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About Botox Training Miami

Botox Training Miami offers training in Botulinum Neurotoxins and Dermal Filler treatments to Miami and surrounding area residents. All Botox & Filler training courses in Miami are taught directly by Dr. Katz (who is on the actual patent application for Botulinum Toxins) and include a certificate and CE credits.

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2000 N Bayshore Dr #1408, Miami, FL 33137
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Donald Thaler
Review source: Google Donald Thaler Friday, December 3rd 2021
I took the Miami Botox course because I was being pressured by others in my practice to learn Botox. I was the only one who didn't learn it in medical school. This met my needs. Part of it was hands-on (with a real person if desired) and part was very concise training by Dr. Katz. It all added up to good info. I now have the skills for injectables and the certification to get my colleagues off my back. Excellent.
Colin Armstrong
Review source: Google Colin Armstrong Monday, November 29th 2021
The LIFT procedure is a unique and amazing way to get facelift-like results, and it's the best part of this course that I took for my yearly credit. I also like that I was able to get extra hours of credit for recorded seminars in addition to the live Miami Botox training class. LIFT is valuable info all by itself and when combined with the other details and basics of Botox it all adds up to a very reasonable course. It's a nice day and a nice value and I'm glad I took it. Thanks for the opportunity. Anyone who needs some continuing education credit will be glad they got it this way instead of through some other course that's not as good.
Lillie Avalos
Review source: Google Lillie Avalos Friday, November 26th 2021
When I take classes for my continuing training I ALWAYS research who is most experienced. Pleased to find that he was teaching within a couple of months right here in Miami. This Botox and dermal filler training did not disappoint and included enough info to get me started plus online refreshers when I need more depth or retraining. GREAT idea. You will thank yourself if you do your research yourself, because you will find the BEST is Dr. Howard Katz.
Natalie Carr
Review source: Google Natalie Carr Tuesday, November 23rd 2021
Real world examples. Live person training. Overall very practical. Not much anatomy or theory. No videos of others to watch. Dr. Howard Katz seems like a nice guy and has a great course. Very easy to learn in this environment. My Miami Botox training fit my schedule well. Researched which course to take and found this was the most experienced instructor.
Sylvia Roberts
Review source: Google Sylvia Roberts Saturday, November 20th 2021
Short seminars are sometimes only fluff and no real learning, but at this Botox course I took in Miami last year the class was very concise and got started and right into things immediately. I enjoyed this so much more than the on-demand training I took in other cosmetic processes this year. I liked the choice of working on a real person or a mannikin and I liked that I was able to do everything to prove what I had learned. We all got our certification and got the skills to go with it. Nice course. Would take from Dr. Katz again if he does something else that interests me.
lorelei coman
Review source: Google lorelei coman Tuesday, November 16th 2021
I would give it more stars if I could. I have taken a lot of courses through the years since I'm required to like everyone else, and this ranks in the top 3 or 4. I especially like the real-people training aspect. This Miami Botox training allows you to bring a friend or colleague to be the one you inject with the real Botox or saline if they don't want injectable treatment. I brought my wife, who works as my receptionist sometimes. I did real Botox on her forehead and saline for the rest. She has had it before from her dermatologist and she noted that it really is less painful with the needle size recommended in this course, which she said was different from what she had had in the past. She was impressed with my skills right off, and I expect to only get better. Simulating a real-world situation with a real person to train on makes so much sense.
Lois V Chiang
Review source: Google Lois V Chiang Wednesday, October 13th 2021
I'm tired of paying top dollar for Botox for myself and my wife... very excited to get certified with Dr. Katz in Botox in Miami.
Billy Spencer
Review source: Google Billy Spencer Wednesday, October 6th 2021
I'm a patient of Dr. Katz, and know first hand how talented he is with Botox injection. I'd like to learn from the master now that he has a Botox training program in Miami!
Millie Mappes
Review source: Google Millie Mappes Tuesday, September 21st 2021
I recently moved to Miami and know about Dr. Katz's botox training programs by reputation. I'm so happy they opened a training location in Miami, I thought I wouldn't have the chance after moving. I'm the first in line to get training from him here!
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