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Dr. Kevin Brenner is a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills providing expert breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures.

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465 N Roxbury Dr #1001, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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Plastic Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Breast lift, Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck, Rhinoplasty, Facelift

4.7 Out of 5.0

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Phoebe Verutti
Review source: Google Phoebe Verutti Monday, November 15th 2021
Phoebe Verutti opted not to leave a text review of Dr. Kevin Brenner
Kathy Mackal
Review source: Google Kathy Mackal Wednesday, September 8th 2021
I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Brenner if you are looking for a surgeon with great bedside manner who is a perfectionist beyond belief. At the beginning of this year I realized that my Mentor Silicone Implants were the cause of 8 long years of illness that I had been dealing with, and I chose Dr. Brenner as my surgeon bc of the aesthetic results of his former explant clients (which can be seen on his website.) I called his office to get a consultation and was called back by Dani, who is very personable and completely put me at ease. Dani was able to schedule me a phone consultation with Dr. B (due to the fact that I live out of state), and then after that consultation was able to fit me in to their schedule for surgery on March 29th. My surgery took 7 hours (since it was enbloc and I also needed a lift) and went smoothly, and Dr. B's team were wonderful from start to finish. And BONUS ~ due to Dr. B's recommendation that I get the 36hr pain shot ~ I didn't even need to take any of the pain meds that were prescribed to me for post surgery. My recovery was the easiest recovery that I've ever had, and 95% of my myriad of pain issues vanished overnight once I had those poisonous sacks removed from my body. Explanting was the best thing that I have ever done for myself, and choosing Dr. Kevin Brenner and his staff was the best decision I have ever made! ?
Naomi Wintemute
Review source: Google Naomi Wintemute Tuesday, February 2nd 2021
Dr. Brenner and his entire team are absolutely incredible!!!! Dr. Brenner is a very talented surgeon, very knowledgeable and has the best bedside manner. He made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. Choosing to have Dr. Kevin Brenner as my surgeon was the best decision I could have ever made. I have never felt so confident and I'm so grateful for the amazing job Dr. Brenner had done.

Dr. Brenner will always be my go to for all my future aesthetic needs, you will not be disappointed with him... make that consult appointment :)
Explant Liaison
Review source: Google Explant Liaison Thursday, December 31st 2020
Dr Brenner I credit with saving my life by explanting me in February 2019. I had worked in the industry at that point for 15 years not knowing that my breast implants were the root of my illness for over 7 of those years. My former boss kept telling me it couldn't be my implants which sadly cost me 2.5 more years of health issues. Three surgeons I met with when I decided it was worth taking a chance to explant told me Breast Implant Illness didn't exist and I'd need to realignment to avoid deformity. I had a deformity which was the reason for the implants. Dr Brenner was the only one who had my best interest at hand. He performed an explant/lift in Feb 2019. The implant on the left caused a depression in the tissue and my left breast was smaller but I was so happy with just that result- perfectionist!!!! He did fat transfer to correct the indent last August and I am so happy. I didn't want to trade one problem for another so I was nervous for the lipo outcome. The most exciting part- he sculpted my legs in order to get the fat for the left breast so it was a super bonus I wasn't expecting. The fat has lasted and you would never know I went from a deformity, two sets of implants, 7+ years of illness, explant, lift and fat transfer. He and his team are the A Team of Beverly Hills. And the best part of the whole story- I'm totally better and feel human again and I probably wouldn't have had the surgery as soon had he not encouraged it.
Cabrina Pollex
Review source: Google Cabrina Pollex Wednesday, September 9th 2020
WOW! WOW! WOW! If you are searching please seriously consider stopping right now. Dr. Brenner and his breast team are the BEST hands down. I initially found Dr. Brenner in an article commending his aesthetic eye and how he perfected the "natural" look. I live in NV and I was not pleased with the surgeons in my area. I had saline implants placed in 2012. About 2 years ago, I noticed the shape of my breasts changing and a painful pulling sensation in my armpit area. I didn't really know what I wanted expect that I wanted them taken out given the complications I was having. I found Dr. Brenner's website and filled out a consultation form early April. The next day or so, Dani (practice manager) called me and we discussed available dates for a consultation. We talked for about 30 minutes and she explained some of the items I could discuss with Dr. Brenner during my consult (i.e. explanation with fat transfer). Dani, is like my long-lost best gal friend. She really set the tone for what to expect in Dr. Brenner's practice. I had my consult on June 19, 2020 and I felt so safe coming into his office. Everything was COVID compliant, Dani and Dr. Brenner informed me of all the additional practices they were doing to assure my safety. I have NEVER met a physician who truly listens, explains, and cares more than Dr. Brenner and his team. The consult is usually an hour (which is already better than most plastic surgeons), but he took his time and allowed me to ask additional questions. All in all, I think we spoke close to 2 hours. He informed me that I had capsular contracture on both sides with the right being grade 4. I finally had an answer to the pain I was having. On July 9, 2020 I explanted and opted for a fat transfer from my lower back and abdomen area to restore volume. Since I live out of state, I had a few issues with my COVID results getting to Dr. Brenner's office in time, but his staff (Jihan, Lola, and Dani) worked tirelessly to find alternatives for me. The day before surgery Dr. Brenner and Dave (nurse anesthesiologist) called me to check in and discuss what to expect before the big day. These phone calls really alleviated any anxiety I had about the surgery. Fast-forward to surgery day and it was the easiest most painless process; I was greeted by Rosie the surgery nurse who is literally the epitome of an angel. The operating table was warmed special thanks to Rosie for arriving earlier than my 6:30AM arrival to start the warmers. I told Dave that the feeling of the sleepy medicine usually burns my hand and he was quick to assure me that he would make sure it was painless this time around (which it was!). As Dave and Dr. Brenner worked on my IV, Al (surgical tech) held my hand and Rosie rubbed my head which kept me really relaxed. Dave numbed my hand where the IV was going so I literally felt nothing. As a drifted to sleep, I was told I reached for Rosie's hand (I'm telling ya'll, she is a real-life angel). When I woke up, I had some slight pain in my back area, but nothing too serious. I've been under anesthesia several times for health-related reasons and I ALWAYS wake up crying, screaming, feeling like I can't keep my eyes open...nauseous. I told Dr. Brenner and Dave this beforehand and both smiled at me with a twinkle in their eye telling me that this would be different. I woke up and felt amazing, no crying, no screaming, nothing but CALMNESS. Rosie made sure that my husband understood the discharge orders and how to care for me for the next few days. Dave called me later that night to check on me. I felt amazing, I was tired, but comfortable. I was able to move around unassisted the next day after surgery with 0 pain. I had the best team of professionals caring for me. The entire recovery period I have felt minimal pain. Dr. Brenner is a plastic surgeon Michelangelo. My breasts look 1000x better than before. Dr. Brenner has perfected the natural look. Special shout out to Dr. Brenner's breast explant liaison who has helped me adjust to life post breast implants.
Jodi Zuckerman
Review source: Google Jodi Zuckerman Monday, June 22nd 2020
I highly recommend Dr. Brenner -- he is amazing! I've been going to him for over 10 years -- from my Botox and cosmetic laser treatments to stitching up my daughter's eyebrow after a nasty fall (no scar!), he does such excellent work! He has a great bedside manner too -- a very calming nature!
Sasha I
Review source: Google Sasha I Sunday, June 21st 2020
I recently had an accident and required emergency reconstructive surgery to repair a portion of my lip that had been torn away. Dr. Brenner's office had just opened two days earlier after being closed during quarantine. Given this was an emergency, I had no prior consultation. But after seeing a photo of the injury, Danielle, Dr. Brenner's Surgical Coordinator assured me the Doctor would make the repair. Within two hours I was seen by Dr. Brenner. After an extensive consultation I was in surgery, and 50 minutes later, I could not believe what I saw. My only request was that I would be able to smile again. I never imagined I would walk out of the office looking like I did. I was stunned, in the very best way.

