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About Complete Oriental Medical Care

Complete Oriental Medical Care is an acupuncture & Chinese medicine clinic located in Edina, MN. Known for having the most five star reviews in our field, we offer results oriented treatments for migraines, sciatica, back pain, vertigo, trigeminal neuralgia, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss and much more. If you are looking for an acupuncture clinic with 28 years of holistic health experience and expertise you can trust to bring you to a new level of health, give us a call at 952-831-8080. Licensed acupuncturist Steven Sonmore uses an advanced form of acupuncture that brings quick and long lasting results. We also feature a complete line of Chinese herbs tailored to your specific health needs.

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7400 Metro Blvd #280, Edina, MN 55439
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Services Complete Oriental Medical Care Offers

Complete Oriental Medical Care offers a variety of services to help our clients achieve optimal health through natural healing methods. Our services include acupuncture, Chinese herbology and dietary therapy. Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to treat a variety of conditions such as anxiety, stress, chronic pain and more. Chinese herbology uses formulas made up of herbs to improve overall health by restoring balance within the body. Dietary therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine principles which focus on using food as medicine to balance the body's energy systems.

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  • Cupping
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  • Traditional Chinese Herbs
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John Mork
Review source: Google John Mork Friday, March 3rd 2023
I had knee replacement surgery in November of 2021 with a bad result of excessive scar tissue. I have tried every form of physical therapy at the top PT clinics in town. Although I had marginal improvements in my range of motion, I was still not happy with the limited range of my knee. My wife had success with Steven on her back issues and told me I should give acupuncture a try. After two months of acupuncture and rapid release (jack hammer) treatments, I can honestly say that my range of motion has significantly improved and has shown to be the most successful form of PT that I have received.
Dana Kuntz
Review source: Google Dana Kuntz Wednesday, August 17th 2022
Two friends recommended Steven Sonmore after they had amazing results for two separate issues. It wasn't that I was skeptical, I just thought it might help a little. I've had IBS for over 30 years. What can I say? I experienced bliss on day one. I have never been without pain, bloating, and discomfort and it was just gone. It got to the point where he would ask me how I was when he walked in the room and if I hadn't slept, was anxious, had a headache, or had hot flashes I would tell him because I knew they would be fixed with his miracle work. And they always were. My IBS isn't an issue anymore. I feel great.
I also brought a family member for treatment of a few issues. I noticed amazing results for them including clear skin and a peaceful attitude. Steven is truly amazing and I highly recommend him for any ailment.
M & M Family
Review source: Google M & M Family Thursday, June 2nd 2022
I have numerous medical issues, including fibromyalgia, headaches, acid reflux, IBS, and arthritis. I have to admit, before coming to Complete Oriental Medical Care I was a mess and at my absolute wit's end. I was in immense pain every day, and all my doctors could do was provide prescription after prescription, none of which worked to alleviate my pain or assisted my body in any way shape, or form to help its healing process. I decided to take a different approach and sought the advice of Steven Sonmore. Steven is extremely knowledgeable with years of experience and dedication to the healing properties of acupuncture. He is truly gifted, listens attentively, explains his techniques, and has the ability to help your body in its capabilities to heal. Steven and I went over my medical and prescription records and he put together a wellness plan to improve the quality of my life through acupuncture, cupping, and the use of Chinese herbs. I have had numerous acupuncture and cupping sessions, as well as using the Chinese herbs, and I can say without a doubt that my mind and body have improved with each session. My symptoms have lessened drastically, and my headaches and the physical pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis have been drastically reduced. I can actually garden for short periods of time again, and go for a walk, which is something I haven't done for well over two years. I cannot say enough about Complete Oriental Medical Care and Steven, the services he provides is life-changing. I have recommended Steven to all of my family and friends, and we are now enjoying the benefits and a much better, and healthier means of assisting our bodies in the healing process. I cannot recommend Complete Oriental Medical Care and Steven enough. HIGHLY recommend!
Minneapolis Girl
Review source: Google Minneapolis Girl Friday, June 18th 2021
This is a top notch, well-managed acupuncture and TCM office that has been in business for many years. Steven is immensely talented with his delivery of both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I have noted that he is an absolute perfectionist at his craft and I appreciate his dedication to delivering the best quality treatment possible. His approach is unique, aggressive, and highly effective. I have been to a number of acupuncturists over the years and none have helped me to heal the way Steven has. He has been an integral part of my recovery from a multitude of symptoms that includes: insomnia, chronic fatigue, widespread body pain and migraines related to fibromyalgia, female hormone imbalance, digestive issues, and anxiety. I highly recommend Steven to those who are receiving conventional Western care and are seeking to supplement and/or further improve their health regimen, and I ESPECIALLY recommend him to anyone frustrated with the limitations and lack of results from traditional health care (particularly for those like me that have “mystery illnesses” with complicated symptoms that Western medicine is unable to diagnose and/or adequately treat).
Odelya Kaufmann
Review source: Google Odelya Kaufmann Thursday, May 27th 2021
I have had a wonderful experience with Steven. I struggled with chronic neck pain, muscle pain, and even digestion problems. I have tried so many places and different treatments and I am so thankful I found Steven as he has been able to make significant improvements to all my health concerns. I would recommend Steven to any of my friends.
Mark Moshchinsky
Review source: Google Mark Moshchinsky Sunday, May 9th 2021
Complete Oriental Medical Care by Steven is of highest quality and integrity.

