1,700-year-old Legal Document

Incomplete manuscript contains information on Criminal Law.

Ancient Civilization Existed in South China

Presents archaeological findings and cultural relics like jade articles, stone implements and bronze tools.

Archaeological Find May Change Chinese History

Uncovers ancient city's original civilization, wall, and legendary constructions of the site.

Brookhaven Lab Experts Date Flute

Researchers uncovered musical instrument during excavation, yielded six complete bone flutes dating between 7,000 and 9,000-years-old.

China Imposes Great Wall Ban

Restricts area due to people who stray off the beaten track.

China in 221 BC

Reveals discovery of writing system, postal services, and archaeological remains.

China's Boat-building Dates Back 7,500 Years

Details unearthing of wooden boat and discovery of ancient dugout canoe.

China's Oldest Grotto Grave Unearthed in SW China

Presents discovery of Neolithic grotto grave with burial secrets and archaeological findings.

Chinese Made First Use of Diamond

Reports that China's craftsmen uses diamond to polish objects such as ceremonial axes.

Earliest Presence of Humans in East Asia

Presents stone tools as evidence of human occupation and explains behavioral adaptations.

Finds Confirm China's Ancient Trade Route Port

Articles evidence on ancient maritime trading route and discovery of relics and historical records.

Niya Yields Buried Secrets

Details excavation at Niya and the discovery of coffin embroidered with blue brocade, and mummies of a man and woman.

Palace or Castle of Dreams

Story and historical literature covers the research and excavation to find the palace and ravel its mysteries.

Scientist Challenges Interpretation of New Find - Primate Fossil

Explains evidence for the presence of early primates in Asia and remote human ancestors.