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Where do you need a handyman?

If you need quick help on a project around your residence, then you should seek out your local handyman. These professionals can be a real lifesaver because they are experienced in a wide variety of home improvements and repairs. Since different handymen complete different tasks, you will want to find the best person for the job. Best Of The Web is here to help. Check out our highly-qualified professionals above and read the guide below for additional information.

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Common Handyman Services

Most handymen are general contractors who are capable of completing a number of different tasks, from repairing kitchen appliances to building new items around the home. Although there is a wide range, here are some of the most common handyman services.


Plumbing issues - A handyman can come in and fix a sink, adjust a toilet, or add a new fixture. Handymen often also handle smaller jobs like clearing clogs and doing necessary re-piping.


Drywall services - Install new drywall, replace old drywall, and fix issues in the drywall. Also, fix cracks from home settling and painting/retouches.


Gutter services - Handymen clean out gutters, replace broken gutters, and sometimes install new hardware.


Kitchen services - A handyman will come into the home and do smaller jobs, including building/repairing cabinets, installing light fixtures, and fixing kitchen faucets.


Lay Tile - Repair and lay new tile in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.


Deck constructions and repair - A handyman can repair a broken deck, replace boards, and even build additions to an existing deck.


Exterior upgrades - A handyman can work on the outside of your home by installing light fixtures, fixing lost siding, and replacing roof shingles.


HVAC repairs - Fix or modify heat and air conditioning systems in the home.


General home assistance - A handyman can come in to do small jobs like assemble furniture, hang picture frames, hang TVs, and set up small appliances.

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Handyman Services Cost Guide

While every handyman will have their own rates, below is a list of average costs that you can expect:


Average handyman hourly rate (self-employed and corporate) - $50-$125 per hour.


Appliance Services:


Appliance installation - $100 - $250

Ceiling fan installation - $75-$150

Dishwasher installation - $120-$250

Dryer repair - $100-$400
Microwave installation - $100-$580


External Home Services:


Awning repair - $125-$1000

Concrete work - $600-$1,500

Deck or porch repair - $500-$2,600   

Garage door repair - $125-$300

Gutter cleaning - $100-$225

Roof repair - $200-$800

Window replacement - $400-$1,000


Kitchen/Bathroom Services:


Bathroom Remodeling - $2,500 - $15,000

Kitchen Remodel - $12,000 - $21,000

Shower repair - $70-$200

Toilet installation - $120-$230

Unclog drain - $100-$275


Cabinet Work:


Cabinet replacing - $2,500-$3,000

Cabinet repair - $120-$400


Miscellaneous services:


Art hanging - $40-$200, depending on the size.

Door installation - $225-$825

Drywall installation/repair - $200-$1,400

Paint a room - $350-$850

Tips For Hiring A Handyman

Every handyman will have their own style, costs, and experience, so you will want to know what you are doing when you hire one to work on your home. Here are some tips and thoughts to consider:

Make Sure They Are Licensed

While many handymen work freelance and often do minor jobs, it is still important to find someone that is licensed and insured. Having a license proves that they are capable of doing the work and that they have been approved by an external body. Insurance is important, especially if the handyman is injured while completing the work or they damage your home. 


Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of the license, and if they provide it, check the dates to ensure that it is current.

Ask Plenty Of Questions

Once you decide on a project, it is a wise idea to have several handymen over to look at what needs to be done so they can tell you how they plan to perform the job and their total cost, including parts and labor. 


When they come, you will want to ask many questions to ensure that you will have your job completed to perfection. Questions such as:

  • Do you have local references?
  • Can you provide a breakdown of the cost for all labor and materials?
  • How do you price your work?
  • How long will it take to complete the work?
  • Do you provide a written contract?
  • Do you provide a guarantee?
  • Will you be working alone, or do you have help, and if so, are they qualified?
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
  • What happens if unexpected problems pop up during the project?

Be Specific About What You Need

If you are doing anything more complex than an appliance installation or clearing a clogged drain, then you will want to ensure that the job is done exactly to your specifications by being very clear with your potential handyman about what you hope to accomplish with this project. If you are vague, then you leave a lot up to interpretation, and the handyman might not do the project how you hoped. 


If you are doing a remodel or a cabinet project, then you should also provide plenty of pictures of what your space looks like now and provide vivid details about how you hope to see it change. If you are not good at explaining your desires, then you can usually find pictures online of what you hope the final product will look like.

Consider Bundling Your Projects

Since many handymen are a jack of all trades, it is a good idea to hire a professional to tackle all of your chores during that day. Before you call for an estimate, take a look around your home and see if any drains need to be unclogged, shelves need to be adjusted, furniture needs to be fixed, or you need any other miscellaneous help. 


That way, you can accomplish all of your home improvement goals, and you may even save some money since the handyman is doing all of the projects during one visit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions that folks have before hiring a handyman:

Does A Handyman Guarantee Their Work?


There is often a misconception that since many handymen don’t work for a large corporation that they do not offer the same standards or guarantee for their work, but that isn’t always the case. Many handyman services will offer a one-year guarantee so you can contact them if you have any issues with their services or something they build happens to break. If they do offer a warranty, be sure to get it in writing and file it away safely. If it isn’t clear, ask how you can file a claim if necessary.


On that note, it is a smart idea to inspect the work that your handyman did before paying them the full amount. Test the product and make sure it is to your liking prior to handing over the cash, and don’t pay up front unless you have an agreement in writing.

How Can I Prepare For A Handyman Visit?


Due to the fact that many handymen charge by the hour, it is wise to prepare for their visit ahead of time, so you can get your work done without going over your budget. 


For starters, if you have multiple tasks that you need completed, then make sure to write a comprehensive to-do list that explains everything you need to be done, along with additional notes for the handyman. 


Then, do yourself and the handyman a favor and clear the space where they will be working ahead of time. Doing so will give the professional more space to work, and it will ensure that they don’t accidentally break something in the process. Also, if you clear the space ahead of time, then the handyman won’t have to waste time doing it for you, and the longer they are there, the higher the bill will be.

Why Should I Hire A Handyman Instead Of Doing The Job Myself?


Since it is a common understanding that handymen handle less complicated tasks than a general contractor, many homeowners wonder if they should save money and just do the job themselves. The answer really depends on how experienced you are at repairs. If you're not confident, then hire the handyman. You may feel like you are saving money by doing it yourself, but if you do it wrong, then you will spend even more money to fix a bigger mess.


Another reason to hire a handyman is that they have the right tools to do the job, and they know how to use them. If you don’t have tools at your home, then during the estimate, ask if they supply their own tools. The final main reason to hire a handyman is that they can do the work safely without causing harm to you or your home. Even if they do, they should have insurance.


Next time you need help, hire a handyman and have it done right.