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DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic

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2929 SW 3rd Ave #610, Miami, FL 33129
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This acupuncture doctor has clinical experience treating infertility, menstrual disorders, anxiety and stress.

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Adina Butar
Review source: Google Adina Butar Wednesday, October 6th 2021
I can't wait for my acupuncture sessions every time. Dr. Ivelisse DeJongh Is amazing in every way; she really does take time to know you and treat your case based on your own needs; when I first decided to go to fertility acupuncture was after trying to get pregnant for 6 months and the doctor wanted
To send me directly to IVF. Honestly I was not
Ready for IVF yet and wanted to try a more holistic method first. I know that with the right adjustment we are designed to get pregnant naturally. Before our first session we had a zoom meeting and she learned everything about me ( my hormones; levels of tyroid TSH; FSH; AMH etc ) and she told
Me to give it 6 months. Our body / hormones change every 3 months. Our egg quality can really get improved if we give it some
Time and we put in the work ( eat healthy; live healthy ) I felt better and better after every session and I have to admit I really let go and trusted her completly( I
Think is very important to have trust because she really is a professionist) at first I started having
Periods with no
Pain which was amazing thinking that all
My life I was afraid of
Period cramps and felt the improvement by every session. I used to see her 3 times a month. After just 3 months my hormones improved and doctor ( on-gyn) said the results were 4 times better then last time I did the tests. In the meantime she also recomanded some
Plants for my husbond ( antioxidants ) which helped and improved his semen as well and in my 5th month of seeing her I got
Pregnant naturally! I am
18 weeks pregnant now and I feel
Amazing ! I am
Still seeing her constantly because she helps a lot during pregnancy as well. The environment is very relaxing and she teach you how to connect with the baby soul. Because I do believe baby's chose their parents before they are born ????
Valeria Segura
Review source: Google Valeria Segura Wednesday, October 6th 2021
Empecé con Ivelisse por recomendación del doctor con el que hice mi IVF debido a la ansiedad que el proceso me generó. Fue un cambio total, me ayudo con mi estado de ánimo y a tener éxito en el proceso. Ivelisse sabe perfecto lo que hace, es muy profesional y tiene muchos conocimientos. Hoy tengo 5 meses de embarazo y estoy segura que gran parte del éxito del IVF es gracias a ella.
Katherine Matta
Review source: Google Katherine Matta Tuesday, June 8th 2021
Katherine Matta opted not to leave a text review of DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic
Annie Moreno
Review source: Google Annie Moreno Tuesday, May 18th 2021
I've been trying to get pregnant for almost 7 years without success until I found out Ivelisse who help me during my fertility process. After 1 month of consistent accupunture sessions with Ivelisse I got pregnant of my new baby boy who is close to born. I am currently having accupunture sessions that help me during my labor process since I dream on a natural birth also. Accupunture hasn't been only a help for my physical body and lifting to my hormones, it has lift and employer my psychological and spiritual body. Thanks again Ivelisse, accupunture is a powerful tool and you make it a complete changing experience in my life.?
Tabitha Barattini
Review source: Google Tabitha Barattini Friday, March 19th 2021
Ivelisse has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She not only heals your body but also your mind. I noticed a change in my cycles after 2.5 months of treatment. Just as she predicted. At first I was hesitant to try acupuncture. I'm not a fan of needles, no matter the size. But I'm so glad I tried it. She does a wonderful job relaxing you before treatments. Often I don't even know when she's placed the small pins. Every session is a little different. I enjoyed the diversity of our sessions. I highly recommend trying fertility acupuncture here.
Sonia Parada
Review source: Google Sonia Parada Monday, March 8th 2021
After one miscarriage, fertility doctors advising to find an egg donor because of my age and month after month of disappointing negative pregnancy tests for about two years, I found this practice and took a leap of faith with acupuncture.

Ivelisse helped me relax and visualise my baby with guided meditation. Within one month of treatment I was pregnant, I did acupuncture throughout my entire pregnancy. I'm so thankful for her knowledge, commitment to me as her patient and I'm so glad I found her. I highly recommend her. A+++ professional and experience.
Zashelle Ramos
Review source: Google Zashelle Ramos Friday, March 5th 2021
I tried to get pregnant for 5 years with no success. I had some failed fertility treatments and wanted to try something different. I strongly felt like I needed something my doctors weren't offering to get where I wanted to be. I found what I was missing with Ivelisse. Starting with our consultation, I knew I would get the guidance I needed. I started my sessions right away with a treatment plan tailored to my needs. Even while not being able to come in for a while due to covid, she gave me the tools I needed to work on my body at home. After 4 months of working with Ivelisse I accomplished what I couldn't in 5 years, I'm pregnant. I write this as I anxiously await the arrival of my baby boy later today! I highly, highly recommend Ivelisse to anyone looking for help on their pregnancy journey. She is truly dedicated to her patients. You won't find a more caring and supportive environment to help you along the way.
fanny moncada
Review source: Google fanny moncada Monday, November 2nd 2020
Stephanie Nickolich
Review source: Google Stephanie Nickolich Tuesday, June 16th 2020
Dr DeJongh is hands down the BEST!!!! Don't bother going to anyone else. She is truly magical. I've been to many acupuncture clinics over the years and no one can even touch her level of care. She is the BEST!!! Don't wait another minute considering, go ahead and book your appointment today.
Maria Alejandra Leon
Review source: Google Maria Alejandra Leon Saturday, May 2nd 2020
I wasn't able to get pregnant for 4 years. I have
hashimotos and hypothyroidism. I came to Ivelisse after I tried accupunture with other places and went to multiple fertility clinics without success with IUI or medications they prescribed to me. Ivelisse was the first doctor to really focused in on my thyroid condition. She gave me a custom plan that included a custom diet and vitamins in conjunction with my accupunture treatment. I'll tell you I was skeptical because of everything I've tried but I followed her instructions and managed to get pregnant after 2 months of treatment. I couldn't believe it! I am now expecting a baby boy and couldn't be happier. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with fertility issues.
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More About DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic

DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic in Miami is a calming and boutique-like alternative medicine facility, where patients come to receive relaxed, personalized care for optimal results. The office and treatment rooms are decorated in Feng Shui creating a balanced environment. All holistic treatments and techniques are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, which treats the root cause of the problem instead of masking the symptoms.

The clinic was founded by Ivelisse DeJongh, a Miami licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine with clinical experience treating fertility issues, menstrual disorders, anxiety, stress, emotional disorders, pain and skin conditions. She received her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from the Acupuncture and Massage College (AMC) in Miami, Florida.

Dr. DeJongh has also received certification on extensive training in acupuncture and IVF support, pregnancy, cosmetic acupuncture, ELR (energy light rejuvenation), facial cupping and derma roller, as well as acupuncture injection therapy, specializing in cosmetic collagen and weight-loss meso-therapy.

This unique Miami acupuncture clinic caters to patients of all ages, which many are calling a "hidden gem." Call Ivelisse DeJongh today at (305) 677-3214 and experience what Complementary Alternative Medicine can do for you!

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