The complications of operating during a pandemic were made seamless by Dr. Brenner's staff. Jihan coordinated my intake by email and could not have been more helpful and kind. When I arrived the process of checking in was handled with extreme caution and I felt very safe and well cared for.

Dr. Brenner was also remarkably attentive and spent a good deal of time explaining the surgery and what needed to be done to repair my lip. He was calm and very reassuring though careful not to set my expectations too high. In my opinion, he was humble, because the results were nearly flawless! Despite 13 sutures, and the need to repair the muscle and remove additional tissue to realign my lip (creating a lip line where it had been torn away) Dr. Brenner meticulously reconstructed the area and I knew in time, it would be virtually undetectable.

My recovery was incredible. Every day I saw improvement. And everything happened just as Dr. Brenner detailed. He covered how to care for and clean the area, how to manage swelling, pain, and my activity, what I could expect from scarring, how and exactly when to start massaging the area to reduce scar tissue, all to ensure the best results. And when I had a question after surgery, Jihan was only too happy to answer. When I thought a suture might be protruding, they had me come in for a look and took care of me right away (incidentally, it was nothing unusual and they even trimmed one of the sutures as it was healing.)

I cannot get over the incredible care I received from Dr. Brenner and his team. And the results a month later are astounding. People cannot tell I had surgery and I still have a few sutures inside my lip. It feels great and will only improve over time.

I have never had cosmetic surgery. And this was not how I imagined seeing a plastic surgeon for the first time. I can now say, without question, if and when I ever need or want anything done to enhance or repair my features, there is NO ONE else I would go to - Dr. Brenner is it for me. I cannot fully express how miraculous this repair was and how restorative the results are. I can smile! And I look just like me. No glaring scar or deformity. It's extraordinary. What Dr. Brenner did for me was a real blessing. I know that had I gone to the emergency room as I originally planned, and had one of the panel provider surgeons made the repair, I would not have enjoyed the same results that Dr. Brenner was able to achieve. What he does is an art and he really restores people to their best self. I am so grateful and cannot recommend Dr. Brenner and his team highly enough.
sidaq gill
Review source: Google sidaq gill Friday, June 12th 2020
sidaq gill opted not to leave a text review of Dr. Kevin Brenner
Raquel Soto
Review source: Google Raquel Soto Saturday, March 7th 2020
Dr. Brenner was God sent. I explanted almost 3 months ago. I am so pleased with my results. From the beginning I felt comfortable with Dr. Brenner and his amazing staff. My consultation was almost two hours long. He listened to everything I had to say and I felt so understood by him. I've never experienced such care from any doctors office like I have here.
Amanda is amazing! She has been walking with me through this rough journey and is very knowledgeable with BII.
Best experience ever.
Thank you all so much!!!
Michael Montilla
Review source: Google Michael Montilla Thursday, January 9th 2020
I was mauled by a dog several years ago, requiring extensive facial reconstruction & was fortunate to have met Dr. Brenner in the ER. He is an amazing doctor with great skills & the best bed side manners. I highly reccomend him to anyone seeking ANY type of procedure that involves a plastic surgeon.
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More About Dr. Kevin Brenner

Dr. Kevin Brenner is a double board certified plastic surgeon serving Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, with a lifetime's worth of experience in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. From his Beverly Hills office, he performs the full spectrum of plastic surgery procedures and treatments to address any and all cosmetic aspects of the face or body.