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Contains travel information, including culture, practical travel information, photos, and recipes. Also includes links to travel agencies, forum and chat.

Living in Peru

Offers a guide to Peru including information on hotels, travel, food and entertainment.

Peru Contact

Directory of hotels, travel agencies, transport services and tours in Peru.

Peru Gateway Travel

Find vacation travel packages, hotels and tours to destinations in Peru including Machu Picchu, Cusco, Galapagos, and rain forests.

Peru Rail

Find details of the trains and timetables, recommendations, packages and offers.

Peru Tourism Bureau

Non government organization providing tourism information and promoting Peru as a tourist destination provides details of attractions, destinations, festivals, museums, music and dance, travel tips, lodging options and restaurants.

Peru Travel Adventures

Overview on Peru, its history, articles, pictures, and information on travel activities in the country.

Peru Whitewater

Offers recreational information on the whitewater river opportunities within Peru. With travel tips and photo gallery.


Information service about tourism and travel in Peru, especially designed for tour operators, travel agencies and individual travelers wishing to visit the country.

Vuelos Baratos

Independent travel comparison engine that compares different travel agencies fir the Peruvian traveler.