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It's a puppy School Like no other. Minneapolis #1 Puppy Training & Dog Training School. Our dog training program offers off leash puppy classes that put you on the path to a Go Anywhere Dog. We got you! Our methods are Positive Reinforcement and science based. Always kind and always gentle! Certified through The Academy For Dog Trainers. Our off leash classes lay the foundation you need for moving onto Therapy Dog, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Emotional Support Animal Certification. Puppy Training Classes, Dog Obedience Classes in Minneapolis, MN. In Home Puppy Training and In Home Dog Training, Servicing Minneapolis, Edina, Richfield, Minnetonka, Wayzata, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, St Louis Park and Hopkins, Mn.

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6315 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55423
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Puppy Training Classes, Dog Obedience Classes, In Home Dog Training, In Home Puppy Training, Puppy Kindergarten, Off Leash Dog Training Classes, Puppy School, Dog Training Program

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Sarah Ellis
Review source: Google Sarah Ellis Thursday, April 11th 2024
I would recommend Go Anywhere Dog to anyone looking for guidance in training their puppy! I love the approach of off-leash classes, learning to trust your dog to stay engaged with you while still getting plenty of socialization time. I was shocked as how quickly my puppy picked up the training - I attribute this to the method of teaching and how much fun he has in classes. Don't hesitate to sign up! The trainers are so helpful, kind, and really use your dog's psychology to teach.
Jennifer Petersen
Review source: Google Jennifer Petersen Thursday, March 28th 2024
Jody and her team are incredible! We have learned a tremendous amount about why dogs behave the way they do and are so grateful for the wonderful training for our dog. I was beyond thrilled to find a place where we didn’t have to rely on some outdated and questionable techniques to have the best Go Anywhere Dog!
Zach Dawson
Review source: Google Zach Dawson Saturday, March 16th 2024
We enrolled our puppy, Maui, in Puppy and Me and all the Life Skills classes at GAD. Maui learned a ton and had a lot of fun, and so did we! Ashley and Emily are terrific trainers. They were always helpful with any questions we had, even if they didn't pertain to the class, and Maui was always so excited to see them. We highly recommend GAD! We will be on the lookout for more GAD opportunities in the future.
Mike Hoyt
Review source: Google Mike Hoyt Saturday, March 16th 2024
We, and our pup, loved the classes and valuable training methods taught at Go Anywhere Dog. We started when our pup was around 4 months and it was a very open and welcoming training program. We had not had a dog in over 14 years and back in the day (20+ years ago) we were trained to manage dog behavior with very old school (harmful) methods. The instruction we received was so helpful in helping us develop the right habits, communication, consistency and care for our puppy. The instructors are excellent at managing the class, communicating the reasoning behind their approach, and providing a welcoming and fun environment. Our dog loved his time there and we look forward to signing up for his/our next level of training. We couldn't recommend them enough!
Allison Justin
Review source: Google Allison Justin Thursday, March 14th 2024
I can’t say enough great things about Jody & Go Anywhere Dog.
If you’re looking for a place where your dog can get socialization, activity, and quality instruction, look no further.
We tried countless other trainers with our first dog, and our vet recommended Go Anywhere Dog. We’ve been so impressed with how far our Mia has come in such a short time! Jody & Ashley worked with us 1:1 when she noticed our Mia showing signs of anxiety & fear. They gave us tips to help her feel brave, and now our girl is on to Life Skills 301! ????????????
Jessica Dauer
Review source: Google Jessica Dauer Tuesday, March 12th 2024
We have a 3.5 year old Golden Retriever (Harry) that we had been training on our own, but still had some issues with leash reactivity & over excited greetings that we just couldn’t resolve. We decided it would be worth trying some private sessions, and we are blown away by the results!! With just 6 sessions with Emily, we saw major improvements in Harry’s overall excitement levels, jumping to greet, and leash reactivity. Now we can enjoy walks without having to dread seeing another dog and have guests over with no stress. Even just halfway through the sessions we had friends and family already commenting on how much better Harry’s greetings were! Aside from the success of the training, we felt so lucky to get to meet Emily! She’s extremely friendly and personable, and immediately makes you feel comfortable. There’s absolutely no judgement from her end, and she does a great job of sharing her wealth of training and dog knowledge during each session. We felt so much more educated and equipped to continue working with Harry after our sessions were over thanks to Emily’s help.

We went back and forth for a long time trying to decide if private training was worth the cost, but now we wish we would have done it sooner. This was truly the best investment! Thank you, Emily!!
Kacey Liefschultz
Review source: Google Kacey Liefschultz Sunday, March 10th 2024
Kacey Liefschultz opted not to leave a text review of Go Anywhere Dog - South Minneapolis
Kirsten Lakso
Review source: Google Kirsten Lakso Wednesday, March 6th 2024
Go Anywhere Dog classes are FUN, and I'm totally impressed by what my puppy and I have been able to learn together. We plan to go through the whole range of courses offered by GAD!
lauri ordway
Review source: Google lauri ordway Saturday, February 24th 2024
Clem's big brother, Jax was happy when Clem and I started puppy training. We began at a different puppy school. We did not like it very much at all but by a stroke of luck, we found GOANYWHEREDOG as a pair of disappointed dropouts. I want a GOANYWHEREDOG. Clem wants to be a GOANYWHEREDOG. These classes give me hope of success. The pups play together off leash, learning how to be playful, curious and yet somehow civil to each other. Clem had a tough start to life and has fears, is shy and needs my lap often, he has been supported, understood and his behavior is being explained to me. He has learned sit, down, stay and peekaboo. Mostly he is learning the world is a safe space and he is accepted by peeps and pups alike. We are on to our next set of classes and we are ecited to learn and do more together. lauri ordway
Karin Lund
Review source: Google Karin Lund Sunday, February 18th 2024
We have worked with Jody with two dogs now and have nothing but fantastic things to say about her! She is truly a miracle worker with dogs! Our first dog had a lot of fears and socialization issues, and through classes and private training Jody really improved her quality of life. Now we are going through the puppy classes with our new dog and are loving it! Our puppy has made tremendous progress in just 5 weeks. If you want a dog to be a great family member, GAD is the place to go. We tried other obedience classes, but none are as thoughtful or as loving as Jody’s classes. She really focuses on helping your dog be happy and well behaved and that’s all you want with a furry family member!
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More About Go Anywhere Dog - South Minneapolis

Off Leash Puppy Training and Dog Training Classes that teach you and your puppy skills for a Go Anywhere Dog. Social skills and Obedience skills are taught seamlessly through fun and play.

Go Anywhere Dog - South Minneapolis Frequently Asked Questions

In-home dog training involves our experienced trainers providing personalized training sessions in the comfort of your own home. This allows us to address specific behavioral issues and work on obedience in a familiar environment.
Puppy classes are designed to help your new furry family member learn basic obedience, socialization, and housebreaking. Our trainers create a positive and fun learning environment for puppies to develop essential skills.
The time it takes to see results from dog training varies depending on the individual dog and the specific goals. Consistency and practice are key factors in achieving lasting results.