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Annutto Law Office
369 Main St 400 TradeCenter, Suite 5900 Woburn, MA 01801
Nashua, NH 03060 US

About Annutto Law Office

The Annutto Law Office in Nashua, New Hampshire offers affordable legal services to its clients. Attorney Joseph M. Annutto is a dedicated divorce lawyer in Nashua NH. Attorney Annutto and his team are highly experienced in Family Law, Divorce, Bankruptcy

From the Annutto Law Office website:
Top Divorce Lawyer in Nashua NH. For Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, DUI or Personal Injury in Nashua NH. Call 603-881-9161. Free Consultations! Serving in Nashua NH, Manchester NH, Bedford, Amherst, Merrimack, Milford, Litchfield, Hudson and Pelham NH.

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Divorce, Annutto Law Office

  • Dui Lawyer
  • Personal Injury Attorney
  • Personal Injury Lawyers

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Annutto Law Office Reviews
  • Anthony Covey (Cuvstr)
    Anthony Covey (Cuvstr)

    Anthony Covey (Cuvstr) opted not to leave a text review of Annutto Law Office

  • Kendrick P
    Kendrick P

    Kendrick P opted not to leave a text review of Annutto Law Office

  • Jamie Vanagel
    Jamie Vanagel

    Jamie Vanagel opted not to leave a text review of Annutto Law Office

  • Marsh

    Would give this group a 5 star rating but until Attn. Annutto got involved I was getting ignored. Overall my experience with this firm was good.

  • kendra gillis
    kendra gillis

    Attorney Joe Annutto is an awesome attorney. He knows what needs to be done and he does it. I have worked with other lawyers over the years and Attorney Annutto has been by far the best experience. I don't know what these other reviews are talking about, but it is certainly not my experience. They sound like fake reviews from the other spouse who lost to attorney annutto or other lawyers just trying to bring Attorney Annutto down because he is so much better than they are. Dont believe these fake reviews and call him to discuss your case and see for your self. I know I was glad I did. He got me my kids back, I got child support and the house. I couldn't be happier. My husband lost and he was angry because he paid his lawyer so much more than me.

    Re: Attorney Joe Annutto is a ...
    Annutto Law Office replied on Monday, February 17th 2020

    Thank you

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes

    Michael Holmes opted not to leave a text review of Annutto Law Office

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    DO NOT HIRE this law firm to represent you. Attorney Annutto blatantly lied to me to get me to accept a plea deal which would benefit himself. He does not have any knowledge regarding Massachusetts or New Hamshire Laws. After working with him I'm shocked of how this practice is still even open. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the 2500$. You get what you pay for with this Law Firm and that is an absolutely terrible lazy lying attorney.

    In response to owner: Violating attorney client privileges further shows how unprofessional and unethical you are. Furthermore Joe can you get any more lazy? You copied and pasted the email you sent me when I asked for a refund for the terrible service I received from you. Lastly you did not inform me of the penalties in MASS because you DID NOT know. Thus it was not included in the summary of events you sent me following the trial. Your actions and statements prove you are the embodiment of what a SHADY CHEAP LAW FIRM IS. Take responsibility for the lies you told me and terrible job you did as my lawyer. How you even are able to practice law is a disgrace.

    Re: DO NOT HIRE this law firm ...
    Annutto Law Office replied on Friday, January 24th 2020

    This client was charged with a DWI when driving home from Hampton Beach. I was prepared to go to trial. However, right before trial she told me that what she had told the police at the scene and was written in the police report was not true. She had lied to the officer at the scene. Then she told me the real story and what had happened and that she was drinking in the Hampton bars for several hours before driving home. She told me that she would take the stand and lie to the Judge as well and tell the story in the police report which was not true. I told her that if we were to go to trial and if she were going to take the stand, then she would need to tell the truth. The truth being that, if asked, she was there all day and that she had been drinking. I am an officer of the court which I take seriously. I cannot allow a client to lie to the Judge on the stand. If she were to lie on the stand, I would either be forced to withdraw mid trial which would be a signal to the Judge that she was lying. This action would have been devastating to her case. Plus she could have been charged with perjury. It was at that point she seriously thought about taking a plea. I was able to negotiate a plea to Negligent Operation which included a fine and no license suspension in NH. Also, that if the information was to be transmitted to MA, then they could impose their own penalties. She wanted to take a chance that the information was not going to be exchanged with MA and complete the plea rather than have a trial. I did not talk her into anything, I did not lie to her, I kept her informed all along. The real story is that she lied to the police and initially lied to me. She told me she was going to lie to the Judge. And now she is lying on Google and to the public. I did my job and did it well. In fact, when she signed the Acknowledgement and Waiver of Rights form, she stated that she was satisfied with me and all of my explanations have been clear. I answered all her questions. This plea was not for my advantage. It was solely for her advantage to prevent her from hurting her case by lying on the stand. Her actions and statements have consequences. She needs to take responsibility for her actions.

  • Rich Payne
    Rich Payne

    Joe's a good lawyer. Ask lots of questions and be sure that you understand the recourse of your decisions.

    Re: Joe's a good lawyer. Ask ...
    Annutto Law Office replied on Wednesday, February 12th 2020

    Thank you

  • chris cenci
    chris cenci

    chris cenci opted not to leave a text review of Annutto Law Office

  • Zora Towne
    Zora Towne

    Great to work with and they work hard on your case

    Re: Great to work with and th ...
    Annutto Law Office replied on Monday, October 14th 2019

    Thank you so much zora

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