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About Expledge

Expledge is a results-driven employment agency that directly places you in a full-time job at a great company.

We apply for time-consuming jobs on your behalf to save you hours per day. Also, we reduce your fatigue from having to find the right jobs, carefully reviewing the job descriptions, and filling out the job applications. The jobs we apply for will match your job search requirements in job title, location, salary, work visa sponsorship, company size, and industry.

Expledge makes your resume stand out to the applicant tracking systems (ATS), recruiters, and hiring managers. We thoroughly review your resume, correct any mistakes, and even create a new resume for you. We restructure your resume so it becomes easier to read and more likely to be reviewed by a human.

We get you real interviews at real companies so you can get great practice, sharpen your interview skills, and boost your confidence.

Services Expledge Offers

We apply for jobs that match your requirements:
• Job title
• Salary
• Seniority
• Company size
• Industry

• Location: Local only, remote only, the entire United States
• Job type: Full-time, contract, unpaid internship
• Work visa sponsorship: F-1, H-1B, H-4, Green card, US Citizen

• Expledge does not add fake work experience to your resume.
• We only help people find a job in the United States.
• We do not help people find paid internships.

We help people in all career fields including:
• Engineer: Software, Electrical, Mechanical, Embedded Systems, Industrial
• Design: User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX), Graphic, Interior
• Business: Business Analyst, Financial Analyst
• Data: Data Analyst, Data Science, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst
• Manager: Project Manager, Program Manager, Product Manager
• And more

  • Employment Agencies
  • Employment Agency
  • Job Placement
  • Job Search Services
  • Resume Service
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Reviews For Expledge

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Review source: Google SHIVANI DEDHIA Tuesday, August 23rd 2022
The team at Expledge is very helpful! They are detail oriented and extremely organized which makes the job application process smooth. They respond to any queries almost instantaneously which is so helpful.
Ankit Kumar
Review source: Google Ankit Kumar Monday, August 22nd 2022
Ankit Kumar opted not to leave a text review of Expledge
Satyam Mishra
Review source: Google Satyam Mishra Monday, August 1st 2022
Helped me a lot while job search to focus and prepare for the interviews! Will recommend it to everyone who is looking for jobs.
kamal babaei
Review source: Google kamal babaei Thursday, July 7th 2022
great staff, quick communication, fast results. I got a job in 2 months
Review source: Google RIDWIK MODI Saturday, June 18th 2022
I highly recommend Expledge. They helped with my job application and got me some amazing interviews. They are very professional and organized with their work. They have saved me countless hours with the entire application process.
nishagb21 Monday, June 13th 2022
Highly recommended Expledge has the best team of professionals who will help in the job hunt and they are very updated with the latest job requirements in the market which will help students get right guidance to get a job.
Highly recommended
Pranita Ramteke
Pranita Ramteke Tuesday, May 3rd 2022
Great Team Expledge not only applies jobs what you prefer but also they check where else your skills can be a good fit and apply for it. I totally recommend Expledge if you are new to the job market and have a very little experience on how to work on your resume as well as apply for jobs that will bring you many interviews.
Aswant Tuesday, May 3rd 2022
Very good team Expledge is having good knowledge in marketing and helped me finding job quickly and as per my requirements
Varun Gattu
Review source: Google Varun Gattu Sunday, March 27th 2022
Expledge has been awesome for finding and landing in the right jobs! I personally have recommended a lot of people so far and will continue doing so. They're very professional and have a very good business model.
Garry Ancheta
Review source: Google Garry Ancheta Monday, February 7th 2022
I highly recommend Expledge since they helped me get job applications and interviews out! Even though I did not get my job offer through them, they significantly helped my confidence in getting interviews. They'll help you all the way through to the job offer and are transparent with all the process!
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More About Expledge

We strive to get you interviews at good companies:
• We apply for jobs and companies that match what you are looking for.
• We review and optimize your resume by correcting your mistakes.
• We apply for jobs at all companies and on all career websites.

Nothing better than real interviews:
• Practice with tests and live interviews.
• Sharpen your interview skills.
• Reduce your stress and anxiety by being more prepared.
• Boost your confidence with passing interviews.
• Get a better idea of what you are looking for in a job and company.
• Spend more time reviewing past interviews to address your weaknesses.

A stress-free way to get interviews:
• Reduce your job search fatigue.
• Save hours every day from applying for jobs.
• Hyperfocus on reviewing and practicing interview material.

Focus on professional development:
• Study classes
• Get certifications
• Read books
• Build a portfolio
• Develop your technical and non-technical skills
• Work full-time
• Get a degree