He is highly experienced and caring acupunctirist. You will be in good hands ????
Matthew Leavitt
Review source: Google Matthew Leavitt Thursday, May 6th 2021
I struggled with pain, disorientation, headaches, fatigue, digestive problems, heart palpitations and balance issues when I was referred to Steven. Over the course of a few months, all of those symptoms subsided and I was able to return to a normal life. Having tried everything from western medicine to chiropractic and massage, Accupuncture and other healing modalities; I couldn't seem to find any lasting improvement. I felt I was slipping away physically and mentally. From the very first session, I could feel the difference. Now my life is back to what it was years ago with vitality and enthusiasm to live and be productive! Super grateful to have found Steven!
Thomas Baskerville
Review source: Google Thomas Baskerville Tuesday, December 29th 2020
My experience at Oriental Medical Care was very good. I appreciate Steve's approach of treating the well-being of the person as a whole by considering potential underlying health issues rather than simply focusing on the treatment of a specific symptom. My treatments have had a positive effect on my overall health.
Ruohang Ma
Review source: Google Ruohang Ma Monday, December 28th 2020
Before the treatment, I had a very serious stomach problem. The long-term pain of bloating made it difficult to fall asleep or even cold sweat at night. I often fall asleep at four in the morning even though I lie in bed early. After acupuncture for about six to seven times, my stomach obviously no longer hurts, and the improvement is very obvious, so I am very thankful to Steven!
Shahid Jamal
Review source: Google Shahid Jamal Wednesday, December 16th 2020
I saw Steve 1st time a few years ago for my anxiety and some memory related issues. He suggested me a total of 18 treatments. Boy what a difference.. He hit the right chord and my anxiety was totally gone!! I don't recall feeling so good in years without the meds I had been on!! A couple of years later when my symptoms relapsed, I wanted to see Steve again but he wasn't accepting my insurance so I chose another "highly qualified" MD acupuncturist from the cities and the results weren't even close. Steve has magical hands and I'd highly recommend him!!
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More About Complete Oriental Medical Care

Complete Oriental Medical Care is a professional and experienced acupuncture clinic located in Edina, Minnesota. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in a safe, soothing and comfortable environment. Our licensed acupuncturist utilizes ancient Chinese medicine techniques to provide effective treatments for anxiety, stress, chronic pain and other conditions. Our treatments include acupuncture, Chinese herbology and dietary therapy. We also have three treatment rooms available with heated tables and Chinese herbs. Our goal is to help our clients achieve optimal health through natural healing methods.