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We will provide a full examination of your home and provide a detailed estimate of what needs to be done. Upon acceptance of the estimate, we go to work on a plan tailored to your specific needs. We use environmentally-friendly products that are the least toxic and effective.

Services Upper Left Pest Offers

Residential Pest Control
Pest Prevention Programs
Crawlspace Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration

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Kent N
Kent N Saturday, August 19th 2023
Failed to deliver services Lance at Upper Left Pest signed a contract with us to deal with a rat problem, including bait boxes, sanitizing and cleaning out crawl spaces, and sealing up cracks. We gave him a down payment after he placed bait boxes then he vanished, not responding to phone calls, emails or texts. We haven't hear from him since he took our money back in June. Just too our money and ran! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
alice pyne
Review source: Google alice pyne Saturday, December 11th 2021
Lance was easy to contact, responded and came out quickly, even though I live at the coast. He explained everything thoroughly and kept searching until he found where the critters were getting in. I would highly recommend him and his services. They work!
Meagan Johnson
Review source: Google Meagan Johnson Tuesday, November 9th 2021
Lance was really knowledgable and professional, genuine and friendly. He addressed all of my concerns, really listened to me, and gave me great information, too. Effective and a lot more comprehensive service than competitors were offering. I’ve signed up for the maintenance plan same couldn’t be happier with the service and results!
Daniel Ettelstein
Review source: Google Daniel Ettelstein Friday, September 24th 2021
We had a rodent problem ( neighbor feeding birds peanuts) another company came by first - missed the entrance that the rodent(s) were using. Lance noticed the opening within minutes of surveying the property. We have Upper Left on retainer with quarterly charges that are reasonable and give us peace of mind. The rodent problem hasn't returned. The nominal quarterly fee is good value for the checkups and confirmation that a "problem" is not on our property.
Violet smith
Review source: Google Violet smith Sunday, June 20th 2021
I highly recommend Upper Left Pest. Lance is very personable and was willing to work me into his schedule to address an immediate need.
He took the time necessary to perform a thorough service, that ensured my issue was resolved.
Larisa Keller
Review source: Google Larisa Keller Friday, December 11th 2020
Lance was recommended by my real estate gal, who uses his services personally. We bought a house on the northern oregon coast and inherited a well established colony of rats. During inspection it was noted to have rodent droppings in attic and crawl space. I contacted Lance to begin extermination services, where we discovered the infestation was WAY worse than expected. I called every Google recommended extermination service and Upper Left Pest was the only company that had availability within 2 weeks and would replace the soiled insulation and vapor barrier, without subcontracting the work out. Lance did it all himself with 1 other worker.
Both workers were very professional, followed Corona guidelines, very trustworthy, and just a very nice and pleasant person to do business with. We will be using his services for annual checkups. Very, very highly recommended, definitely goes the extra mile for his customers.
Pauline Metoxen
Review source: Google Pauline Metoxen Monday, November 16th 2020
Lance is very responsive, dependable, professional, and knowledgeable! He is kind, honest, does good work. Clean up was great. When they came to fix the damage caused by rodents, they arrived on time & worked quickly. The first day I called him, Lance arrived that day. His costs are in keeping with other similar businesses. Bonus - his vehicles are unmarked, so no neighborhood pest shaming. Reasons I chose Upper Left Pest -- Lance would come the same day I called AND he is the only exterminator, I found, that uses a No Secondary Kill product. That was important to me as we have cats, dogs, and wildlife. Highly Recommend Lance and Upper Left Pest!!
Jennifer Slansky
Review source: Google Jennifer Slansky Sunday, May 3rd 2020
Lance is a great guy and we like the ease of his monthly maintenance program for our home. Our neighbor referred him to us and we are happy! We no longer have to remember to call! Simple and saves time. Call Lance at Upper Left Pest.
Thank you Lance
Christopher Morehead
Review source: Google Christopher Morehead Thursday, August 1st 2019
Consummate professional. Went above and beyond to help us out with a squirrel exclusion issue. Honest guy who works hard to please. Would recommend to anyone.
Melissa Butler
Review source: Google Melissa Butler Saturday, February 2nd 2019
Some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Lance is very professional and will go the extra mile to ensure quality work.
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More About Upper Left Pest

When Unwelcome Pests Invade…


Upper Left Pest is a full-service pest control solution. Whether you need an ant exterminator, rodent control, or general insect & pest control, we will take care of your needs in a professional and timely manner.

Our technicians are highly trained and are dedicated to solving your problem.

We Provide Pest Control for these pests:

Rodent Pest Control
Ant Pest Control
Spider Pest
Bed Bug Pest Control
Termite Pest Control
Cockroach Pest Control
Rat Pest Control
Bee & Wasp Pest Control
Cricket Pest Control
Flea Pest Control
Tick Pest Control
Gnat Pest Control
Silverfish Pest Control
Beetle Pest Control
Mosquito Pest Control