Ballona Wetlands Land Trust

Preserves the wetlands ecosystem as one way to create wildlife refuge and public parks.

Bay Area Ridge Trail

Aims to preserve the open spaces across the ridgelines throughout California's San Francisco Bay.

Bodega Land Trust

Aims to restore agricultural lands and natural habitats through conservation easements and purchase of land.

Committee for Green Foothills

Preserves wetlands, creeks, and coastal lands through legislative advocacy and grassroots education throughout San Francisco, Peninsula. GreenFoothills


Strives to protect cultural resources and ecological systems through education, advocacy, and land acquisition.

Land Conservancy - San Luis Obispo County

Focuses on enhancing lands having scenic and cultural values through collaborative and voluntary measures.

Land Trust of Santa Cruz County

Highlights an organization that focuses on preserving lands of significant value.

Marin Agricultural Land Trust

Focuses on the preservation of farmlands across United States. Comes with news and contact information.

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Strives to preserve wildlife habitat and ecosystems while providing opportunities for environmental education.

Muir Heritage Land Trust

Displays news, details on activities, contact information, and links to related sources.

Northern California Regional Land Trust

Strives to preserve agricultural lands and open spaces by working with private landowners and public agencies.

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy

Aims to preserve underdeveloped lands for recreational and scenic purposes.

Peninsula Open Space Trust

Strives to protect the San Francisco Peninsula landscape for public recreation, agriculture, and wildlife habitat.

Save Mount Diablo

Focuses on preserving the open space to support biological diversity. Comes with news and list of events. SaveMountDiablo

Save the Redwoods League

Promotes understanding of the value of primeval Redwood across America while supporting the reforestation and conservation of forest areas.

Sempervirens Fund

Focuses on conserving the natural beauty of California’s Santa Cruz Mountains.

Sierra-Cascade Land Trust Council

Coalition of private local and regional land trust and conservancy organizations working to preserve land resources in the Sierra Nevada and California Cascade region.

Sonoma Land Trust

Aims to uphold land ethics through education, series of activities, and outreach programs.

The Big Sur Land Trust

Provides an overview on outing programs offered along with news, membership details, and links to related sources.

The Bolsa Chica Land Trust

Highlights this group of Californians that focuses on preserving wetlands ecosystems for future generations.

The Land Trust of Napa County

Provides research and educational opportunities to raise awareness and develop appreciation of the natural resources.

Truckee Donner Land Trust

Provides an overview about this conservation strategy along with news, list of events, and details on projects.

Yolo Land Trust

Specializes in helping landowners by protecting open spaces and habitat lands through conservation easements.