Defense Ministries


Lists out lineup of activities with transcripts of the minister's speeches.


Provides information about the department with news updates on the different units.


Features news updates on the ministry with overview of the defence policy and resources of the administration.

German Federal Ministry of Defence

Defence ministry overview with press materials and information on services and security policy.

Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense

Official website of the Republic of Kazakhstan defense ministry. Presents press releases, a photo gallery, and information on history and services.

Latvian Ministry of Defence

Ministry overview with information on policy, budget, regulatory acts, and public affairs. Also presents press releases and a photo gallery.

Lithuania Republic of National Defence

Information on ministry management, structure, staff, policies, and budget. Includes related news and a photo gallery.

Ministère de la Défense

Official homepage of the French Ministry of Defense. Presents news and files, a media library, and defense issues.

New Zealand

Explains the ministry's role with information about the defence policy and some reports.

Philippines Department of National Defense

Information on the department's secretary, officials, and attached bureaus. With press releases and links to related websites.

Polish Ministry of National Defence

Republic of Poland agency responsible for the country's military defense and protection. Site posts news and provides information on policy, armaments, and units.

Romania Ministry of Defense

Presents information on ministry structures, leadership, operations, ministers, and military strategy. With audio, video, and photo galleries.

Slovakia Ministry of Defence

Bratislava-based agency established to take charge and coordinate activities related to the Slovak Republic's political security, military, and air space and traffic.

Slovenia Ministry of Defence

Government agency responsible for the Republic of Slovenia's protection and system of defense against natural and other disasters. Site presents news, information on activities, and related links.

South Africa

Presents news updates and ministry information with viewable documents.

US Department of Defense

Department overview with photos, videos, speeches, employee resources, news, special reports, and contact information.