used them just couple of days ago. They were assigned to supply the necessary hardware and install Intercom and few security alarms and a metal volt in my office. They completed the task in no time and also ensured the quality of the products and service. I did not get a single chance to complain. I am really happy with their service and very moderate price.

  • John Denver
    John Denver

    I hired highgate security & locksmith just because of their reputation. But I also gathered quotes from other companies before assigning them to deliver and install the CCTV cameras. They have done a decent job for me. They delivered the hardware and installed the entire system within my tight budget and within the given time. I am also happy because they have supplied quality products.

  • Ryan Rob
    Ryan Rob

    This is one of the best security companies of NYC. I have used other security companies in the past but never experienced such flawless service which I got from highgate security & locksmith recently. Few days ago I hired this company to install electronic access control system in my office. They did a great job by providing the best quality products and by installing everything without a hitch.

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill

    Recently I used highgate security & locksmith. I took a wooden door and 5 window gates from them for my apartment. They delivered the products before the allotted time and installed them like the way I wanted. I am really happy with the quality and design of their products and I must mention about the price. They charged me a lot less than what I was anticipating. So, I would like to thank highgate security & locksmith.

  • Joseph Rozario
    Joseph Rozario

    About a week ago I assigned highgate security & locksmith to install CCTV security system at the office where I work. They have completed the task yesterday. After checking the entire system I was happy like anything. They provided the best quality products, installed everything perfectly and charged a very reasonable amount. Thanks a lot highgate for not letting me down to my boss.

  • Rene Ventura
    Rene Ventura

    This is a good company. Highgate is easy to hire, not expensive, great service provider and supplies quality products. I have used this fine company many times for various security products and services. This is a reputed company and they do everything necessary to keep their customers happy. I recommend highgate.

  • Devon Smith
    Devon Smith

    The way they supplied and installed the wooden door and the wooden doors in my apartment was a delight to watch. I was in a hurry and I had very limited budget. I still cannot believe that they eventually completed the task before the allotted time and within my budget. All credit goes to highgate security & locksmith. I also need to mention that they supplied the best quality products and charged a very moderate price.

  • Noel Johnson
    Noel Johnson

    I am not going to write too much. I am just sharing my experience with highgate security & locksmith. Day before yesterday I used this company for the first time when I broke the door key inside the keyhole. So, I got locked inside my own apartment. Their locksmith came quickly and opened the door. He also checked the lock and made a duplicate key for me. Everything happened in no time and cost me a very moderate amount.

  • Robert Porubsky
    Robert Porubsky

    After experiencing their lightning fast service at a very reasonable price I just want to thank highgate security & locksmith. Actually yesterday I was in a big problem. I do not know how but I broke my car key inside the keyhole. I called them for help. They took no time to send their locksmith. He carefully removed the broken key and saved my day. I thank again for such quick response and moderate price.

  • Ricky Ponting
    Ricky Ponting

    I hired highgate security & locksmith few days ago. They were asked to installed CCTV security system in my office. Yesterday they have completed the given task. After the completion of the task I personally checked everything. Being honest, they have supplied the best quality products and did the installation perfectly. I am very happy with their price and service.

  • Jason Manzoni
    Jason Manzoni

    Couple of days ago highgate security & locksmith saved my day. I was about to start for my office but suddenly something happened and I got locked inside my own apartment. The door key was not working! I had a very important meeting to join that day. I called them immediately and asked to send the locksmith within 20 minutes. Thank God that they ultimately sent their locksmith in due time and I was eventually able to avoid a huge problem. Thanks a lot guys for a lightning fast service.

  • Joy Mehta
    Joy Mehta

    I have taken a wooden door and a glass sliding door from highgate security & locksmith last week for my apartment. To be very honest, they served us a lot better than what we were looking for. Their products are world class, service was spot on and price was fair enough. I am happily recommending highgate security & locksmith.

