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At Elkus & Sisson, P.C., we have handled a broad range of cases on behalf of clients across Denver and throughout Colorado.

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7100 E Belleview Ave, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
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At Elkus & Sisson, P.C., you can rely on us for a wide range of legal matters. Whether you're dealing with a personal injury case, entangled in civil litigation, navigating complex business law issues, addressing family law concerns such as divorce, managing employment disputes, or facing criminal allegations, we provide trustworthy and comprehensive legal support. Our expertise across these diverse areas ensures that we can handle your specific legal needs with the utmost professionalism and dedication. Trust us to be your steadfast advocate in any legal challenge you encounter.

  • Business Law Attorney
  • Civil Litigation Attorney
  • Criminal Defence Lawyer
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Divorce & Family Law
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Matthew Vogan
Review source: Google Matthew Vogan Wednesday, June 1st 2022
Reid Elkus was knowledgeable, listened and professional. I highly recommend him and this firm!
Amy Wells
Review source: Google Amy Wells Wednesday, March 30th 2022
Amy Wells opted not to leave a text review of Elkus & Sisson, P.C.
Victoria Brown
Review source: Google Victoria Brown Wednesday, February 16th 2022
Its as if they had never gone to law school! Were unaware of new laws, and how they affected us. Their customer service is as bad as their horrible commercial!!! Find a different firm!
Margie Guthrie
Review source: Google Margie Guthrie Thursday, November 18th 2021
Angela de la Garza was professional and friendly right from the beginning through the final settlement! Margie
Alex C
Review source: Google Alex C Saturday, October 16th 2021
I retained this law firm for a possible divorce matter. I spoke with the lawyer, Jennifer one time and was given paperwork to fill out.

I ended up not filling out the paperwork as I no longer needed their services and nothing was filed on my behalf. I called a couple of months later in order to ask a question and I never received a call back.

After about a year when I was sure I no longer needed an attorney for any matter (not that it mattered if I did need an attorney because they wouldn’t call me back anyway), I called to get my retainer back. This took over a month and I had to continually call without receiving a call back.

This law firm had come highly recommended through my union and my previous experience with them was positive.

I asked how much I would receive back and they advised 400 less than I had paid! So to talk on the phone with them once, have them send you paperwork to fill out and then not use them costs 400 bucks. Based on hiring them through my union I actually received a significant discount as well.

Office staff told me there are a lot of behind the scenes things that happen at lawyers offices. She must have been referring to the at least one “status of the case” charge they charged me for. Or the 12 minutes they charged me for an email reply. Or the nearly hour they charged me to put my name on a form draft motion….

I can’t comment on the quality of representation as I did not use them however, if you want to spend 400 dollars to retain a lawyer and not use them, than I would recommend them 10 out of 10! Be careful though because if you retain them on your own (not through a union) that cost would likely be closer to 800 dollars as I received a “discount.”

I noticed another poor review was an individual who also retained through his union. He had issues with responsiveness, etc. Maybe they just don’t care about the people they get from the union(s) they represent.

In any case, two thumbs down from me and if you are with a union based on the trend I see, maybe consider front line or Bruno or any other firm to represent you.
Debra Fideldy
Review source: Google Debra Fideldy Sunday, September 12th 2021
We contacted Elkus & Sisson,P.C. about a legal issue. My husband's call was returned promptly. Our experience was five stars all the way through the process. Brad Hansen was the attorney and Angela De La Garza his assistant. Both treated us with compassion and the quality of their work was impeccable. Angela kept us informed and explained everything! Angela went the extra mile on explaining to me how to work the new technology to get things done! We hope not to need any legal assistance in the future but ..if we do. We know who to call. It is just that easy.
Betty Simpson
Review source: Google Betty Simpson Tuesday, August 31st 2021
Our attorney Zach Wagner was excellent. Will absolutely use again in the future if needed.
Christopher Avitia
Review source: Google Christopher Avitia Thursday, May 13th 2021
Christopher Avitia opted not to leave a text review of Elkus & Sisson, P.C.
William Townsend
Review source: Google William Townsend Saturday, March 6th 2021
In 2017, I retained Elkus & Sisson through my union's legal defense fund to help deal with an issue where my paychecks had been mishandled and I was being shorted pay. They came highly recommended as a big shot law firm in the field, and I was highly disappointed with what I got. My attorney was Reid Elkus, and he regularly had difficulty making and completing phone calls with me, often failing to call when he was supposed to or when he did, only having 5-10 minutes to talk. On the occasions when we would chat about my case, I would frequently have to spend the entire time re-explaining my situation because he never seemed to remember any of it.

My case ended up stretching out for 2 years, with Reid being unresponsive for months at a time. In a fit of productivity after one such call out, Reid did push my employer and get them to agree to a suitable settlement, but then he went unresponsive again and failed to follow through on making the settlement come to fruition. As it turned out, I ended up having to take the terms of the settlement to my employer myself and get them to follow through on their agreement to get my backed pay without his assistance.

Throughout the process, I was regularly frustrated with Reid's habitual unresponsiveness and the feeling that my case wasn't "important enough" or "big enough" to rate for a big-shot law firm. I was deeply disappointed with the representation that I got throughout the process, and I reported as much to my union when the process was done. I've since had another occasion to retain another law firm, and my experience was eye-opening. It really hammered home just how miserable my experience with Elkus & Sission was. Do yourself a favor and go with a smaller firm that is going to be more interested in doing right by their client.
Mike Violette
Review source: Google Mike Violette Thursday, March 12th 2020
Mike Violette opted not to leave a text review of Elkus & Sisson, P.C.
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More About Elkus & Sisson, P.C.

Elkus & Sisson, P.C. is committed to providing each of our clients with personalized, dedicated attention and unwavering representation. We combine the intimacy and individualized service of a small, local office with the vast resources, extensive knowledge, and profound experience of a larger firm. Whatever your legal situation, we are dedicated to guiding you through the legal process while prioritizing your specific objectives. Our attorneys in Denver are widely respected as leaders in their fields, consistently delivering the exceptional legal support that you require.