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Excela Square at Latrobe

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100 Excela Health Drive, Latrobe, PA 15650
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Danielle Paxton
Review source: Google Danielle Paxton Wednesday, January 4th 2023
Went in because of a sinus infection. I have had them before, but usually would go to med express or something. This place basically told me, 'we have no reason to believe it's something bacterial instead of viral' and said they wouldn't give me a prescription for antibiotics. A classic case of "my ten years of medical school trumps your life experience of knowing your body". I am never coming back here.
Jennifer Marie
Review source: Google Jennifer Marie Tuesday, December 27th 2022
Absolutely horrible place….I wouldn’t recommend this place to ANYONE most of the doctors are rude…they want to blame everything on Anxiety they don’t listen….they are more worried about treating patients as if they are lab rats than anything else….the list can go on I was push to my max with the nurse being rude so I wasn’t taking it anymore so my mouth got me into trouble needless to say I will no longer be seeing any of those doctors/ nurses not really a big loss because I already have a new doctor in place for months….but they should be held accountable for making ppl feel stupid ….as if they shouldn’t even be treated….smh
Steve Swencki
Review source: Google Steve Swencki Friday, December 9th 2022
Steve Swencki opted not to leave a text review of Excela Square at Latrobe
Allison Mullen
Review source: Google Allison Mullen Wednesday, October 5th 2022
Allison Mullen opted not to leave a text review of Excela Square at Latrobe
Review source: Google SLAY Friday, September 30th 2022
I simply cannot find hours for the primary care and that's ridiculous. Even the automated message doesn't tell you when you call.
Robert Henderson
Review source: Google Robert Henderson Saturday, September 24th 2022
Robert Henderson opted not to leave a text review of Excela Square at Latrobe
Patricia Bisko
Review source: Google Patricia Bisko Tuesday, September 20th 2022
This is a medical building, alot of doctors & areas for x-rays & testing...
Abigail Sobota
Review source: Google Abigail Sobota Friday, August 26th 2022
Took me for x-rays and forgot I also had to get blood drawn after so I waited 30 minutes as other people came in and out getting blood drawn. My light went out in my room as its time sensitive thats how long they forgot about me. Worthless to go to get multiple things taken care of at once as they will forget about you.
Priscilla Repko
Review source: Google Priscilla Repko Thursday, August 25th 2022
Had a Dr appointment today that went well.I was ordered an x-ray. Checked in to get the x-ray and sat for over an hour. Heard a tec tell the person in the next room that he was next for his x-ray, when he came in 15 min after me. I could understand if this was an emergency room but it is not! No one should have to wait that long.I guess they think we are old and don't have a life so you can sit for hours to wait.
alicia scott
Review source: Google alicia scott Wednesday, August 17th 2022
I would NEVER work for Excela ever again. Favoritism at its finest. You can just do whatever you like and no one cares. Management is not so good with taking on problems or even being a supervisor. The people that work there don’t do their jobs. They sit in the back on there phones or the computer while there is a waiting room full of patients. If your looking for a job don’t go here.
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115,000 square foot medical complex just off U.S. Route 30 in Unity Township at 100 Excela Health Drive, Latrobe PA 15650 - Excela Square at Latrobe. The $40 million project offers varied services under one roof and in line with a growing trend in the health care industry -- gathering together outpatient and specialty services to serve the area's population better.