  • Will Kaylor
    Will Kaylor

    I heard a lot about highgate security & locksmith from various sources but never tried them till yesterday. Yesterday I used them for the very first time. They installed door locks in my apartment and also installed security alarms. I just loved the way they accomplished the task and I must admit that they charged less than what I was anticipating. Thanks highgate for the great service and great price.

  • Nice job guys
    Nice job guys

    I heard about highgate security & locksmith from my friends. I got their number from them and called them. After a long discussion with their sales rep I assigned highgate to install electronic access control in my office. I was hoping for the best and I am fortunate enough to get the best. They supplied quality hardware, did the installation perfectly, charged a very decent amount and served us with a friendly smile. This is really a company worth using.

  • Andrea Standrew
    Andrea Standrew

    Few days ago I hired Highgate security & locksmith to install a security alarm and to install a wooden door in my apartment. They did really well to keep the cost within my budget and made sure that I get the top quality products and ensured a very quick service. So, I want to thank the associated persons of Highgate security & locksmith for such great service.

  • Benedik Rodrick
    Benedik Rodrick

    I was fortunate because when I hired highgate security & locksmith I did not know anything about them. I just randomly called them and asked them for a wooden door and for 3 window gates for my apartment. They offered me a very reasonable price and delivered exactly how I wanted the products to be. I was really happy to see the design and quality of the door and the window gates. Thanks a lot for a very timely and perfect installation and obviously for their great service and price.

  • Justin Gonzalez
    Justin Gonzalez

    I called highgate security and locksmith because my friend told me about this company. He is one of their regular customers. However I called them because I needed window gates to be installed in my apartment. Their asking price was fair enough. So, I assigned them for the job. They made the delivery of the products before the schedule and installed very quickly. I am really happy with the price, such prompt service and obviously with the quality of the products.

  • Sebastian Shrott
    Sebastian Shrott

    I had no idea about highgate security & locksmith before using them. I randomly selected highgate security & locksmith and ordered a wooden door and 3 window gates for my apartment. Timely delivery of the products, perfect installation, fair price and quick service really proved that they mean business. I was truly amazed with such world class service within such a moderate amount.

  • Bella Lee
    Bella Lee

    I heard a lot about highgate security & locksmith from my cousin. So, yesterday when I needed a locksmith I called them. They quickly sent a locksmith at my place at Bronx. The guy solved the issue in not time and checked the other locks of my apartment. I am impressed with such fast and accurate service and very reasonable price.

  • Tracey Tompkins
    Tracey Tompkins

    I am working as the security manager of a multinational company. Recently I decided to replace the entire CCTV security system of my office. So, I hired highgate security and locksmith because they quoted the least amount. However, I also knew about highgate security and locksmith. They have completed the installation a lot quicker than what I was anticipating and did supply the best possible hardware. I personally cheked the system and did not find any trouble. They have done a terrific job. I thank each and everyone associated with highgate security and locksmith.

  • Rayan Rob
    Rayan Rob

    Just couple of weeks ago I assigned highgate security & locksmith to install CCTV security system at the office where I work. Their quoted price seemed very reasonable. So, I assigned them. They have supplied the best quality products and did the installation of the system perfectly. At no point I had any doubts on their abilities. In the end they accomplished the job quite quickly and also did not charge more than the quoted amount.

  • Jay Salute
    Jay Salute

    I had no idea about highgate security and locksmith before suing them I just randomly called them because I was in a hurry and I needed to have a locksmith to help me out. Actually I got locked inside my own apartment because the key was not working. So, I called them and asked to send a locksmith at my place at Bronx. They were very quick to send the locksmith. The guy came and opened the door within a minute. He checked the lock and then replaced the faulty lock with a new one and charged me a very moderate amount. I just want to thank highgate security and locksmith for a great help.

  • No wonder they are the best!
    No wonder they are the best!

    I heard a lot about highgate security & locksmith from my uncle. He spoke about them many times and always insisted me to use them. So, couple of days ago when I lost the door key of my apartment, I called them. They took little time to send their locksmith at my place at Bronx. That guy took not more than few minutes to unlock the door and then replaced the old lock with a new one. All it took just few minutes and cost me a very competitive amount. So, I would like to thank highgate security & locksmith for such an outstanding service.

