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Kristen Stapinski
Review source: Google Kristen Stapinski Monday, February 8th 2021
I have been taking classes virtually since the start of the pandemic. It truly has helped me manage my anxiety during quarantine. And my one on one sessions with John have helped open blockages and relieved so much tension I didn't realize I was holding on to.
Re: I have been taking classe ... Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi replied on Monday, February 8th 2021

Thank you Kristen for your good words. We are happy when our members share how they are benefiting from our classes, even when they are online. There is a feeling that we are all in this together which brings a sense joy and gratitude to center. Thank you Kristen!

Maryana winston
Review source: Google Maryana winston Friday, February 5th 2021
I have been on online participant of the Ramsey Body and Brain Yoga for the past year. The online classes offered during the pandemic have been an essential part of my life. Participating in the online classes offers the same benefits of a live class, but from the safety and convenience of ones own home. Classes enhance my ability to focus within, and create balance and harmony within my own body, mind and spirit. I love both the physical and mental challenges of the classes. I feel strong, centered, and better able to face the difficult challenges we are all faced with in the world today.
Re: I have been on online par ... Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi replied on Saturday, February 6th 2021

Hi Maryana, we are so grateful that we can all stay connected during the pandemic time. And we appreciate hearing that you are feeling the benefits of the online classes in your daily life!

MIMI OrganizDwell
Review source: Google MIMI OrganizDwell Wednesday, December 23rd 2020
I started attending classes at Ramsey Body and Brain in January of 2019. My body was stiff and my energy was low. I find the classes at Ramsey Body & Brain benefiting my well being!!! My body feels a lot more flexible! Classes combine Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, which I enjoy!!!

During the Pandemic I am grateful for the online availability of the classes. My body benefits from the practice in many ways!! Keeps my mind centered and at ease.
Re: I started attending class ... Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi replied on Saturday, May 25th 2019

Thank you for your feedback Mimi! We are so happy that you are progressing through the classes.

Susan Keshner
Review source: Google Susan Keshner Tuesday, November 3rd 2020
Joining Body & Brain in Ramsey has been one of the best moves I've made in the last few months. I have seen a noticeable difference in my posture and flexibility. Friends have been telling me I'm looking "really good" although they're unable to put their finger on exactly why. My overall temperament seems to be calmer. I feel that taking class first thing in the mornings sets up my day. My body is nicely stretched and my brain is nourished, ready for whatever may come my way - thanks to B&B, all from the comfort of my living room via my iPad. As a relatively new member, I have monthly individual evaluations with the Center Manager to answer my questions, modify my form, and just get a general feeling of belonging.
Re: Joining Body & Brain in R ... Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi replied on Tuesday, November 3rd 2020

Dear Susan, we are happy to hear that you are benefitting from the classes, esp with your participation through the classes online! We look forward to working together for your continued progress. Thank you Susan!

Hal Keshner
Review source: Google Hal Keshner Tuesday, November 3rd 2020
Since joining Body & Brain several months ago my vitality, posture and coordination have all undergone marked improvement. I'm beginning to experience life's energy in a new and deeply personal way. As a vocalist, I've found new exciting connections to my own voice. Overall, I've found new calm strength to meet life's daily challenges.

All this is made possible by the expert and caring core of instructors and a community of mutually supportive students. Classes have great variety and are challenging while allowing newbies such as myself to do as much as we can at our own pace to get in touch with our bodies.

The healing sessions that are available for additional cost are worth their weight in gold, and have helped my energy flow more freely, allowing me new insights into my own being.

I look forward to expanding and deepening my experiences with Body & Brain, and to all that I may become as a result.


The Body & Brain staff are knowledgeable, caring, and patient. They have gone through great effort to create online training experiences so students may safely continue their growth at home during this COVID era. They take an interest in each student's "current condition" and present opportunities for coaching them towards further growth. During these challenging times, their training has been a valued counterbalance to daily stressors. They and the fellow students feel like "family", and that is a wonderful thing to be able to say.
Re: Since joining Body & Brai ... Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi replied on Sunday, January 24th 2021

Thank you Hal for your good words. We are very grateful that we can continue serving your wellness needs during these challenging times. We look forward to 'seeing' you soon!

