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Finding the right plants for your garden should be easy to do. From traditional favorites to new hybrids, each season we search out the best plants for landscaping and gardening projects. Whether you prefer an easy, low maintenance garden or large formal garden, you will find the perfect plants from our wide selections to help you create a garden that you will enjoy for years to come.
Established in 1978, we continue our dedication to our customers to finding the best plants that are easy to grow with amazing results. Our customer service team is available year round to be of assistance to our customers.

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636 Myers Cove Road, McMinnville, TN 37110
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Services Greenwood Nursery Offers

Nursery Tree and Plant Broker
Container Grown Trees
Bareroot Trees
Shade Trees
Cherry Blossom Trees
Nut Trees
Fast Growing Trees
Purdue Black Walnut Trees
Chestnut Trees
Container Grown Shrubs
Bareroot Shrubs
Rose of Sharon
Butterfly Bushes
Hydrangea Shrubs
Container Grown Perennials
Lavender Plants
Creeping Phlox
Herb Plants
Vinca minor ground cover
Vinca major ground cover
Pachysandra terminalis
Purple wintercreeper
Ground Cover Plants
Blackberry Plants
Blueberry Plants
Raspberry Plants
Strawberry Plants
American Elderberry Shrubs
Muscadine Vines
Bat Houses
Wooden bird houses
In-window bird feeders

  • Mail Order Nursery
  • Online Plant Nursery
  • Tree Broker
  • Wholesale Plant Nursery
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Patrick Lor
Review source: Google Patrick Lor Thursday, October 6th 2022
Ordered 30 American Pillar arborvitaes in March 2022 but did not want them delivered until late April because I live in Wisconsin. Received my arborvitaes on time as requested. Fast forward to August, I had one arborvitae die on me. I called customer service and they shipped me two! Great customer services and great prices!
Re: Ordered 30 American Pilla ... Greenwood Nursery replied on Friday, October 7th 2022

Patrick, Thank you for your reply. It is always good to hear back when your team goes above and beyond what is expected. Good luck with your new plants.

John George
Review source: Google John George Saturday, September 10th 2022
Arrived on time and good quality. Now we waited and see how they survive. 25 caragana.

Follow Up - Every one of them died. Started our strong, watered them regularly and they turned yellow and died.
Re: Arrived on time and good ... Greenwood Nursery replied on Friday, June 24th 2022

Thank you for your reply John. Good luck with your new Caragana plants. Steve

Brian Parks
Review source: Google Brian Parks Tuesday, July 19th 2022
I’ve purchased 2 beautiful fruit plants from this seller. These plants arrived quickly and very well packed and in good condition. It was healthier than most of the trees I have purchased through local nurseries. Thank you for making the day extra special. I look forward to ordering some more unique shrubs and tree next season.
Re: I’ve purchased 2 beauti ... Greenwood Nursery replied on Tuesday, July 19th 2022

Dear Brian, Thank you for the find and thoughtful review. I will share this review with during our Friday staff meeting. Kind regards, Steve Jones

Steve B
Review source: Google Steve B Thursday, June 2nd 2022
In early November, 2021 I ordered Ozark Beauty Strawberries, 25 bare root plants. They say they will ship when its the right time to plant. They didn't ship until after the first week of December. We are in Maryland so winters can get pretty cold, it felt like is was late to plant strawberries. The root stock looked pretty weak, with most plants being undersized and with little foliage. I planted according to the instructions. When Spring rolled around, all the plants had died, not one survivor. Didn't bother calling customer service based on the horrible reviews. Won't buy here ever again.
Re: In early November, 2021 I ... Greenwood Nursery replied on Friday, June 24th 2022

Hello Steve B, Very sorry to hear about your strawberry plants. Actually it is difficult to ship the Ozark Beauty strawberry plants any sooner each year. The reason is this, the nursery we purchase these starter plants from will only harvest their crop late in the fall. It has to do with the plant going dormant enough to dig and take up for processing. By the time we get them it takes us about one week to two weeks to separate pack and ship all the early orders we have and ship them to our customers as quickly as we can. The only other suggestion I can offer is for you to purchase them potted in the spring or if we have the potted Ozark in the fall get them in early fall. Please contact us in the fall if you would like to purchase the potted ones. They are a bit more expensive then the bare root but I will give you a credit for the bare root ones that may make up for the bare root you got to late. I hope this helps and that you will give us a second chance. Kind regards, Steve Jones

melody smith
Review source: Google melody smith Tuesday, May 24th 2022
Very disappointed. Recived an email stating they had no more bare root strawberries. Only solutions they offer are- recive s fraction of strawberries planted or wait until October. First, I live in Alaska. We normally have snow by October. And second, why should I take a cut due to this companies blunder?