  • Stange

    I have taken several security products and services from highgate security & locksmith and they actually delivered a lot better than what I was expecting. I hired highgate to install intercom, CCTV and electronic access control system in my office. They did a great job by supplying quality products, installing perfectly and charging a competitive price. I am very impressed by highgate security & locksmith. I recommend this company.

  • meskelsen

    I have traveled and lived in many cities around USA. For the last 3 years I have been living in Brooklyn, NYC. During these 3 years I used Highgate security & locksmith several times. 3 years ago I used them for the first time when I lost my door key and since then I used them for wooden door, window gates and security alarms and for other products and services. From my experience of using Highgate security & locksmith I have no doubts that they are the best in NYC. They charge a moderate amount and in return supply the top quality products and provide the best possible service.

  • Greg Clounie
    Greg Clounie

    I have been using highgate security & locksmith for many years. I am working in a shopping mall as the security manager. I have taken many security services and products from them over the last many years. From my experience I can claim that highgate security & locksmith is surely one of the best companies around in NY. They always supplied me the best products and delivered the best possible service. So, now I take this opportunity to recommend highgate security & locksmith.

  • Paul Connelly
    Paul Connelly

    Highgate security & locksmith is a great company for security services and products. Recently I used this company to install CCTV and intercom in my office. They were fast and very efficient. They installed the hardware and software without a hitch, supplied quality products and charged very reasonable. I would like to recommend highgate security & locksmith.

  • Wonderful service
    Wonderful service

    I came to know about highgate security & locksmith from one of my childhood friends. Couple of weeks ago I was looking for an affordable and reliable company to install Electronic Access Control in my newly opened office. That time my friend Jim gave me their number. So, I called at their office and asked for a quote. Their asking price seemed to be very reasonable to me. I assigned them for this job. Being honest they surprised me by their superb service, excellent products and very affordable price. I got nothing to complain against them. In short, highgate security & locksmith made my day.

  • Sammy Vasquez
    Sammy Vasquez

    I hardly recommend anything or anyone. But after experiencing their service I have no other options but o recommend them. Recently they were assigned to deliver and install 2 wooden doors and 4 window gates in my apartment. Being honest, they have supplied the best products but did not charge a lot. Their service was quick and flawless and as I mentioned before price was reasonable.

  • Justin Capache
    Justin Capache

    This is a very good company for security services and related products. I am one of their regular customers. I took many products and services from them and never got a chance to complain. They supply quality products and provide world class service.

  • Mathew Morgan
    Mathew Morgan

    Highgate security & locksmith is the best emergency service provider of New York City. Recently I had the opportunity to take their service. Last weekend I went for a long drive with my girlfriend and while coming back I broke the car key inside the keyhole. I had to look for help. So, I collected their number and called. They sent the expert immediately and he saved the day for me. He charged reasonable and provided the best possible service.

  • Danny Mendoza
    Danny Mendoza

    After I moved to Bronx, NY my friend Steve helped me a lot. I was him to actually mention about Highgate security & locksmith. I used highgate to install locks, window gates, wooden doors and security alarms in my house. They did everything perfectly and provided us the best products and charged really reasonable. I am thankful to Highgate security & locksmith for their excellent service and very affordable range of services.

  • Tammy Mascia
    Tammy Mascia

    Just a few days they installed CCTV in my office. To be honest, I got a lot more than what I was looking for. Quality of the products, their service and the price; these all impressed me like anything. I do believe that this is one of the best companies in business.

  • Alvaro Gonzalez
    Alvaro Gonzalez

    I have a bad habit of losing things. Yesterday I lost the key of my apartment. So, I had to look for a locksmith. That is why I searched the net and found many companies but after going through some of their reviews I choose highgate security & locksmith. I called them and they sent the locksmith. He came and made a new key for me and also checked the other locks of my apartment and replaced 2 faulty locks. He charged less than what I was anticipating and also took little time to get the job done. I found the service very professional and price very reasonable.

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