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Fresh Karma Dispensaries- St. Joseph

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About Fresh Karma Dispensaries- St. Joseph

Fresh Karma Dispensaries- St. Joseph is the premier dispensary in St. Joesph MO and the Kansas City Metropolitan area! We are a fully licensed Missouri Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

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2221 N Belt Highway, St. Joseph, MO 64506
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  • Cannabis store
4.8 Out of 5.0

Reviews For Fresh Karma Dispensaries- St. Joseph

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Malachi Vandelinde
Review source: Google Malachi Vandelinde Tuesday, June 20th 2023
They was very nice and very helpful
Amy Baker
Review source: Google Amy Baker Tuesday, June 20th 2023
Awesome place
Ashton Sandman
Review source: Google Ashton Sandman Tuesday, June 20th 2023
Was sold a vape cartridge that I NEVER RECEIVED! Seems like a nice place with wonderful reviews. Seemed trustworthy,but I honestly would check the bag and contents before you leave! Hoping this is an honest mistake and not someone trying to take advantage. Brandon B 's service was quick and helpful, but this $40 dollar product missing is painful. Awaiting customer service, if they end up making this right I'll let y'all know! ( Review Edit, been 4 days since they said they would call me back. Looks like I'm out $40. Feel like I've been robbed. Anyways the review still stands!)
Ryan Deemer
Review source: Google Ryan Deemer Monday, June 19th 2023
Drew was my BudTender! Was completely respectful, quick, and knowledgeable! I 100$ recommend you come see him!
Dominique Goodale
Review source: Google Dominique Goodale Monday, June 19th 2023
best dispo around
Missy McLaughlin
Review source: Google Missy McLaughlin Monday, June 19th 2023
Fresh karma is the place to be. The staff are awesome and the store is always clean. Will definitely be back for more. Alex is the best tender among a few others she was the best.
Rachael Grooms
Review source: Google Rachael Grooms Sunday, June 18th 2023
Alex was great! Love fresh karma
Kendall Harris
Review source: Google Kendall Harris Sunday, June 18th 2023
Loved the experience going in getting what I love thanks
Maggie Dorsey
Review source: Google Maggie Dorsey Sunday, June 18th 2023
I have a lot of problems with this dispensary not labeling strains on their website. I picked up a strain today listed as a sativa and get it home to find out it’s an indica. I smoke for depression so I don’t need to be couch locked anymore than I already am. If it was refundable it wouldn’t be any biggie but I know the state doesn’t allow returns. I really would like as much info about the strains you’re offering as you could give. I think if you’re offering people medicinal products all dispensaries should get A LOT better about detailing their products on their websites. Some people use pick up and drive thru and order online in the dispensary for a reason and it’s no good when someone gets sent home with something that won’t work for them. It happens a lot, where I get something I had no idea I was getting.
Ive purchase quite a few of Nuthera concentrates and a lot of times it feels as though there’s significantly less than 1G, a few times where I’ve thought about buying a scale to weigh it. I don’t think anyone would appreciate that.
They’ve definitely gotten better with selection over the past few months.
There’s signs posted all Nuthera Products are 25% off but you’re never offered any discount if you purchase a Nuthera Product. I guess just ask? Most of the bud tenders here are friendly and accommodating. A few give you the feeling they would rather be talking to their co workers than helping you pick out your medicine. But i assume that’s at many places. I really love love the security guards at this location. They are always so friendly and have a smile on their face.
Chima's Psyche
Review source: Google Chima's Psyche Sunday, June 18th 2023
I left my kids soccer game to come here and I did not regret it. Lil man was crying but he'll be alright now that I'm schmeeezed
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