I responded with a request for a refund. With no response I go online to my account to see that they are refunding a fraction of the cost. They didn't refund shipping and handling, totalling $15.95. It never shipped! So they pocketed that.

I still have yet to see the refund. But I do see they are a shady business. Pethapse better in person, but online ordering doesn't assure business.

All you guys needed to do was 100% refund me for your blunder and I would have been a returning customer. But, from the reviews here, it seems I'll be lucky to even see a portion of the money back.

Shady business.
Re: Very disappointed. Recive ... Greenwood Nursery replied on Tuesday, May 24th 2022

Dear Melody This is the first time I have been made aware of your complaint. From what you described that is certainly not how my company does business. I will get the the bottom of this but in the meantime I need to take care of you. My wife and I have been in business with Greenwood Nursery for over 44 year. You do not get to stay in business for that period of time by being "shady". So this is the only way I have right now of emailg you so allow me to give you my email and our phone number at 800 426-0958 or 931 212 1458. steve @greenwood Please allow me to make this right for you and communicate back to me so I can find your order and refund or do what it takes to make you happy if i can. Regards, Steve Jones

Jason Keeler
Review source: Google Jason Keeler Thursday, April 21st 2022
Jason Keeler opted not to leave a text review of Greenwood Nursery
Kotaro Hamamatsu
Review source: Google Kotaro Hamamatsu Monday, February 28th 2022
This month (2022/2) I brought 4 kinds of cherry tree. The communication was wonderful, and also the shipping was sent out as they promised. Then, I received my plants within 2 days! I was impressed with their service. I highly recommend this nursery.
Re: This month (2022/2) I bro ... Greenwood Nursery replied on Monday, March 7th 2022

Hello Kotaro! Thank you for your kind words and recommendation! We look forward to working with you in the future! Have a wonderful spring season!

Ryan K
Review source: Google Ryan K Friday, August 13th 2021
Rude customer service. Can't recommend.
Re: Rude customer service. Ca ... Greenwood Nursery replied on Friday, June 24th 2022

Ryan sorry you experienced rude customer service 45 weeks ago. We have replaced some of the staff that was working for us at that time. I am confident the next time will be different for you given another chance. Steve

Jenny Kim
Review source: Google Jenny Kim Tuesday, May 25th 2021
Disappointing experience. After I placed an online order, it was crickets and tumbleweed. I emailed twice and received no response. I finally called and they said that 1/2 of my order on back order and they didn't know what the situation was (i.e. if it would come back in stock within the season). I canceled my order. The receptionist said she wasn't sure if she could send a confirmation email about my canceled order. Lesson learned.
Re: Disappointing experience. ... Greenwood Nursery replied on Friday, June 24th 2022

Jenny Very sorry to hear you had a bad experience with our company and since it was over a year ago you have most likely forgotten about us and moved on. However, I still wanted to apologize for the experience. We are constantly striving to make it better. Steve

Dr. Ron Emoff
Review source: Google Dr. Ron Emoff Monday, May 24th 2021
If your plant from Greenwood Nursery dies shortly after you've placed it in an entirely suitable nurturing garden environment as recommended for that particular plant, prepare for a maze of broken refund promises, confusing emails that seem designed to make you just give up, and inevitably not ever getting refunded for the dead plant (even though you've been promised a refund by Greenwood). One year later Greenwood has not issued refund and continues to (eventually) send incomprehensible messages full of unreal excuses, such as they already sent me a replacement plant, which is a complete untruth. I'd never order from this place again.
Re: If your plant from Greenw ... Greenwood Nursery replied on Friday, October 7th 2022

Damaged plant was replaced within 3 day s from the time the damage was reported. Checked back in our records.

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