Maria Mora
Review source: Google Maria Mora Wednesday, October 7th 2020
I feel very grateful to this practice. Since I started this practice my physical, emotional and mental condition has improved in different positive ways feeling more energy and more centered, better focus and concentration.I also feel more in control of my emotions rather than being control over by them. Being emotionally stable, and feeling more energized and centered means a lot to me.
Thank you Body and Brain Yoga for helping me get back my Health, Happiness and Peace.?
Re: I feel very grateful to ... Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi replied on Thursday, January 28th 2021

Thank you for your good words Maria, we feel grateful when we hear that people live their lives more happily after taking our classes. Let's create a brighter world!

Eileen Feurey
Review source: Google Eileen Feurey Saturday, September 26th 2020
Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi is the most holistic practice I've ever experienced. Not only did it improve my physical health, it also made me a stronger person and opened me up to do things I never thought I could or would do. The instructor worked with me to create a vision that I actually achieved and am still achieving. From a physical standpoint, the stress on abdominal health has improved several conditions I suffered from to the point where I am no longer restricted by them. My body is 100% more open than it was before I started. I think this is because of the way they integrate yoga and and Tai Chi into each class. Also each class has meditation, usually at the end of class, which totally rounds out the experience. I would recommend this practice to anyone - you just need to go and experience.

Since I wrote the review above, they have started streaming classes online via Zoom. This way we can still take class during the pandemic. It has worked out great for me - I can do classes from home. The class content is basically the same as it is in person - abdominal workouts, stretching and meditation. You can sign up for just online classes if you want. Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi has really worked hard to keep the experience available during this tough time.
Re: Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi ... Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi replied on Monday, October 5th 2020

Hi Eileen, I am happy that our classes have brought you so many benefits. And thank you for checking in regarding our online yoga and tai chi classes. I am happy to hear that they are working well for you at this challenging time. Looking forward to seeing you online soon!

K Park
Review source: Google K Park Thursday, February 6th 2020
K Park opted not to leave a text review of Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi
Sona Koushagjian
Review source: Google Sona Koushagjian Friday, April 26th 2019
I have been attending yoga sessions at Ramsey Body & Brain center since 2012. These daily sessions help me relax and focus on my physical and spiritual well being. The staff instructors are very professional and helpful guiding me to reach my weekly goals. Over the years, yoga helped me learn how to meditate and devote time to myself. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys friendly and personable environment.
Re: I have been attending yog ... Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi replied on Saturday, May 25th 2019

Thank you for your awesome feedback Sona! And we appreciate your dedicated practice and sincerity to your growth.

Tierney Tramontozzi
Review source: Google Tierney Tramontozzi Tuesday, September 11th 2018
I've been a member of Ramsey Body & Brain Center since 2017, and wow on the awakenings. I thought I was coming in to exercise primarily, but the training goes way beyond just the physical if you want it to. I finally found the missing piece - energy.

I've neglected my energy all these years and at Ramsey Body & Brain, not only am I exercising and stretching my body, but I'm also clearing stagnant energy and brightening my spirit. It's a disciplined practice that continues to challenge my endurance.

I first discovered the center through the belly button healing workshop. It has been a year of tremendous growth, learning to be comfortable with the unknown and often pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have been offered way more than I ever realized possible. The instructors are more like family than anywhere I've ever belonged and I am forever grateful for all the awakenings.
Re: I've been a member of Ram ... Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi replied on Saturday, May 25th 2019

Thank you for your sharing Tierney--we are very grateful for your continued practice and growth!

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Welcome to Body & Brain! We offer restorative Yoga, Tai Chi (Dahn Mu Do), and Meditation classes in our Ramsey studio. Our instruction focuses on strengthening your physical body and opening your mind and heart for the rich experiences of inner healing. Come experience the deep feelings of power, serenity, joy, and emotional stability the Body & Brain approach to comprehensive wellness brings.