United States

American Land Conservancy

Highlights an organization that preserves landscapes for the benefit of the citizens and wildlife as well.

Conservation Land Group

Specializes in the conservation of real estate transactions on behalf of public land management agencies and landowners.

Conservation Partners, Inc.

Promotes the preservation of land through federal land exchange and conservation easements.

Equestrian Land Conservation Resource

Aims to raise public awareness in terms of the conservation of lands for horses.

Find A Land Trust

Compiles list of land trusts along with overview and contact details.

Great Rivers Land Trust

Strives to preserve scenic and ecologically valuable lands across Alton Lake heritage parkway.

Natural Land Institute

Presents a land conservation movement that protects diversity of native animals and plants.

The Habitat Trust

Focuses on the preservation of rare species and endangered habitats worldwide.

The Land Trust Alliance

Strives to uphold voluntary private land conservation to aid communities and the natural systems.

Trust for Public Land

Contains an overview about the organization along with details on conservation services and programs.

Wilderness Land Trust

Highlights an organization that preserves private lands while adding acres of land to the treasury belonging to all Americans.

Wildlife Land Trust

Aims to protect wildlife by conserving permanent sanctuaries and natural habitats.