Frequently Asked Questions about the BOTW Reseller Program
Make Money with Best of the Web


How much do I earn?

Best of the Web will pay a 25% commission on directory listing submissions and sponsorship advertising products. See our guidelines for a complete schedule of current commission levels.

Will I receive commission for renewing directory listings and sponsorship ads referred to BOTW?
No. You will receive commission only on the first month or year a recurring product is billed.

How often will I receive payment?
Once your Reseller account has a balance of $250 or greater, BOTW will place a two month hold on the funds and then mail a check or send payment via PayPal. Payment will be issued after the 15th day of the month.

Can I earn money for purchases I make?
Of course! You will receive commission for your purchase as long as you sign in to your account during the submission process.

Are listings submitted with a promo code eligible for commission?
No, sorry but only full price submissions are eligible for commission.
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How does BOTW track purchases of users from my web site?

Best of the Web uses a cookie to track all users who click-through to BOTW. Using this cookie, we can match each referrer with your site domain or a unique tracking code.
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How do I start?

Easy! Simply click here to register.

What do I need in order to register?
Just some contact info, an email address, and where you would like us to send your commission.

What if I operate multiple web sites (or domains)?
No problem! You have the option to track these separately or together. If you wish to track separately, you will need to register each web site (or domain) separately. This will enable you to view tracking reports and receive commission checks by web site (or domain). The other option is to register once and use the same links across your web sites (or domains).
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How can I view my sales activity and commission?

Upon joining the program, you will be given a login and password to access the BOTW Reseller Interface, available at

How do I update my account information?
Simply log on to your Account and select "Change Your Reseller Details." You may update your contact and tax information, and specify how you'd like to get paid (check or paypal).
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Where are the links I need to add to my web site?

When linking to Best of the Web, you DO NOT need to embed an affiliate tracking code. Instead, you can simply add your site/domain to our tracking system by clicking "Linking to BOTW" after signing into your account. Once you add your site/domain, we will be able to recognize and commission your account for all click-through referrals that result in a sale.

I would rather use links with an affiliate tracking code. Where can I find these?
We have those too! In fact, you will need these if you plan on linking to BOTW from an email or other "offline" resources. To obtain your unique tracking code, please sign in to your account interface and select "Linking to BOTW." and scroll down to the "Linking to BOTW" section.

Where are the tiles and banners?
We welcome you to use any of the tiles, banners, and logos found here.

Where do I put the BOTW links on my web site?
You may put the BOTW links and banners on any relevant part of your web site. Obviously the more prominent placement of the links and banners will result in a larger amount of views and most likely a greater amount of commissions.

How often should I update the links?
Unless we happen to change the way we track incoming referrals, you will never have to update the links.

What if I need additional assistance with implementing links or affiliating my site domain?
We are here to help and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. The BOTW Account Interface offers some very helpful technical advice to common questions. For any other questions, you can send an email to [email protected].
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Do I have to process the transactions on my web site?

No. All transactions are securely processed through the web site.

Can my website be hosted outside the United States?
Yes, we have no restrictions on where your website is hosted.

What are my responsibilities in the BOTW Reseller Program?
Your responsibilities are to make as much money as possible by either linking to BOTW or by submitting your own websites at
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